More shots of the Verizon Touch Pro 2

We're not done with the HTC Touch Pro 2 news today. Not by a long shot. Above are the official shots Phone Arena snagged of the Verizon version (see previous pics here and here), which sports the cool map on the back cover in accordance to this being a world phone.

After the break are shots of what appear to be the quick-start guide.

Phil Nickinson

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  • I can't take the wait any longer!! Verizon PLEASE RELEASE THIS!
  • When they finally do release this, it's about time! Looking at the pictures above I can see one thing I don't like. One screen half of the phone is black while the keyboard half is light gray? WTF! Looks like a ghettomobile with two different colored fenders.
  • WOW, thats the best looking Touch Pro 2 in my opinion. Love the black bezel around the front of the device and the world logo on the the speaker grill. Verizon people should be happy that they're not waiting as long as us At&t folk. Crossing my fingers for Oct. 6th.
  • The user guide can't be accurate. Check out the notification explanation: it blinks GREEN if there's new emails/messages? Does it not blink at all if it's just on? My tilt always blinks green if it's on and there's no messages -- that's how I know there's nothing I need to address. Also, why is the sleep button separate from the power button.
  • Verizon, why do you do this to me? I have been waiting well past my upgrade date because your smartphones are just so you TEASE us with the TP2 and the Omnia2?? I call shenannigans!!
  • I agree, I'm past my upgrade date also. I had to call Verizon CS about 3 days ago concerning an issue I had my VZW sync account and the rep said she noticed that I could use my upgrade (+50 dollars off a new phone) and I told her that I'm waiting for something newer to come out. My contract is up in Dec so depending on how the Omnia 2 or TP2 is will determine if I stay or not.
  • I want this now!!!! Why is there a picture of the world on the back though?
  • lol @Christian did you just said that? there are picture of the world on the back because this phone is a international phone!! duh...
  • I think what Christian was asking is what *good* reason was there to put a "picture of the world" on the back. Yes, it's a world phone *wink*. We get it. But from a distance, especially to observers not clued in to the TP2's cosmopolitan status, it just looks like peeled paint. At least the didn't do a Sprint and perforate the back. That's unforgivable.
  • I like what they've done with the styling. It also just bothers me that much more that Sprint found such a profound ugly stick to beat their version with. Dear VZW: Please cripple this phone somehow like you always do lest I lose the ground to mock VZW users as I tote my more capable (and uglier) Sprint phone with a cheaper plan.
  • You got your wish! Try and stick a non Verizon sim in there outside the US.
  • You can't make valid aesthetic judgments on these phones from pictures. E.g. the T-Mobile TP2 "brown" color looked butt-ugly in pictures but is very nice in reality.
  • I never thought the T-Mobile's color was ugly in the first place. And for the record, I've never, ever, seen a device in pictures that look better when viewed in person. Smaller or larger, yes, but not better or worse.
  • If you were commenting at my griping... I would usually agree, and maybe there's something in the Sprint design that doesn't come through in photo. But I've never liked any brown design to begin with, the orange button highlights make it even more gross 70's-looking, and the hole pattern on the back was a mess. Just way too much for my tastes, though others' mileage will certainly vary. This Verizon design isn't boring or basic, but I think it's also simple enough to have broader appeal, in photo or in person.
  • if only someone could confirm that the Telus door would fit on either the Verizon or Sprint version then we'd have a true winner. Remember Telus, Verizon, and Sprint all have that magic 3.5mm headphone jack so hopefully their back covers are interchangeable?
  • Just release it already
  • I have yet to hear any speculation on a release date for the HTC Touch Pro2 Verizon version. Any inside information or rumors out there? At least give us a crumb . . .
  • I was going to buy this phone, but it's already 3 month behind, i got tired and bored with this device already. Sorry HTC, my heart moved to sony ericsson xperia x2.
  • Does anyone know if the HTC Pro 2 will FOR SURE be considered a smart phone with Verizon? They just added this whole BS mandatory data plans to multimedia phones that come out after Sept. 8th. For example, the Samsung Rogue. A lot of sources are considered that to be a "smartphone" but Verizon doesn't which is great because instead of having to pay the 29.99 or 44.99 data package you can pay 19.99 on the nationwide family share CONNECT plan, which includes unlimited data AND messaging. This is a really really good alternative, BUT I'm wondering if they might add more to this "new" category of phones.. hmm...