Motorola to Farm Out Some Windows Mobile Development

Arne Hess over at the::unwired is reporting that Motorola is turning to a bunch of Taiwanese OEMs to do much of their future Windows Mobile R&D and manufacturing. This initially sent a chill though WMExperts HQ - as Motorola's Windows Mobile work on the Q9 series has been pretty much the only bright spot the company's had of late. However, it looks like the team that brought the Q from our least favorite to among our two to three most favorite WM phones will thankfully be staying in place.

Nope, instead it looks as though Motorola is just planning on adding more WM phones to its stable. That's alright, we suppose, though we do worry about Moto's inability to focus on any one thing, ever. Let's see what major smartphone platforms Moto is trying to support right now, shall we? ...Android, Symbian's UIQ (their stake was just approved), Windows Mobile, JUIX, ...did we miss any? Probably. We guess you could argue they're not putting all their eggs in one basket, but how long before you have more baskets than eggs? All we're saying is keep that Q division around -- they're doing good work. Kay?

WC Staff