MSN Postbox for Windows Phone -- a new photo sharing venture from Microsoft

Looks like Microsoft is continuing to explore various new social outlets via the internet, this time it's a new service called "MSN Postbox" (side note: it was earlier speculated by TechCrunch that "Postbox" was a Yelp competitor). What makes this service unique is two fold: it allow you to share photos along with comments to the "community" and two, there's a Windows Phone app now available to help make it easier.

Photos need to be "approved" before they are posted, so don't expect to go hog wild with it. It is a bit confusing as to the purpose, so we'll let Microsoft explain:

"Share your photos with millions of MSN readers directly from your phone with the MSN Postbox app. Also browse other readers’ submissions to see the best of what’s happening all around the United States.MSN Postbox is a new curated photo-sharing site (part of the web portal) that goes beyond your friends to connect with a bigger community about what going in on in your town, your life.Offer city and people shots, with your captions, as well as photos and tips about restaurants and events. And you can photos immediately after taking them, or share photos you’ve already taken. (After downloading the app, reboot your phone – turn it off and back on – to activate the “share” function for Postbox to your phone’s camera.)"

It's kind of neat but not "OMG that's awesome!" neat. The design is like a combo of Metro and KIN, which makes us wonder if this was an extension of the KIN ecosystem that we never saw flourish, perhaps a left over project? Anways, it's free and the app runs "ok". It is a bit sluggish for our likes, but it looks nice and keeps with the other "MSN" apps e.g. Movies.

You can grab the app here in the Marketplace or go to the website to get a flavor of what it's all about here:

Daniel Rubino

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  • I just checked out MSN Movies, something that installs along with MSN Postbox. (HTC Arrive) I have never seen anything done quite so well on a phone in my life. The video clips start lightning quick as if the clips are preloaded on my sim card. This is crazy cool. This phone gets it done.
  • This sounds interesting, but I kind of wished it wasn't called "MSN" Postbox. For some people, it'll just be a turnoff to know that it's an MSN site. Hope it'll take off.
  • This, I agree with.
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