mugh spea tlhIngan bing

chu' Hov trek movIe mejDI' DaHjaj tu'lu'. lop, mughmeH tlhIngan cha' tlhIH webSIte 'ej app windows pHone DaH chaw' bing.

'oH tlhun loQ toj 'e' nID 'ej jup trekkie ImpreSS. pagh, 'ach not naQ neH lutDaj Ha' chaH yIv.

vaj vIvoqHa' wIyajlaHbe'law' vu', laH, pong petaQ ghoS 'e' lunID pagh bing mughwI' app windows, pHone lupoQ pHone windows cha' tlhIH lo' ghoS 8 'ej 7.Q.

lugh naDev tugh ghrab 'e' ngevwI', malja' qr ngoq below, pagh SwIpe leghlaHbe' app.

Hoch tugh qatlho' 'e' tIpS! 

QR: Bing Translator

Sam Sabri
  • Hmmm ok
  • ghItlhvetlh vabDot DalaD?
  • Bing translate now supports Klingon? I'm guessing this is the story...
  • Hija. ch'mon lut laD ghuyS! :)
  • I'm not curious enough to figure this out from my phone...
  • Me neither LOL
  • +10 (im sure)
  • Hol blquv ghewmey yllo' naDev.
  • lol
  • qatlho' lang mughwI'
  • vay' Dapvetlh wej chenmoH mughmeH.
  • I'm guessing this is about bing translator letting u translate some made up star trek language, written in that made up language...?
  • Aren't all languages "made up"?
  • Indeed
  • Indeed
  • I'm speechless
  • Wait... Did someone try publishing a story from a mac?
  • This is Chromebook jargon!
  • Lol'd
  • This^^
  • Hahahaha what?
  • Hmm.......
  • What?
  • Klingon translator app, eh?
  • "ghoS 8" exactly my point of view, you couldn't have said it better!
  • LOL awesome
  • lol wut?
  • I saw the notification....rut roh
  • Klingon? Use Bing Translator...
  • Is that Klingon? Crazy bastards ;-)
  • LOL..that was an awesome post.
  • It's almost impossible to understand the translated text.
  • +1
  • +10
  • Its Kinglon for you non Star trek fans
  • You mean Klingon
  • The translation of this story from klingon to English in the Bing translator app still makes no sense.
  • bing pIch!
  • "bing bitch" ???
  • Sam have you done the "Beam me up" thing on bing yet?
  • Yes I have. It's rad! .. I mean. ja;kljdf;akjd;fkajs;dkflja;sdf lol
  • muDechbej! windows pHone 'a
  • I am not a Trek fan but this is still cool.  With it would read it out so I know how to pronounce this crazy stuff.
  • Funny thing is the bing translator doesn't on my phone doesn't translate Klingon to English :/
  •   
  • Direct translation.... Box box box box box box box... box box box... Box box box...
  • Best reply today
  • I thought the "Klingon script" would actually be useful hahah I suppose it's just a cool gimmick to play with
  • It is useful, for when touring Klingon countryside and want to ask for directions...
  • i think its one way on mobile
  • I was also wondering that. It didn't translate using the Bing vision's scan text on my WP8.
  • New Star trek movie went there today. to celebrate the second Klingon translator, website, and phone windows app you Now permit bing. It is a kun, and my friend will try to bluff trekkie impress. No, but the whole of his story, but I will never come, and they bother me. therefore mistrust Constable is managed, the bastard came, the name bing. www. com/translator to take the lead or bing translator app windows, the need for the two windows phone you are phone to use 8 and 7 deaf. I will be right here, about their delivery grab qr code below swipe, or the app blind. I thank you, and soon all tips! My translation back into english
  • I tried translate but no help
  • God damn it, Windows Phone better do well at Comicon!!!
  • Haha, I do hope so.. :P
  • So basically Bing translate doesn't makes sense :-)
  • um, have you ever translated, then retranslated a google translation? Neither of them make sense retranslated. Has to do with lack of ability to do contextual translation.
  • Hehe! I get your point there! Thanks.
  • Klingon???!!!
  • Aa hoo bakwaas che? hamaj perti
  • Hamu samaj ni perti. Sab bakwaas.
  • fuihsdf345834jioghsohygre  sjigtiwogr
  • Lol, I love this site and the commentators
  • Me too. Together we are all awesome.
  • Tvyvfdytzusdjdudkdiduxuxuxcucucucucucuu
  • Oh wait, this uses Bing Translate?
    Can we rename it BingOn? Qapla'
  • i thought somebody hacked sam's account and wrote jibberish before i saw the app link...:D
  • Translator app is awesome :)
    Using camera on Norwegian text and having it speak the text is just hilarious LOL
  • Klingon....or Welsh.
  • Definitely Welsh.
  • Sweet!
  • I seem to be having a lot of trouble reading the title for this article. I must speak English I guess. I got everything else, just the title, hmmm
  • It just sucks that it's only one way on the app.  English to Klingon, but not the reverse.  At least not with the camera. 
  • The camera requires specific optimisation for each language, so that's a bit challenging. Text works both ways though.
  • Nothin~
  • I don't see klingon in my app either
  • O po uck :-P
  •     yaj, ghItlhvetlh qar nIche.  
  • basicly it says official instagram is coming soon and google dropped its issue with youtube app...
  • finally someone could get the translation right ^_^
  • Uhm... Why klingon? I thought I had dyslexia for a moment when my toast was in this language xD
  • nIche tlheature, 'ach nIS 'Iv
  • And here i thought my WPC app broke and wasnt displaying news properly >:(...
  • I thought the site was hacked or someone just went crazy to be honest
  • There is only one thing we say to crazy. Not today. 
  • chay' jum
  • ahah, awesome XD
    Now I can take off for Qo'noS!
  • Ah okay, the translator app now supports Klingon.
  • Best. Article. EVER! 
  • There is something about a bastard in there, I swear.
  • Lmao.... That's awesome, I like it
  • We've been hacked by Google!!! Skank twunts,... ;-)
  • go to and select the klingon language.  Paste the text from the article and you'll get a translation :)
  • Wp7.8?
  • Lol
  • LMAO
  • Jokes i love it!
  • quv!
  • Are you having a stroke?  Better get checked out ASAP!
  • FUS RO DAH!!!
  • THIS!!
  • +1,000,000 to you sir!
  • What?
  • Nerds
  • I find it rather ironic that Bing can't translate this article into English very well.
  • Wtf?
  • Ha', je smelly plrate hootlhler tlhuchtlh!
  • William Shatner would frown upon this :-)
  • Did I just have a stroke?
  • Die Klingons, Die!!! 
  • Mughw'l app bang!
    You know?
  • I was going to cheat and use the camera part of Translator to do the translation but only the keyboard will translate from Klingon to English.  To much typing for me.
  • The story translates to: There is no official Instagram app. :-P
  • +1
  • lol  ghItlhvetlh nIvbogh reH
  • Sdhurfbijbrb jjddhydvjfdcbkh. gffhnxfbjfxsaaertuijhuoohry
  • Bvskziygeb hssukkur vstie djtjosb batrhekb vsjyg? Jjustfnk dgyi guyyjhg!
  • Hcxgjiitreeesxcbnkoohg vcrtiokbxsethbcdjoojvdf shosho
  • At least Tolkien bothered to create a structured bunch of languages for Middle Earth. This is just silly.
  • Awesome!
  • haha vaj aweSome DetlhInItely ghoS lo'.
  • lol
  • vup 'oHbe' English Hol tlhIngan ngaq jIH 'ach lol. mIllogh qonwI' je, lutmeyvam, ghogh moDe je wej tlhluent yap chHechtlheD!. 'ach pIm mughmeH cha' app 'ej bebvo' 'ej mughwI'??  
  • Microsoft + translating stuff = nooooo, you broke it.
  • I really hope that people criticizing this realize that "Klingon" isn't an actual language with its own phonetic library?? This a bit of PR fun, primarily designed for die-hard Star Trek fans. The above text is nothing more than gibberish, so lighten the F*## up
  • Klingon, huh? Not bad. Can we now get the translator to translate German to English in a way that the outcome makes sense?
  • Awesome!
  • Wtf
  • What?
  • Haha this is awesome... Can't wait to see the movie in IMAX 3D
    Saw the first 12mins last year before The Hobbit... I've been dying ever since lol
  • I can't wait to see Riddick
  • SoH bItchH
  • Its obviously about the Lumia 1000 and Sam was so excited his hands were trembling.
  • it says "android sucks eggs"
  • Yeah ok... I'll pass :P
  • Huh
  • YES!
  • Dafuq did I just read ?
  • help, can I copy paste the translated text??
  • This is great marketing, along with the beam me up thing, to get traffic over to Bing.  Brilliant. 
    Also, remember the 2009 Star Trek movie featured a Nokia phone in the opening scene with Kirk as a child stealling a car. 
  • Hahaha best news post ever XD
  • This is Klingon isn't it... I better go ask my dad to translate.