Motorola Tells Us What We Already Knew about the Q, Q9

Qusers has a nice little roundup of Motorla's announcement yesterday. Here's the skinny: the Q9h is coming to Italy, the GSM version of the Q is going to be called the Q8, and both sport WM6. Basically, the "announcement" doesn't bring us anything we hadn't already expected and will do little to help with Moto's recent woes. The Q9h still looks pretty good to me, but I expect it will be too little too late for the company. Outside the Windows Mobile arena, they released an update to the RAZR and their fancy media phone is nothing special either, the already-known Z8. Ho Hum.

the MOTO Q 8, the GSM version of the original award-winning CDMA-based MOTO Q, as well as the flagship, lightening-fast global quad-band 3G QWERTY, MOTO Q 9, which is available in Italy this week.

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WC Staff