More XPERIA X1 Details Emerge

inxperia lets us know that Sony has published a white paper on the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1. It's chock-full of details on what we can expect from what we're officially dubbing, right here right now style, “the next best damn Windows Mobile Smartphone Ever” (Sorry Tilt).

Go on and give it a download and learn some juicy details, like what the default “panels” will be (hooray, there will be an aquarium panel!), how well the bugger will be able to record video, location services, and more. One notable-but-completely-unsurprising detail: the US model will not have a second camera, just the main camera. Will US Carriers (we XPECT the XPERIA X1 to be on AT&T) ever get video conferencing going?

WC Staff
  • The X1 is a tour de force. About the only thing missing is using Opera Mobile as the fault browser, but thats easily fixed.
    There are things on this phone that has never been seen in a WM device, such as 30 fps VGA video recording.
    I think I know what my next device is going to be.
  • From the pdf.
    Some interesting titbit's -
    Hardware 3D acceleration supported
    30 FPS VGA video capture.
    Touch focusing in the camera app.
    USB Mass storage
    Media library client for music, video and pictures
    RSS reader
    FM Radio
    D-Pad (good news)
    128 MB RAM, 512 MB flash
    only 145g, 16.7 mm thick
  • Very nice. However, like everything else, I'll reserve judgment until people have had the change to put it though its paces.
  • This seems to be the perfect windows mobile phone. I plan to get this phone as soon as the phone is released. Hope it comes to ATT if not Ill but it unlocked.
  • Mmmm, Mmmm, that looks so good! I almost wish I hadn't read that article because now there will be another gadget that I'll be drooling over and wanting to buy.
  • What about the POOR graphics performance.. ? Will HTC deliver it with a graphic driver?
  • What about the POOR graphics performance.. ? Will HTC deliver it with a graphic driver?
    It says it has hardware graphics acceleration, which they will definitely need for the interface and 30fps VGA video capture, so in this case I would not worry.