More Windows Mobile 6.5 builds emerge

Another day, another couple of builds of Windows Mobile 6.5 hit the streets. Above are some screenies of Build 23034 from XDA Developers. [via wmpoweruser] More colors, different buttons, the usual drill.

After the break, a 10-minute video of Build 23028 come to us from Fuzemobility [via wmpoweruser] and show a run-through of the OS on an emulator. You might like some of what you see. You might hate it. You might want some funky cold medina. But either way, you can bet there's another build right around the corner. The question remains what build will see some official carrier/manufacturer love when the time comes.

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  • That's not an emulator on the FuzeMobility video- that's my phone:) It's Pocket Soti and I didn't realize that the cursor gets recorded on the screen when i started:) The OS was installed on a Fuze and ran very well actually...except of course without the enhancements even tasks like using the onscreen keyboard are a chore and the camera is not enabled (yup that's an enhancement from HTC). But no lockups, hiccups or delays with that build.
  • Ah ha! Good to know! :)
  • You guys may want to check out this post by the PPCKicthen staff for a quick explanation of the two branches of Windows Mobile development, and why these strange ROMs keep appearing:
  • This build is where WM6.5.1 is going. The transparent bar at the bottom, the start menu at the bottom. This is one of the nice looking builds out there. I was running 23030 for awhile, and while nice, the look was no where near this.
  • One of the things I love the most of Windows Mobile is the ability to customize it to the individuals taste. The pictures presented of this build are simply gorgeous.
  • Man I'm liking (and franticaly waiting) these builds more and more. I can totally see getting a tp2 and after the 6.5 upgrade, turning off touch flow. Go WInMo !!!!
  • I really like where Windows Mobile is going, but i feel they are still behind in the mobile OS realm. I think that iPhone OS is still ahead of the game as well as WebOS. I use WM 5.0 AKU 2.2 on my device. Overall, Windows Mobile is highly customizable and a flexible platform. I use an interface program, PointUI, and have a skin on that with applets i installed on there myself; it has the icons and mimicks the visuals of Windows Vista/7. I think that Windows Mobile is a very robust OS, if you know how to use it. Many people who want a smartphone don't truly know the full potential of their devices.
  • Yes indeed that looks might darn cool! Bring it on microsoft already. Lets get going. I hope this will work on the treo pro if not its a new phone for me.
  • i seriously prefer MS to make the outstanding apps.
    if a up-and coming developer does it, fine!
    but ms should be leading in the app dept.
    similar to google.
  • The OS UI upgrades continue to impress. However, it's frustrating to see Media Player still stuck in the relative stone ages. Maybe a 'Zune app' will one of the apps available via the marketplace. If that's the case, rock on. Otherwise, I can't believe they continue to (largely) ignore this highly important area.
  • plz. tell me how to install the sys xip roms?