MotoQ9 now MotoQ9h. Same Phone, Different Name

The folks at Smartphone Thoughts must be hitting "refresh" on Motorola's Q9 page every couple minutes in anticipation of its pending release. Which is why they seem to be the first to notice the name change from Motorola Q9 to Motorola Q9h:

*When did Moto change the strange name of its upcoming Q q9 to an equally strange Q 9h? The good news is that the specifications haven't changed. *

Lord, who could possibly guess what goes on in the brains of people who name these devices? Why 9? No idea. Why h? My guess is support for HSDPA. Why now? My guess is that it must get really boring for the dude who has to name these things for a living. Especially at Motorola, where they're not even allowed to use vowels.

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WC Staff