More pics of the Verizon Touch Pro 2

Well, it's Tuesday, and you know what that means: Time for more Touch Pro 2 pictures! These are of the Verizon variety and go up against the Sprint Touch Pro. And ppcgeeks poster MrDerrickson even gives us one of the system specs. Peep them, and more shots of the phone itself, after the break.

Phil Nickinson

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  • this isn't a comparison between the sprint tp2 and the verizon tp2.the sprint phone looks like the tp.unfair comparison
  • You're right. That's the original Sprint Touch Pro. Apparently my fingers are incapable of typing anything other than Touch Pro 2 these days. Can't imagine why. :/
  • I wish this is what the sprint TP2 looked like. The Verizon one is by far my favorite. I like it even more than the original European HTC version.
  • Hello, the Sprint TP2 looks exactly the same except for the logo placement and more features readily available at time of purchase. Don't fool yourself Verizon made sure to try and undermine Sprint once again because it is better quality network.
  • "more features readily available at time of purchase" -- such as ...?
  • when does VZW TP2 come out?
  • not before the Sprint TP2 that's for sure!
  • Here's a first look/unboxing of the T-mobile Touch Pro 2 (I don't know why WMExperts has not links it yet:
  • This version looks way better than ATT's. I think I'm going to jump ship once my contract is up.
  • If the T-Mobile version is $350, and Verizon has a history of charging a premium for WinMo, any guesses on a price? I can't imagine it being fair
  • I would bet VZW will be 399, 499, and 599. (2 year, 1 year, no contract).
  • Ouch. I hope not.
  • Man i hope those wouldn't be verizon's prices. I just spoke with verizon wireless rep and they are going to let all tel merger people break the alltel contract inorder to sign a verizon plan. And this phone is right up my alley.
  • Verizon charged 349.99 for the Touch Pro back when everyone else was charging 299.99 for it. Verizon will most likely charge 349.99 - 399.99 for it I highly reccomend finding yourself an employee discount. I hope there's some kind of mail-in rebate too.
  • So the phone isn't gimped, like a typical Verizon phone? The specs screenshot looks normal.
  • No, I believe Big Red's turned over a new leaf. After seeing the Storm fail, Omnia explode in popularity, and corporate subscription continue to climb, it's a good thing they finally realized that Windows Mobile isn't just a side project.
  • Are those the tp2 hardware specs? It's hardly a bump from the tp! Not impressed.
  • Kind of like how the 3g wasn't a huge bump over the original iPhone? The TP2 is launching less than a year after the TP1, so what do you expect. However, there are some seriously notable improvements: 1. If you ask anyone with the TP2 in hand, it runs faster than a hard reset TP1, probably due to faster RAM chip and flash IC's. 2. Bigger screen 3. Better keyboard (in layout and tactile function) 4. Tilt screen 5. Speakerphone 6. More in depth use of TouchFLO 3D (fewer 6.1 screens to deal with until 6.5) 7. CDMA/GSM dual mode 8. 3.5mm jack I'm sure others might be able to add to this list.
  • Zoom Bar. Amazing speakerphone. (worth mentioning again because it's so great) 480x800px. Built like a tank. Not a crippled, gimpy-but-typical Verizon version. Better sliding mechanism.
    You'll just have to wait to feel and see. There's no comparison.
  • Different processor, too. 7600.
  • Me neither - although the screen will be nice for sure (480x800). I see the RAM size is 256 - my Sprint TP has 288...hmmmm
  • WIFI?
  • of course.
  • I hope we get new touch pro 2 news everyday till sprint releases theirs. I don't care which company is showing off there phone I just want pics on top of pics and lots of video! :) That will hold me over till the 3rd or the 6th or the 8th..........
  • i left on vacation about 3 weeks ago. i talked to someone at verizon prior to that and they said that it may come out in 2-3 weeks, so i thought it would be here by now. i talked to them again today and they said that they don't even know if they are actually going to get this phone. it sounds to me like they are trying really hard to get rid of all the old tp they still have in stock. does anyone know an approximate date of release?
  • I have a Touch Pro through Verizon Wireless. I got it the first day it came out. It has been replaced once because the phone froze up and wouldn't even reboot. They were supposed to replace it again because the voice command wasn't working [although for some reason it started to work so I don't need it replaced] and when I spoke to customer service to find out why it hadn't arrived they told me it was 'backordered'. I've been to two Verizon stores and neither had this phone in stock [or so they claimed].
    If all this is true I'd be surprised if they were trying to get rid of old stock, they don't seem to have any!
    All in all, Verizon seems to be ignoring this phone and pushing the Blackberry line instead. They tried to talk me into replacing my Touch Pro with a Blackberry.
    As if!
  • Are you serious?