More XPERIA X1 Details Emerge

inxperia lets us know that Sony has published a white paper on the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1. It's chock-full of details on what we can expect from what we're officially dubbing, right here right now style, “the next best damn Windows Mobile Smartphone Ever” (Sorry Tilt).

Go on and give it a download and learn some juicy details, like what the default “panels” will be (hooray, there will be an aquarium panel!), how well the bugger will be able to record video, location services, and more. One notable-but-completely-unsurprising detail: the US model will not have a second camera, just the main camera. Will US Carriers (we XPECT the XPERIA X1 to be on AT&T) ever get video conferencing going?

WC Staff