Motorola Mea Culpa

Motorola's conference call for financial analysts yesterday had precious little good news except this: CEO Ed Zander knows it's going badly for Moto, and intends to "do better." Motorola could do worse, but I'm not exactly sure how. Hopefully the Moto Q9h will help them out on the high end. I'm also waiting to see what they're going to do with their purchase of Good Technology. As I said when the acquisition was announced, the best thing they could do is use it to offer dead-simple push email solutions to the average, non-corporate consumer.

Of course, Zander claims the best is yet to come and to keep an eye on aught-eight. Well, he said 2008, but I like the sound of aught-eight better.

Motorola chief executive Ed Zander offered a litany of "we'll do better" in response to the company's many missed opportunities and mistakes over the past year,

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WC Staff