MOSSA plans to release its workout videos for Xbox Fitness before Microsoft's shutdown

The fitness company MOSSA has revealed its plans to offer standalone versions of its series of video workouts that are on Xbox Fitness before the Xbox One service itself completely shuts down in July 2017.

Microsoft announced in late June that it has shut down purchases of paid Xbox Fitness workouts, but users who have already paid for those videos could continue to use them until the full shutdown in July 2017. In a YouTube message (via WinBeta). MOSSA's MOSSA Vice-President Cathy Spencer-Browning stated that the company's goal is to provide its workouts in some way long before July 1, 2017.

It looks like the plan is to offer those workouts either via DVD discs or streaming media, according to an email on Reddit that was sent by MOSSA. More information on those plans will be revealed in the future.

John Callaham