My thoughts on the Lumia 640 and Lumia 640 XL and why this is a turning point for Microsoft

Announcing mid-range phones during Mobile World Congress is almost routine now for Microsoft (Nokia), and this year's additions are not game changers by any means. They will also not quell the masses yearning for a new high-end Lumia Windows Phone, something we do not expect until later this year when Windows 10 is good and ready. Sorry, folks.

Still, I want to talk briefly about these phones and my time with them. In short, I like what I see, and I think Microsoft is paying attention.

Fixing the Lumia 630 and Lumia 635

In many ways, the Lumia 630 and Lumia 635 are great phones. Their design is stellar, their displays are surprisingly punchy and both devices even handle Windows 10 quite well.

Let's not beat around the bush though, Nokia dropped the ball on a few features, making both phones near hits, but not quite. For instance, both phones had these drawbacks:

  • No Glance screen 
  • 512 MB of RAM, limiting performance and access to certain games on the Store 
  • No front-facing camera in the age of selfies and Skype 
  • A middling 5 MP rear camera with no flash 
  • Lower resolution display (854 x 480) at an antiquated 4.5-inch size 
  • No ambient light or proximity sensors 

The Lumia 635 was tough to love despite Nokia getting so much right in the design.

The Lumia 640 by Microsoft though is a different story. Microsoft gets it. They understand what was holding back the Lumia 63x series, and they are looking to right the wrong, even though the Lumia 63x is hardly an old mid-range phone. Here is what the improved:

  • Larger display at 5-inches 
  • Higher resolution (1280 x 720) HD display 
  • Glance screen 
  • Ambient light and proximity sensors are back 
  • 8 MP rear camera with Zeiss optics 
  • 1 MP front-facing camera 
  • 1 GB of RAM 

Even with the camera, Microsoft is putting in Lumia Camera 5.0 with Dynamic Flash and built in HDR! Once you have used Lumia Camera 5.0 (now only on the Lumia 830, Lumia 930, Icon and Lumia 1520), you just cannot go back. Being able to use that on 6xx series device is quite awesome.

Okay, some of you will argue that the Snapdragon 400 processor at 1.2 GHz is a bit 'old'. However, having played with this phone I think the performance is on par for its price range. In fact, I'm actually excited about this device, especially if I could run it on AT&T and T-Mobile, which reminds me…

Dual-SIM LTE. Finally!

Dual-SIM devices are usual in emerging markets, but here in the US they are rare. Moreover, when they appear here, they are only 3G, which is unacceptable for our networks these days. Dual-SIM LTE though opens up many new doors, even for those in the US looking for an affordable sub-$200 phone.

Is the Lumia 640 perfect? Probably not and we are sure to find flaws in our upcoming review. However, I feel good about this phone. In fact, I am quite confident I will end up using it on a second line due to that 5-inch display, which, let's be honest, really is the sweet spot these days.

Lumia 640 XL – New name with new improvements

I was never a big user of the Lumia 1320, even though I have one here with me. The reason is the Lumia 1520 was just a way better phone with LTE and being readily available for me on AT&T.

The Lumia 1320 in an intriguing device though. It is the only Lumia to feature a dual-core 1.7 GHz processor, which is kind of awesome. It also features a beautiful 6-inch 720 x 1280 display, had decent build quality and Glance Screen.

Still, that 5 MP rear camera was beyond terrible. It should have been at least 8 MP with Zeiss optics. The front-facing VGA 0.3 MP one was not much better. It was also a heavy sucker, at a whopping 220 grams.

Microsoft has now revisited the Lumia 1320 and instead of giving us a Lumia 1330, we are getting a Lumia 640 XL.

I like the new naming scheme. It makes sense (or at least more sense). The Lumia 1320 was confusing to many because it was "higher" than the Lumia 9xx or Lumia 1020 series, yet it was far behind in terms of hardware. I get what Nokia was trying for but in the end, it was just too much.

Microsoft is doing the right thing. Merge these classes, including the 3G/LTE distinction (no more Lumia 630 or Lumia 635 division) and focus on the core hardware similarities. The 'XL' nomenclature conveys just that: extra-large. Not just the display, either, but in some other hardware aspects.

Now, the Lumia 640 XL is lighter at 170 grams (versus 220, which is a big difference). It has a slightly smaller display (6-inches is pushing it for many) and a so much better cameras at 13 MP in the rear and a hefty 5 MP in the front.

Some users will lament the "downgrade" in CPU from a dual-core 1.7 GHz to a quad-core 1.2 GHz system, but I am not completely convinced the performance will be degraded. Either way, I think the camera improvement is the bigger story here and the Lumia 640 XL, especially the dual-SIM LTE version, looks to be an interesting device.

Wait and see

I should point out that we still need to review these devices, so this is more of an initial thoughts article. If I sound over enthusiastic, that is why.

I think Microsoft though is listening to users on what they want and what they don't want, and it shows with these devices. You could argue that they could let the Lumia 63x series ride a bit longer on the market. After all, the Lumia 635 is being bumped to 1 GB of RAM in some countries (yes, this is true). However, budget devices are Microsoft's high point right now for Windows Phone, so they should get it right by releasing the most perfect hardware at the lowest price-point for this range.

So far, I think they are succeeding, and I like what I see. Now let's see how customers feel about them.

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Both these phones should be a hit in India..considering the price point at which they come and the features they offer..
  • +upvoted
  • Yup. This should put WP right back on its growth path that started with L520 but got sidetracked by Moto G a year ago.
  • The way Lumia 535 grabbed the masses here, despite having a little hole in the hardware and the branding chronology, this will be a sure hit!
    Hope Microsoft won't mess up with the price and availability!
  • Exactly my thoughts..and regarding the pricing, expect them to overprice the device at launch.
  • As I notice few phone's pricing except 435, I think it will be on par. 435 is overpriced. But others are too cheap. Micromaxq pricing.
  • pricing for this phone should be perfect to become a hit in india.....155$ is like  ₹ 9600..n Lumia 535 is still selling at ₹ 9199 here
  • There are only two reasons I own a Lumia 535 besides the fact that there's usually a lot of month left at the end of my salary; one: It's cheap, two: It's branded Microsoft.
  • Same feeling
  • Yes of course..
  • Lately, MS has been all about India and their bombardment of budget phones.
  • Already listed on Microsoft site to hit India soon.. good to see LTE device launch as well
  • What I want to know is, what frequencies does it support? I want a dual-SIM LTE phablet, so if there's a variant that supports all the right North American frequencies, it's an insta-buy. I need Band 4, 7, and 17 for Canada, and the addition of 2 and 12 for roaming in the U.S. Adding in AWS3 support wouldn't hurt my feelings for future-proofing. All that and carrier aggregation support would make me retire my 1520 and use this as my daily driver, but that may be to much to ask. :-)
  • see the link I provided to see the frequencies it supports
  • Holy crap! The 640XL supports almost every frequency under the sun! Even rare frequencies like band 12 (T-mobile MBS) and band 20 (Sprint SMR)! Thanks for that link! It looks like they're doing the Apple thing of one GSM variant for the whole world. Versus the Nokia thing of a North American variant, a European variant, etc.
  • Band 12 for T-Mobile/MetroPCS is huge.  I like their apparent "Apple approach" in having one device that works on all GSM carriers.  That is smart.
  • Beyond huge. All Windows Phone enthusiasts on T-Mobile should look at this *very* closely. This it's the only band 12 Windows Phone thus far!
  • Both tmobile usa and att are picking up the 640, att is also getting the xl.
  • While I still agree that these phones will be successful, and they look really really good, we should still all be criticing that SD 400... I don't deny performance is good on windows phone but Motorola sells a CHEAPER phone with the 410. Using an SD400 just seems lazy on Microsoft's part. I do agree still that they're awesome budget phones and they have enough going for them in the other departments that they're still competitive, so here's hoping it does well. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Yes and no. Being dual sim is HUGE. It adds to price. Also remember, these have not only glance, but pureview cameras too. Thats means the cameras should be very respectable at this price range.
  • Yes Shikhar ... I am very much excited to buy this phone.. do you knw the price and date when these phone are going to be avalaible in indian market
  • "Microsoft demonstrates it can handle Lumia hardware (and improve where Nokia failed)" "Nokia dropped the ball on a few features, making both phones near hits, but not quite. " Just wondering, wasn't the same Elope the head of Nokia too at the time he decide to launch 630 and 635 with those missing features? Wasn't the same departments worked on those phones too? hmmm.. Multiple personality syndrome? LOL!
  • That or Microsoft gave him a good swift kick in the nuts and he realized what he did wrong with the 630(5) and he corrected accordingly with the 640
  • That or Microsoft just bumped up his bank account to launch those 630/635 with missing features and launch this 640/640XL with better features and he 'realized' it    :v PS: I'm not really a hardcore NOKIA or MS fan, i'm just saying about another possibility ;)
  • in terms of quality 635 is quite a nice and cheap phone, 535 is a mistake
  • The Lumia 635 had only 512MB and no flash or FFC. Even the new, rate, 1GB variant still doesn't have the other things, or a proximity sensor, etc. The 535 was the right call IMO as it had 1GB, flash, FFC, etc.
  • you're right - 535 has better performance, more RAM and so on but in terms of quality/design it's much worse - when you hold 630/635 you see it's well designed phone - not hi-tech but cheap nice phone, when you hold 535 you feel it's a crap - the body bend when you press it, the screen is awfull - it's really bad IMO.
  • Does the 535 feel like the 520? Or worse? I have a 635 and a 520, so is that a good comparison?
  • sorry but I never took a closer look at 520
  • i have used a Lumia 620 and Lumia 520 earlier.. Currently using Lumia 535 and Lumia 730(gifted it to my wifey).. Lumia 535 certainly has an edge over 520 as there are less resuming screens and quicker multitasking
  • Microsoft and Nokia are one now so new rules.
  • Wait a minute. Microsoft bought only the phone division of Nokia and fired some 12000+ employees. So no, they are not same. Nokia just launched their own first Android tablet. Now they are a better company without Elop. Even if they continued to launch windows phones without Elope, they wouldn't have gone bankrupt. He clearly derailed Nokia. That's why most of our Nokia Lumias were not 'perfect'.
  • Yeah, no flagships for ANYBODY seems to be the new rule, given Microsoft's not even announced a high-end device in almsot a year of serving as the "premier" Windows Phone OEM.
  • Yeah ..its terrible ...whatever happened to high end ?...all I see is these ugly disposable phones.
  • they're all ugly and disposable you buy them to throw them away you buy the newest phone not for itself but to buy the newest phone when the newest one comes out your old device becomes garbage you don't need much phone no one needs much phone
  • You went full crazy, never go full crazy :P
  • I feel like 640XL is the new affordable flagship priced just flagship can wait till windows10 for the real fans waiting so impatiently for a nice phone...I think they don't wanna mess flagship cause of a software lagging behind android or iOS..
    They want next flagship to be a hit though..
  • Working on it and annoucing it are two different things. It was simply one of my idea's of "marketing" failure to announce a device early. Like the 930 and get in trouble to meet the "deadline". Including all "negative" postings that followed up on that. For the experiance 10% is hardware, 90% is software. Windows 10 is not ready, not sure what is going to come and only for that reason alone, it is best to "hold the horses" untill you are able to show off a product that can be in store within a couple of weeks.  
  • you have lumia 930 and it isn't even a year old so just wait. Having a flagship is nice but realsing one very 6 months is not something I would like - and anyone who wants to have the newest flagship but not switching phone twice a year
  • No, they are not. Nokia is an independent company and has nothing to do with Microsoft anymore.
  • Nokia was bleeding money and needed to earn something. Shareholders certainly didn't allow minimally thin, no profit focused, margins. Microsoft on the other hand couldn't be bothered. They have so much money that if they think mobile market is important they will sell phones with no profit at all, or even lose on every sale if necessary. Team is the same. Bosses are different.
  • Your words are more convincing and is better than whatever is written in the above article. :)
  • It's crystal clear. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Shhh! Don't say that. You're breaking the "let's worship Microsoft Mobile and pretend Eflop was never around or in charge before" vibe.
  • EFLOP!  I'm so using that and not giving you credit.
  • It is called financial means. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • They were also working with Nokia balance sheet at the time. Now they are working with Microsoft's balance sheet and can afford to do things right even if that means lower profit margins. Microsoft need to gain users to attract developers. We want a flagship, but a Lumia flagship will never sell well unless the developers are onboard and we start seeing an improved apps market place.
  • The XL label is a good call.  The Lumia numbering system made complete sense when you stick only with the three digit models, but gets confusing when you put the four digit models into the mix.  This fix things nicely.
  • So, 940XL❓ No more 1520❓
  • It would make more sense to go that route, actually. Dump the 1320 and 1520. Save the 4-digit numbering scheme for the 1020's high-end optics only. Of course, all of that would require Microsoft to release a high-end phone, which seems as likely as finding Bigfoot riding a unicorn through Atlantis right now.
  • Everyone knows they are going to release a high-end phone and now we know when it will happen.  Why continue to beat the dead horse?
  • Really, when's it coming? All they've said is "summer 2015." Summer stretches from late-June to early-September. It's not like they haven't canceled or delayed products before, either. They could be aiming for late-September, and then you're one short delay from being in the typical Windows launch of October. The 640 was announced today, and is allegedly not hitting some markets until April. So, we could seriously be one short delay from having Windows 10 phones launch in November, like WP8 did.
  • Your comment had nothing to do with when.  I know you were trying to be clever with your impossibility joke, so maybe be a bit less funny and a bit more precise if you don't want your comment to be criticized.  At this point there is no evidence to support the conclusion that a flagship Windows Phone is a unicorn.  If you are looking for a specific release date, I think that is an unrealistic expectation at this point.  I get the complaints about no flagship, as I want one as well.  However, that ship sailed last fall and it makes no sense for MS to release an 8.1 flagship now.  I don't get why people continue to beat this dead horse.
  • I wasn't making a joke about this. There's no known release date. There are no hardware leaks. No FCC filings. We've heard nothing about what the next flagship device will be, and the newest release date is "when Windows 10 is ready," which offers us little clarity beyond a 3-month gap starting in 3.5 months itself. We have it basically narrowed down to one-third of the the best-case scenario (Windows 10 launches without any delays, and the time from flagship announcement to actual availability is short). We could literally be looking at anything from a Build announcement to an early-September one. The Lumia 920 was announed on September 5th, 2012. That's still the summer. That was followed by a 2-month wait until the device was actually available (November 2nd for the first release, November 9th for AT&T). So, in reality, we're literally saying that this unknown flagship could launch anywhere from late-June to early-November, based on vague announcements and previous history.
  • Dude... MS said it's coming... They even gave us a time frame... Daniel is pretty much the EV leaks of windows, and he has a good track record.. Pretty damn good track record.. Lol.
    Technically we really can't admit that we're sure the sun won't explode tomorrow, but we're going to have to go with no.. No the sun isn't going to explode tomorrow.... But, you're right❗ MS could explode tomorrow... Lol. It could❗❗
    You can bet your bottom dollar a high end device is more likely to come out in the timeframe that MS said it would today, than not... Seriously, BS aside... Where would you put your money❓
  • What did I say that ran contrary to what Microsoft has said? Microsoft said "when Windows 10 is ready." Windows has historically been a fall-released OS. The other rumblings have been a summer announcement. The 920 was announced in September 2012, which was still the summer. However, Lumia devices have not-infrequently had a long lag from announcement to actual availability, such as how the 920 took 2 months to hit AT&T shelves. All I did was state that a long wait is totally possible. Oh, and where would I put my money? I'd put it on a reversal of course from Microsoft, at some point, given how common that is. The Xbox One's E3 policies were turned off after a month of bad press. Microsoft said that the Kinect HAD to be part of the One, and that changed. Microsoft said that the Kinect wouldn't ever be unbundled from the console itself, and that changed. Microsoft said McLaren existed, then pulled it. Microsoft's notoriously inconsistent with their long-term goals. I never disputed what they said. I only gave it the potentially pessimistic edge of their alleged timeframe, and pointed out that such a release schedule would be in-line with what happened to both Windows Phone 8 and the Lumia 920/820.
  • I see, I see.... Fair enough..
    But, I've never seen MS push a device launch past mid 4th quarter...
  • I didn't say they would. That would be mid-November, while the 920 launched in early-November.
  • It is clear that Microsoft is trying to avoid the mistake of announcing a device too soon, so your statement makes no sense. They will probably only anounce it a few weeks or at most a month before the device is ready to be released. Who cares that we don't yet have an exact date? Would you rather have a date that keeps being pushed back because it's still too soon to know when the device is ready to be released, not to mention windows 10? Yes we all wish we had a flagship right now but it is much more important for it to come out with a bang with awesome hardware and competed software.
  • Yeah.. We just have to sit back, and wait... Heck, all they're doing is testing now, and they have a long time to perfect it if they are just waiting for W10.... It doesn't take that long to come up with a new device... I guarantee you that they are fiddling with a 940, 940XL, and a 1040 right now... Joe probably has the 1040 in his pocket as we speak... These devices just have a delayed release time because of W10...
    Doesn't this mean that these devices should be super refined when they come out❓❓❓
  • I'd go as far as to call the next 1020 the 940 C (for camera), or something similar. So the 940, 940 C, 940 XL.
  • Hey❗❗❗❗ That's a terrific idea❗ cool.. I never thought about that, and it would help in establishing a name for a high end Lumia Device..
    They should use 10xx though... Bump the others up... 10xx looks, and sounds more commanding, and is relevant... 1040, 1040XL, 1040MP... IDK.. Lol❗
  • i think it will just be the 940 and 940xl and both will have top noitch camera tech.
  • Possibly so.
  • What about a 1020 alike camera with a larger display? :-) 940CXL? Or 940XLC? ;-)   However, I would really like 940, 940C and 940XL. Let the one with the camera and larger display be 1040 :-)
  • ^this ...several "normal" users i know who were interested in getting a Lumia, were convinced the 1320 was higher-end than the 930 because of the screen size and numbering category. So keeping it unified through numbering and adding XL was definitely the right move in order not to confuse the average user who isn't tech-savvy.
  • +940 Live long and prosper Microsoft! The number schema wasn't working for last few devices!
  • Great! :-) From a Lumia 1320 user...
  • Now the 830 is really over priced. The XL under 250. Really? Sold.
  • Was Thinking the same xl looks better than 830 only thing 830 has over xl is internal memory, dont care much as apps can be moved to sdcard. Its a far better deal, Processor is the same RAM is the same, and Xl is just heavier by 21 g.
  • Yeah right, did you forget the 830 also has a better camera with OIS?
  • It's not that the 2 MP and OIS are forgotten, it's a question of how those two things, plus wireless charging, get valued at almost $300.
  • Where did the 300 come from? The 830 goes $379 out of contact here in the US, that's less than a difference of 150. Plus you do realize the carriers here in US would inflate the prices by at least another $50 by launch so yes, the price difference is be justified. But I agree, the 830 was over priced during launch, and it's better to wait for the US prices for these devices before jumping to conclusions
  • Aah yes pureview is always better, but point being it was launched for $433 USD before taxes and here it is launched for $245.
  • 830 has great design with better camera and more internal memory. I know there is SD cards, but internal memory works better. Plus better hardware quality.
  • Design is preferential, at best. I find the Icon/830 design of adding a metal band to be aesthetically repugnant. The unibody polycarbonate on my 920 looks a lot better. Ideally, they'd dump the metal band or make it match the back. At worst, make it a dark band, because that light metal coloring is the WORST. As for "memory," you're talking 8 GB of storage. Such is almsot totally irrelevant when you can buy that for $10 on Amazon, and it's even MORE pointless to someone who uses 20+ GB of space on a device, because 8 and 16 GB of storage are both insufficient.
  • Don't agree with you. I love the metal band on the 830 and 930 and hope the stick with it with the replacement lineup. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • so long as you're using a fast enough micro sd card you'll never notice the internal storage working 'better'
  • Hey, the 830 has OIS and is a purview, these new guys have megapixels and Ziess optics, that's it
  • Its an incredible relief 720p displays are making it into entry level. That 854p crap on the 63x was plain embarrassing. 
  • 854P if it existed would be better than 720P... I'm pretty sure you meant 480P.
  • He meant 480x854
  • its 854x480
  • Its 480 x 854. (Width x Height), we take that technically while measuring resolution.
  • That's not true. Do you call a 1920x1080 screen 1920p or 1080p?
  • I'm not saying what it's called but the way its interpreted, i.e., Width x Height. And of course, we talk about the width (not height or length).
  • Another day another cheap lowend phone , does Microsoft seriously expect people to pick this device for their 2 year contracts ? No wonder windows phones is flying high "
  • Low-end? I believe this one falls into mid-range category.
  • Call it what you want , it's not s flagship 
  • Did you watch the presentation? Flagships are coming with Windows 10 its not like this is old news
  • and just so you know, probably 60-75% of the population can not afford a high end device. High end will come with windows 10 later in the summer.  
  • So there is just flagship and low ends? that's all? It's like world is just black or white!!!   But I agree with your feeling that at this point of time, there is no flagship :-)
  • No, it is low-mid at best. The SoC is a budget-class ship from late-2013. The thing is basically 3 MP and a higher dispaly resolution north of the Lumia 535. It only LOOKS mid-range because Microsoft hasn't released a single high-end phone.
  • The SoC still has more power than apple's flagship (more cores, slightly slower speed for each), the same memory, and since the screen is lower res it won't chew the battery up as much. Its NOT a low end phone and I'll be getting one simply for the dual-sim capability. I won't be tossing my 1520 though.  Even at almost 2 years old that thing is a beast and STILL considered flagship quality/specs compared to most other current handsets. Also, the 'slower' SoC compared to say, android, means nothing as the WP OS is simply far better at using available resources than anything google was able to steal from other companies and call it their own.  You could have a phone with 1/2 the capability as a high end android, stick WP on it and you'd think it was an equal to whatever android junk it was compared to.  WP is just so much more stable, faster and battery friendly than any android at the same price point. Ever wondered why the new trend in android phones is 3Gb of RAM?  Its because that operating system NEEDS it, the same with the octo-core SoCs they are starting to use. Android is a hideous abuser of hardware, much like Vista was.  Android to WP is like Vista to 8.1
  • Low end ?
    With 13 mp rear and 5mp ffc -_-
  • But snapdragon 400 and 1 Gb memory . It's a lowend - midrange phone 
  • Go out of this site and check other andro ones , they are claiming Moto g 'best midrange phone of 2k14-15' which hv same conf. 1gb ram and sd400 with only 8 &2 mp cam 0.o
  • I just got rid of my MotoG that I bought just to see if android was a viable replacement for my Lumias (I still think WP is dead, but perhaps not as much as I did yesterday). That thing was awful, and if thats the best midrange android phone out there I seriously pity all the poor saps who buy on price alone.  The G was just awful, slow, crashy, unstable to the extreme and even after all these years of android STILL needed an auto task killer to free up itsinadequate memory. I gave it a good solid 2 month try out, not like most lprofessional' reviewers and so much about it was ass-backwards and, as Tim Cook said, a toxic hellstew as far as the apps and missmatch of software the OS is made from is concened.
  • Counter question: Do you really expect people to buy a 600+ phone, from a relatively new brand? With a OS they never heard of? For non tech enthusiasts it's kind of a bug step.
  • The phone is around $250 apparently, lumia isnt a new brand, windows isn't an OS they havent heard of.
  • This is for worldwide market son, 2-year contracts are a western thing.  Are there still people who don't know this?
  • Honestly, signing up for a two year contract when you can get this phone for $250 would be beyond foolish. Buying this phone and going pre-paid would be the best choice and save you far more money in the long run.
  • Careful, Daniel, the Nokia fans are going to be really upset that you said that Microsoft made better hardware than Nokia. I've been saying what you've been saying for months, and everytime it's downvotes and "Nokia is great, ur dumb!!". *salutes* best of luck
  • I am a Lumia fan. I never owned a Microsoft Lumia but if it is a good as my Nokia 1520, I will give props where props are due. Besides this is Daniel Rubino lmao. He ain't worried about Nokia fanatics lmao haha
  • Though Microsoft is mainly a software company, they have proved time and time again that they can make really great hardware. For instance, the Surface, their line up of mouse and keyboards, Xbox, the Zune (it was great hardware, but they didn't market it like they should have so it failed.)
  • Dont make me cry.  I still use my Zune HD and have an original brown 30, 80 and 120gb zune2s and the flash based Z2 as well. They were far and away the best players out there, but were mere acorns in front of apple's steamroller of hype and misinformation.
  • Oh yes. I'm expecting DJCBS to comment on this sooner or later. :D
  • DJCBS couldn't care less. WP is sinking anyway. This article is just as if someone was saying "look how these rooms are better than the ones on the Olympic" while the Titanic was going down. I'm just waiting to see how long it will take for Microsoft to pull the plug on Microsoft Mobile ;) (Also, the 630/635 were created under the same fat worm - Eflop - and already produced by Microsoft Mobile. If you want to compare the 640 to something, it should be the 620. But of course you're not going to do that because otherwise there goes the article's propaganda)
  • Watching your disdain for my articles like these is one reason to get out of bed each day lol. We have a saying here "If DJCBS hates it, we did well"
  • nothing says "couldn't care less" like a two paragraph reply.
  • If its sinking and you use an android device now, why are you always in the windows forum? It must be because of all of the intelligent people here as opposed to the knuckle heads over at Android central. Goodbye two-face!
  • Microsoft did pulled the plug on Microsoft mobile. Long time back. They started with Windows Phone after that ;-)
  • Microsoft are correcting the mistakes Nokia made with its releases and its good to see they are doing it rather quickly.
  • Looking good Microsoft!
  • 1540XL with 7" screen, and core i7..... Lol.
  • Battery life: 4 hours. XD
  • Name seems wrong... It should be Surface Mini :-P
  • I hope ms hasn't forgotten about the haac mics
  • Nokia forgotten..... AutoCAD hasn't forgotten.
  • I'm not the buyer for these but I just love seeing more Lumia regardless. Lumia is what carries this os and glad it is not just another low end. I'm looking forward to the summer or whenever to hear about high end. I feel like now is time for midrange and soon is high end.
  • Yeah, I'm not quite sure how these phones are a turning point. I think the 640 has almost identical specs as the 8X, which you can now find for about $70usd.
  • I'm ready ready ready to buy the 640 XL don't care if it's an affordable phablet semi mid range it's at the tip of a new flagship windows phone sign me up, really excited
  • I kinda want a 640 XL now. It's an upgrade over my 920.
  • I was wondering if this would be a good choice for an upgrade or the 930
  • If screen size doesn't matter, I would definitely go for 930. You can get it for really cheap in some places and I still the best WP phone for me ;)
  • definitely the 930 
  • The 930 and 1520 are still the reigning flagships that need to be severely updated. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • ...need to be severely updated?
  • My 1520 Philippines CV. 1 of the only 2 Asia Pacific 1520's that is still not in Denim.
  • Compared to every single 1520 in the U.S. that is not on Denim...
  • that is changing very fast day to day now, latin america 1520.3(rm-938) are recieving it as of today.
  • It really isn't. The SoC is a downgrade from the 920. There isn't wireless charging. There isn't OIS. The display resolution is lower than the 920.The battery and SensorCore are all you'd get from the 640, over the 920.
  • TBH, they were wishy washy on Qi, technically this phone could do it, or at least there are plans to sell a version with it
  • I accidently reported a comment disregard it sorry
  • Tired of the "numbering" system for the phones hopefully this eventually gets dropped I like that they added XL to the naming mix
  • Daniel no offense but you always say " I like what i see" no matter how crappy the Lumia phone is. Sorry if offended. Posted via the Nexus 1520!
  • How are this phones crapy ? For the price they are sold for they are perfectly fine...
  • Not talking about these but the 530 630,635, 820, 830. Posted via the Nexus 1520!
  • 530, 630, 635, 820 and 830 are Nokia phones. Microsoft has done whatever they can to fix stupid Nokia mistakes by bringing better 435, 532, 535, updating 635 to 1 GB of RAM and now those 640 and 640 XL.
  • The Lumia 830 is a Microsoft phone. The Lumia 635 was as well. You can tell that the 830 is Microsoft, not Nokia, becuase despite being 2 years newer, the 830 packs an inferior SoC than the Lumia 820 from Nokia.
  • The 830 is the last of Nokia's overpriced devices. Posted via the Nexus 1520!
  • Actually all the phones mentioned are Nokia Phones. You do realise the lead times in the design of these things, yes? You do realise that the 435 and 532 are basically the 3rd generation Nokia X phones with different software?
  • sorry but they are Nokia Phones.
  • Thank you for understanding. Posted via the Nexus 1520!
  • Relax, he used it only twice! :P And from what angle it looks crappy to you? The specs and the design both are perfect for its price... You can't compare it with a Nexus 1520, though.
  • These phones announced today Including the 535 and 4 series are perfect examples of great phones 1 GB ram, cheap camera front and back, cheap, very few compromises. The phones I posted above are examples of crappy devices no ffc, 512 ram, high priced, ugly design, high priced unnecessary Oreo on the rear camera and very high priced.
  • Oreo? I'm not aware that Lumias came with chocolate cookies
  • No Compass for 640 ?
  • yes compass
  • Compass: AKA magnetometer.
  • Disagree with the statement Microsoft are listening, as if they read this apps comments nearly every post someone is asking for a flagship phone, a phone to compete with apples iphone6 not here's a new budget phone that we have had announcement after announcemt
  • Half those people that complain about a flagship only want it for the stupidest reasons. "Oh I need a good camera so I can send d*ck pics to my girlfriend" or "Well everybody else has one so I should get one too!" If I want a flagship its because I tend to get actual work done with it, or need that high end hardware for productivity, not just because a bunch of pizza faced teenagers want to climb up in social status with their peers. Dont get me wrong, there are those that have legitimate reasons for wanting a flagship, but a lot of them just complain for the sake of complaining as well.
  • And the other half complain to complain.  If they seriously can't do everything with their current phone that a new flagship will do then they are idiots.
  • My thoughts exactly. You dont need to HAVE the highest end phone in order to enjoy its full potential. If you only do occasional web browsing or video watching you don't need a superb display unless you do that sort of stuff 24/7. You dont need a $200+ phone on a contract just to send nudes to people or text them. People today are just so spoiled with technology :p
  • Of they make a flagship phone now u will complain it doesn't have windows 10, if they wait to finish windows 10 u complain about missing flagship :)
  • The problem is 'the pizza faced teenagers' no teenager wants and I quote from other websites 'an average phone' with none of the apps accustomed to other phones, that's Microsoft problem! Looking at the 630xl I'm thinking this could be my long overdue upgrade to my 920, know what the downside is for me? To by a new phone and fork out even more money for a memory card cause it only has 8mb of memory! That's like buying a new car and having to carry a petrol can as the car only holds half the petrol compared to others, sorry for the rant but how patient can I keep waiting for a Microsoft phone that I really want, and I'm sure I'm not alone people like myself have a decision to make now, to buy this phone, patiently wait again for newer windows 10 phones or leave the platform.
  • There are two things that bothers me. 640 is now better than 730 in terms of specs ans that the 640xl is now almost better than 830 heh :) how does the camera's compare ? Luckily for 830 it still has more flagship features and more of a premium build .. I hope they drop the price now :)
  • The 830 is a BEAUTIFUL phone but yea, that price is overpriced, especially with the 640 XL matching it almost. If it drops I might snag it. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Beauty is subjective. I think the 830 is ugly. The metal-plastic pairing looks ugly to me, and reminds me of the crappy backs Smasung's Galaxy devices came with before they opted to copy the idiotic glass-backed metal of Apple.
  • You are right. Explanation is 830 was a Nokia device, and ever since Microsoft started branding their phones they have given tremendous value.
  • The 830 was a Microsoft device. They took over hardware serviecs in April 2014 (if I remember correctly). The 830 was released in the fall of 2014, about 6 months later. In fact weren't the 730/735 and 830 the first Microsoft-branded devices?
  • But they called it Nokia Lumia 830...I believe Microsoft Lumia 535 was the first.
  • These phones inarguably have, hardwarewise and considering their price points, the potential to woo consumers who are in the market for a new phone. But as, softwarewise, Windows 10 is still rather far away, I remain concerned about how patient these consumers will be (WP 8.1 is a solid OS but it still lacks too many features in comparison).
  • What features is lacking... Us developers are always listening and working to overtime to do more with very little... But please let us know about features you are looking for... Many might be around the corner and coming soon...
  • Is the US actually getting the dual-sim versions? In the past, while available, they tend not to sell them in first world nations because of market dynamics. 
  • I think they are
  • US should get these, yes. And i'm 99% sure the MS Store will sell them direct.
  • both tmobile and att are picking up the 640, att are also picking up the xl.
  • But, Marketing is critical❗ What are we going to see different in 2015❓❓❓❓
  • I don't like the icons in your comments. Just saying!
  • Why❓
  • It's just not comfortable to read, and it looks like all you want and need is attention
  • Oh... Well, you can't please everyone...
  • Who are you trying to please with those icons?
  • Dude, I don't even think about it. It just depends on which button you push. Im used to hitting my the "favorite emoji" button right next to the number key.. It's supper quick for me... Get over it.
    Wait.. With a comment like that I have to ask,, how old are you anyways❓❓ how do you even have time, or care to ask❓
  • He's actually been using those ever since they came out, I remember when he found out about them and was excited like a little kid found candy. :D
  • IIRC, the Lumia 630 was marketed very well and was a huge hit. I think that device alone pushed Cricket to being the second largest carrier in the US for WP since they had a promotion where you could basically get it for free.
    Frankly, if there's one thing Microsoft can market, it's their low end phones lol. To me, the biggest obstacle might be the sales rep, but idk how they can fix that.
  • Fair enough.... But, we need that Surface quality of marketing. Do you know what I mean❓❓
    And, they should buy AT&T... Lol. That'll fix that issue.
  • @Jas00555 You're right. Despite the drawbacks of the 635, it has done well, and Cricket/MetroPCS are both doing well with their low-end phones from what i hear. Still, if the 635 did well, the 640 can only improve upon that market.
  • I guess my issue has always been if it's relatively well, or well for what we usually see a WP device do...
    I think there's still a big difference there.... I would like to see the 640 sell like Android devices in it's segment...
  • Ummm.... A different rodneyej comment? :-P   Don't worry... Microsoft is listening ;-) I am sure their marketing will do better this time :-) Or I will give you company on ranting about Microsoft's marketing :-)
  • Looking forward to it...
  • Yeah need to wait a bit more...
  • Bit more, yes.
  • Finally they get rid of the wedged design of the 630! Don't get me wrong ,it was nice but it had a tendency to launch out of the hand when using on an angle :P Now let's hope that 640's display has way better viewing angle than 630's and it sure will be the next big thing after lumia 520! On the other hand, lumia 730/735 is cheaper and has one of the best (if not the best) display you can get on a phone under 200 euro.. hmmm.. 
  • I didn't care for the wedge design either. It was terribe but i like this design much more.
  • Both are perfect phone, Microsoft you rocks it. 640 will be my next phone
  • Following the new naming scheme, we don't get a 1530/40, but a 940 XL !?
  • No one knows, but I think it is safe to presume, especially if people like this XL usage.
  • I sort of hope so, but I was kind of hoping that there would be some spec parity. I didn't like the fact that the XL had better specs. Although, I sort of am being swayed, particularly by Daniel's article. What I really would have liked to see is a nod to the 600 Snapdragon processors. I didn't expect the new 4 series Snapdragon ones, but I would have like to see them go above the existing 400. Having said that, I imagine that the 400s are crazy cheap due the volume they ship.
  • If the actual price of Lumia 640 gets closed to the one before taxes, it will whip Moto G's ass for sure. The pricing of Moto G in India is 12999. Moto G comes with 16GB storage but only 2100mAh battery. 640 on the other hand has 8gb storage with 2500 mAh battery and since SD card can come into the picture, I don't think any sensible person would spend 2k more for Moto G expecting 640 to be released for 10999 (which is 1.3k more than the initial price). As far as 640XL is concerned, the listed price comes to 13k rupees and so I am expecting selling price to be 14.5k. I don't think there is too much competition here in phablets. The only possible gripe with respect to the phones would be about the processor which is a bit dated. Lumias have definitely been better under Microsoft than under Nokia and the success of 535 proves it. I think 532 and these phones will end up being successful too.
  • I don't think we will get 640 for 11k. May be 13k or 14k, is my guess.   But I really hope that I will be wrong and you will be right!!! If that's the case, I will happily replace my Cyan colored Lumia 900 with Cyan colored Lumia 640 :-) Well, even if it comes for 13k, I will do the same. So we just need the Cyan colored 640 here.
  • Just a note Daniel, It looks like the 640 has an 8mp camera on the back and 1GB of RAM.
  • That's what he said. Read the article maybe.
  • Sorry... Something happened with my entry. What I wanted to ask was "Daniel, since we are seeing a number of universal apps coming across the entire Windows ecosystem, do you see the 1Gb memory in phones ever being a limitation?" I also wanted to ask "Now that we see Android flagship phones with 20Mpx cameras should we expect to see the 20Mpx sensors be pushed to lower devices like a future L650, and what should we expect as innovation from Microsoft to differentiate from the competition?" Maybe my questions were too long...?
  • Sorry... Something happened with my entry. What I wanted to ask was "Daniel, since we are seeing a number of universal apps coming across the entire Windows ecosystem, do you see the 1Gb memory in phones ever being a limitation in the Windows 10 era?" I also wanted to ask "Now that we see Android flagship phones with 20Mpx cameras should we expect to see the 20Mpx sensors be pushed to lower devices like a future L650, and what should we expect as innovation from Microsoft to differentiate from the competition?" Maybe my questions were too long...?
  • No, MS is purposefully testing/optimizing Windows 10 to run even on 512 mb devices, which is why the 635 is one of the first to get it. Devices with 1 GB are just fine.
  • I just don't want a phone with software navigation keys. I went from the Lumia 925 to HTC one M8 and I kind of regret it. I miss the clear black of the Lumia, glance, and dedicated camera button. Also, I like the build quality of Lumia versus m8. The m8 has better specs but it's hardly noticeable except for gaming. Again, the software navigation keys I just can't do.
  • Gimme a flagship pleaseeee , Canadian region, 930 1520 or whatever
  • So what are the differences with the 640 and the 730.... Feels like the 730 is not needed in the market
  • i am guessing 730 is going to be cheaper when 640 launches
  • Wireless charging, AMOLED, etc. some this could be the deciding factor. Plus looks like the 730 would get the new Lumia camera with Rich Capture since the 640 and XL both have it
  • Nope it won't... It should've shipped with denim but Lumia 730 doesn't include Lumia camera 5 and other improvements
  • I said it will get it (as an update) considering both the new devices have it with Update 2 with similar specs to the 730. Also the faster Lumia Camera is coming to all phones with Windows 10 anyways
  • It certainly could get the update, maybe with GDR2. We will have to wait and see.
  • Must b under 10000₹ to b a great in india
  • wait a few months, it will surely drop down below 10000
  • Is there any possible way I can get Lumia 1520 on T-Mobile LTE?
  • Lumia 1520.3 I believe.
    GSM unlocked and can be used on T-Mobile and At&t Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • yup just pickup the 1520.3 or rm-938 model.
  • Shit!! -_-
  • Daniel Sir, I've a question. In India we have Cortana Alpha version, when will we get Beta version. Because only Beta version has the passive listening option. Please reply Sir, Thanks in Advance.
  • Passive is still I testing mode and with denim update. Trust me there is a reason it is still being tested... Sometimes it works and sometimes it don't... But it will get there...
  • But please no 940 XL please as the name 1520 has made all senses possible. It has the most powerful hardware and the most complete features than any other Lumias. And it's one of the best (if not the best WP) ever. Moreover, the Lumia 1520's name is known. So there's no need to change its name. Instead just put it as the Lumia 1540. It is gonna be much more appreciated.
  • My main phone is also a 1520 but I would prefer the next iteration to be called the 940XL instead of 1540. Sorry but I disagree with you.
  • Without giving any clear reasons? Wow, what an in-depth discussion!
  • I prefer 940 XL because the 930 and 1520 had the same hardware (for the most part...) but had two different numbers, which could confuse people at first glance. However, if it was 940 and 940 XL, it gives the impression that they have the same innards, but different sizes, which is exactly what it is.
  • No, actually the 930 is a generation after the 1520, hence the name 930 compared to 1520, and we are all aware how powerful the 1520 is compared to the 920. So according to what you said, we should name the new 15xx 950XL instead to be relevant. Moreover the 930 still features the same hardware as the one from the "old generation", with some features were even taken away. So there is no way the 15xx series would be "downgraded" to the 9xx series by naming them 9xxXL. And the 15xx series name suits perfectly to MS/Nokia's naming motto:"Bigger number is better".
  • Damn when is the flagship coming up?
    I've been waiting since last year, now Samsung galaxy s6 is pulling me over. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • You will normally see the flag ships when the new win 10 is fully launched then it will be at that time the true power will be shown. The OEM will be able to harness the OS and make the hardware scream with the performance. Maybe then we will have the 256 GB micro SD cards by then...
  • Last year you did had the Lumia 930 you know. And the new Samsung Galaxy S6 does not have an SD cartslot or a removable battery and obviously no glance screen (those three were the biggest complains over the Lumia 930) So why is the Samsung Galaxy S6 the better choice for you? And not just the Lumia 930?  
  • Ill definitely buy this XL on sale season here in Saudi and give it to my teenager relatives. The more WP users, the higher the market share, the higher the market share the more quality apps we could have. Now, give your teenager relatives these. 640 or 640 XLs when on sale. Hehe
  • My daughter got a Windows phone largely because of my 920. She bought the 630, but has had a nightmare trying to keep up with her friends. She often mentions that she can't get the latest apps, or even the older mainstays of Android or IOS. I'm hoping she sticks with it though. The more users bit all helps.
  • I don't think Microsoft makes good phones, yet. Microsoft Lumia 535, their first phone, still suffers from touch screen sensitivity issue.
  • Some of them , not all of them . This issue is way overblown
  • It really is. I have a 535 and it works quite well.
  • is IMO avalialble for windows phone????
  • Microsoft has now stuck the sweet spot with these lumias. After 535's screen fiasco these will be a great replacement. Personally i am really happy to see 2500 mah battery in 640.
  • Wow Lumia 640 xl seems interesting
  • They are great phones, indeed! But I am looking for 4 inch or 4.5 inch. Will they ever release one? +L620
  • The days of 4 inches phones are dying... 5 and bigger is what the masses want. Not looking at small screens but something more and being able to be more interactive.
  • And the "fact" that 4 inch phones are dying is why MS have released two of them in the last month 
  • Why? A meteorite   crash on earth and kill all the normal size humans? 4.5 inch screen are the limit, more than this is stupid and anti-functional 
  • I do not agree that Microsoft is showing any evidence of "getting it". The lack of a high end phone for a year and a half is absolute proof that they *do not* get it, not at all. It is good that they are offering low end and mid range phones at reasonable prices. Nobody would deny that. But that is only one part of the puzzle, and the flagship phone plays into the success of even the low end phones. A flagship phone is the standard bearer for *the entire brand*. It has to be the public face of Windows Phone, in much the same way as the iPhone 6 represents it despite having lower end iPhone 5c's still available, or the Google Nexus series, despite uncountable low end Android junk phones being available. Without a high end phone, Microsoft is alienating and driving away its most loyal and highest spending customers. If they don't turn it around soon, it'll be too late.
  • Where in the world are you from Jason? Because it is clear that Microsoft are focusing on getting as many WP devices in use worldwide as possible, to try and convince app creators that there is a market for porting their apps to WP (and soon Win10 for Phone). And you don't achieve that with the likes of the 1520 and 930. Look at the AdDuplex pie charts each month. This is really useful data, because it doesn't show the phones being sold, but the phones being used. The 1520 and 930 are somewhere in the "Other" slice of the pie. Heck, more people worldwide use a 720 than those two high end phones.  I worked out the other day that the latest AdDuplex figures show there are 30 million Windows Phones in use across the world at the moment, and 3 million of those are still old WP7 phones. Microsoft needs to get that much higher - current Android active users is about 30 times that, which is some gulf. WP is doing well in Europe and India, and the way phones are sold in those markets is people tend to buy the phone up front and then get a SIM for service, so in those markets, low end low up front cost phones is the way to expand usage. I'm sure Microsoft would like a piece of the action in China too, but they are never going to get into that market without help from the likes of Xiaomi and Huawei. The only non Chinese company doing well in China is Apple, and that's not due to sales volume, but profit (which on iPhones is obscene). It turns out that the new middle class of that Communist nation are even more into conspicuous consumption and "look what I can afford" than just about any other nation on earth! The only nation on earth where having a flagship phone really matters is the USA. And that's because of how difficult it is to buy phones off contract, and then buy the celluar service separately. And because the US networks charge pretty much the same per month whether you buy a high, mid or low end phone, that pushes the US public to mainly go for flagship phones. Hence the iPhones market share in the US hasn't been erroded by Android anywhere near as much as elsewhere in the world. The reason the next Windows Flagship phone is being held back until Windows 10 is unlikely to be due to anything technical. It will be so that the phone can be part of, and swept along by, the inevitably huge US Windows 10 marketing campaign.
  • Nice piece. I have to agree. The only real thing I want them to do is: A) confirm that a flagship will launch with W10; and B) specify exactly when summer begins and ends. Now, I am pretty sure I have the answer to A.... I just need B confirmed.
  • I agree with your overall sentiment that MS doesn't know what it's doing.  While MS is alienating and driving away its most loyal customers, we are NOT its highest spending customers.  We are a small number of high end WP enthusiasts that are miniscule compared to the low and midrange customers that MS is currently targeting.   MS has already lost the high end, and they are looking to capture the budget and mid range to make big gains in untapped markets (i.e. India)
  • Do they have Pureview Technology?  
  • i haven't seen a pureview mention , got to leave something for 830 :P zeis , lumia camera 5.0 and dynamic flash are awesome for this price
  • Pureview might still be under Nokia's ownership.
  • Microsoft bought the whole pureview team and technology, clear black and other Nokia trade marks
  • You are correct. This is not PureView, so no OIS and some other advanced optimizations.
  • its not. i remember seeing pureview and puremotion on the list of patents MS also bought from nokia. i guess its just too expensive for a 250$ device edit: bad placement of comment
  • My thought? This sucks and I want flagship..
  • Lumia 640 should have great battery life with that huuge 2500mah battery! I'm expecting something like 2/2.5 days of normal use judging of the 1/1.5 days of Lumia 630's 1860mah. I hope they don't skip clearblack and oleophobic coating on the display!
  • They have flooded the market in the UK with the 430,530,535,630,635 and now a 640 and 640xl?? I say they should have waited with the launching of Win10 to bring out the 40 range and clean everything up. We don't need another low end Lumia, how about a high end 935 the use the 940 as wp10. People will still buy . ​
  • If ya think about it... Almost what android did in a way... To stick android on any hardware and it will run but as you all have seen that had many problems... Microsoft is doing it differently... To run the WP, the devices have requirements that have to be met for it to be considered and Microsoft is making sure it is all working and then to announce windows phone 8.x devices will be able to run Win 10 is huge so they are making sure that all will be right from low to high... That is progress. Microsoft is moving along perfectly and on schedule. For as flag ships, they usually always come out towards Q3 and first of the year it is low to mid range phones. The last big flag ship was the HTC One M8 for windows and Nokia Lumia 1520 of which are very awesome phones. Many more are coming just give it time. All are listening and watching.
  • I don't expect the 530, 630 and 635 will be around for much longer. I would not be surprised if they've stopped making them and they are now just selling manufactured stock. BTW, the "635 1GB" we keep hearing about, isn't that just the 638?
  • The XL 640 it's the best phablet. Will take it even over the 1520. The size and the front camera today is important. And then the looks. It's beautiful. And the cyan color is the best. The curves and the HD panel are perfect to me. So.. Just.. Dam ! Microsoft you do it well. Better than the new iPhone .. Galaxy.. S6 6s.. That thing with the Samsung logo..
  • Glad the flagships aren't launching yet, Windows 10 will have more support, and a plethora of features compared to windows phone 8.1 I'm also glad because it gives me time to save.
  • Perhaps, but they could have also updated a flagship to Windows 10 jsut fine, like they'll do with so many existing Windows Phone devices. Don't make it sound like laucnhing now would lock them out of Windows 10, because it totally wouldn't.
  • It splits the marketing message. Windows 10 is going to get a total marketing blitz, so including the Flagship Windows phone in that message is what they are going for.
  • Lol as if Microsoft would be retarded enough to release a flagship now before w10 is ready for rtm without waiting to the latest possible moment to snap up the latest snapdragon CPU they can and the best possible screen technology at the time. It would be premature and dumb
  • LOL, are you kidding? Windows Phone 8 devices have NEVER come with the latest Snapdragon SoCs. Instead, the best-case scenario has been the 2012 start of the platform, when they released with the half-dead S4 chips in November, despite being SoCs that launched in spring 2012 devices. The 1520 was somewhat similar. The 930/Icon released with a year-old SoC. WP8's never come with the latest-and-greatest SoCs. It's either half-dead or actually replaced stuff.
  • i guess that will be the case now too. as ms looks like they will use SD810 in their flagship and qualcomm is teasing the 820, which by the time of W10 releas should be almost if not already launched.
  • The W10 release flagship will hit just before the release of the 820s, which is a shame. Although, that foes leave room next Spring for the 1020 replacement to rock the 820 hardware. Just wondering if MS will release a 940 and 940 XL before the next iPhones in September.
  • I like the XL naming. XL = large screen. Simple and clear.
  • If Microsoft get it where the hell is there high end windows phone? Been using my LG G2 for over one year I really miss the camera in my Lumia 920 but not going back to Windows till they release a top end phone with the best camera and battery they can. Been waiting way to long!! Announce something soon please i cannot wait another 8 months. Hoping they also think about water resistance.
  • I used to like flagships, but recently the lower-end and mid-range phones excite me more. It is interesting to see cheap phones with acceptable to good performance and features.
  • Why is larger display an improvement? You cannot really expect that everyone can use 5"+ devices! My 630 has a perfect size for me and everything larger (tried 735 and 830) is a struggle to use!
  • I agree, mainly (the 735 is still in the sweet spot, size wise).
  • I'm with you Mr. Rubino. I think Microsoft goes the right way
  • I hope the 640/640XL will hit the LTE frequency bands of both major carriers in my country so I could now carry only one phone instead of two. Really excited to discover more details about this new Dual-SIM LTE phone! Really a perfect phone, and more, for its price range!
  • Bulky... Way too bulky.
  • I think if you actually see one in person and handle it, you may reach a different conclusion. As someone who has actually used one, I did not find either phone bulky. In fact, the 640 is really nice..similar to 535 for design/thinness
  • ...and whilst they release low and mid range phones I decide I wont wait another 8 months to update my phone and start to look at android...
  • So what phone do you have now?
  • Nice midrange phones. Wasn't expecting this.
  • Price?
  • Folks the 640 and the 640 xl are mid level not flagship smart phones you can buy for a max 180 dollars for a 4G  Microsoft lumia 640 and 248 dollars for a Microsoft Lumia  640XL 4G(LTE). I would buy the 640XL as a back up windows smart phone. I hope that Microsoft will very soon give us their versions of the Nokia lumia 1020- 41 mega pixel camera smart phone, the Microsoft version of the Nokia Lumia 1520 smart phone and the Nokia Lumia 920. if they wait till Windows 10 to get them out it could hurt their sales of HIGH END Smart phones which are needed to really demon straight the power of windows 8.1 and later Windows 10 for windows smart phones  
  • Was that supposed to be demonstrate?
  • I like to laugh on ppl Who calls big smartphones as phablets.. There's no official thing for.. It's just a big smartphone... Dumbasses
  • Who are you arguing with? If you have something to say, reply to the person saying it. The word "phablet" isn't in the article. 
  • Why MS insist on being an underdog. Cheap is cool till the whole ecosystem start being a mission. No ones gets excited about a cheap phone #elopout
  • Oh god. Denial Rubino with another Windows Phone "turning point." You've gotta be kidding me with this.  
  • I'm glad someone else said it too!!!  I used to actually agree with those articles LOL.  The site has become a WP apologist site.
  • I think the fact that this article has to basically start with an apology tells the real story--the turning point is only needed because of how incredibly misguided Microsoft's OEM efforts have been thus far. Microsoft's had Nokia's hardware division for nearly a year now. They have not once released a single device with a Qualcomm SoC north of the 400 range. Calling these devices mid-range is even REALLY generous, when you consider the MSM8926 is a budget SoC from late-2013. It's not just a mid-range SoC, it's an old one. That combo sticks the guts of the phone in the budget class, IMO. If the idea was mid-range, they could have AT LEAST looked at the 410, if not the 415. The only reason the 640 looks like it can fit in as mid-range is because Microsoft bothers with Snapdragon 200-carrying devices as well. Microsoft's never touched the Snapdragon 600 chips (which have admittedly not been well-supported in general), let alone the 800 series (remember, folks, the 1520 and 930/Icon were Nokia devices, not Microsoft). A year into its establsihment as an OEM, and almsot two years into the life of the Snapdragon 800 SoCs, and Microsoft hasn't even sniffed a release of devices with the high-end SoCs. What's more, we're selling a low-mid-range 640 as legitimately mid-range, and it's VERY similar to the alleged "affordable flagship" 830 from 5 months ago--same SoC, display size and resolution, bigger battery than the 830. Basically, the 2 MP and OIS, the wireless charging, and the aesthetics of the 830 are the differences. The 640 proves the facade of the 830, while really only looking mid-range because Microsoft's not bothered with an upper-tier device. Now, this is something of an emotion-based rant. I know Microsoft's got a fancy, new OS coming. I know it makes sense to pair flagship devices with the Windows 10 launch. There are obviously designs and ideas and partially finished models of a flagship in Redmond or in China or wherever. there's a plan for a flagship, and we've been told before that it's a summer job. That didn't totally bother me, but there was also the HOPE we'd hear more at MWC. Now, at best, we're talking 7 more weeks of waiting for news. I was ecstatic to get my 920 from AT&T on November 9, 2012. I still use it without much in the way of day-to-day complaints. However, we're still waiting on AT&T to release Denim. The Windows 10 preview hasn't come to the 920 (not bothered by that because I know the OS is essentially a waste of time as a daily driver in its current state). Still, Microsoft let their asinine app team gut and destroy the music player on 8.1, leave it for dead, and make the music experience go from amazing (Zune) to solid (WP8) to a hit-and-miss pain (WP 8.1). My primary use for my phone is probably music, so this bothers me more than others. Throw in that my non-sepaker phone calls have a tendency to cut out, and it's led to occasions frustrations with my phone in the past 6 months or so (basically, since my upgrade eligibility started for a new 2-year agreement). The worst part of all of it, to me, is how openly silent Microsoft has been with everything. With Samsung and HTC and Apple, we don't officially hear what the plans for each device is, but we know when the come (spring for Android, fall for iOS). With Microsoft, it's all a constantly moving target and irritation. If Microsoft had been upfront and decisive with their hardware plans from the start, I could have gotten a Lumia 1520 last spring/summer. I missed an upgrade cycle because of Microsoft's...confusing plans. It's been 2 years and 4 months since Windows Phone 8 devices launched on AT&T, and there hasn't been a Lumia 920 successor announced to this day on AT&T (the 925 was the same phone in a new body, guys). Almost 2.5 years, and not a single mainstream flagship. So, while I know Microsoft has SOME plan, and that devices will come, I'm still utterly disgusted with each budget device launched. I'm something north or annoyed when these budget devices are sold as mid-range and these beneath-mid-range device (830) are thinly veiled as an "affordable flagship," and the asinine logic of Microsoft just compounds it because every single conference they have just leads to a new budget device, nothing about a flagship, and a pushing back of any any hope for another chunk of time. We all know that Microsoft gets its marketshare from the 500 and 600 lines. However, they have to have SOMEONE there capable of realizing that they've left the U.S. market almsot totally barren for a year now. Two high-end devices in a year, one a niche device because of its size (1520) and one almsot a total waste because Verizon made such little effort to market it (ICON). 2.5 years, and my phone has no successor. Almost a full year, and not a single flagship released. It's frustrating. It's disappointing. It's so common now that instead of being mad, I'm almost to the point of laughing at myself for giving Microsoft so many chances to make good on ANYTHING for the high-end U.S. market. They could have easily half-heartedly thrown together a Lumia 938 like they did with the 928 on Verizon, put it on AT&T, and shut SO MANY PEOPLE up for a year. Instead, they bleed customers at the high-end. I'm pretty much as staunch a defender for Windows Phone as I possibly coudl be, but I can't even be bothered to recommend the OS to anyone but myself because there's nothing for anyone to buy. Put the REAL deficiencies on the app side with the even-worse deficiencies on the hardware side (in my opinion), and the platform's basically left as an international budget seller and nothing else. But don't worry, folks. In 58 days, we can MAYBE hear about a flagship that MIGHT launch 6 weeks later. Or, we can wait almost 2 full months to get punched in the gut again and be told that the alleged summer release is really a technically summer release that's almost into the fall (read: September). Windows Phone's like Zune at this point, except without the quality hardware as a redeeming quality. Maybe Build will bring us something. At this point, I'm so defeated that I'm not even looking forward to hardware in April. I'd settle for them to reveal a music player that doesn't totally suck eggs.
  • Yup. I feel you 
  • Fantastic rant! Right on the money. I feel the same way. I've tried to get people to move to Windows phones but in Canada it is totally pointless. We never seen the 930 or the 1520. I finally gave up and purchased an Android via OnePlus. Sure, the camera is nowhere near as good as the 1020 but to have access to apps not available on Windows is a good trade. The hardware is outstanding and battery performance exceeded my expectations. At the end of the day my phone is a music and productivity device. Microsoft lost me and I'm not sure a flagship on Windows 10 is enough to make me return. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I feel your pain, but as I mentioned elsewhere, I'm coming to terms with the idea that MS knows the US high-end market, outside of some incredible disruptive tech innovation (Holoens, etc), is done.   So why throw money at it?  We don't know the actual sales numbers, but we can guess.  Even if everyone of us who have been with WP since the begining left, what would that be- 500,000 people?  If even that many? You know what I'm getting at.  MS knows the US is done.  We are no longer a priority.  If you really need a flagship, it's probably time you realized it and moved on, I'm sorry to say. I will say though, I'm thining this 640XL might be a nice.addition to my 1020, at that price. 
  • When I read "I missed an upgrade cycle because of Microsoft's...confusing plans", I realise what the real issue is in the USA and Canada. It's the carriers. Consumers in North American are driven to particular choices of phone due to the business practices of Verizon, Rogers, et all: Only buy the top end, flagship phone of any brand, because you won't pay that much less per month if you go for a mid range phone, so it's not worth it. Only go for a recently launched phone when I take out a new contract or when my "upgrade cycle" comes around, because I'll be locked in for another 24 months. So one year old tech now will be three year old tech by the time I can finally "upgrade" again. Which means all brands need a flagship phone that's no more than a year old, and preferably less, available on every carrier (even though the carriers won't stock it unless it is exclusive to them), otherwise that brand will bleed customers. Nowhere else in the world has a mobile phone market where this is an issue. To quote Mr Hyneman, "Now that's yer problem".
  • No, the problem isn't the carriers. They don't make exclusivity deals on their own. Microsoft and Nokia opted to sign those agreements for short-term financial gains. With the 920, Nokia ended up making a variant for Verizon later. Microsoft didn't follow that trend with the 930, hangin non-Verizon users out to dry on the matter. That's Microsoft, not the carriers. The carriers participate, but so did Microsoft and Nokia. The option to choose a shorter upgrade path exists, at least on AT&T. Instead of the 2-year agreement, you can go the route of paying the full price of the phone, getting a contract discount (which makes the overall affect on the bill fairly small), and being able to upgrade at 12 or 18 months, rather than 24 (another option that exists). As for the age of the technology, that is absoltely, 100% on Microsoft. Their release schedule is basically 6 months AFTER Qualcomm releases new silicon. Qualcomm's stuff normally launches with the Android stuff, in the spring. Microsoft's holding their phones back until the late-summer, if not the fall. We saw it with Nokia and the launch of WP8, when the November-launched Lumia 920 had an SoC that was only 4-6 months from being replaced. If Microsoft wasn't releasing the 640 with a late-2013 SoC inside, it wouldn't age so poorly.
  • Nice moan Keith. I too bought a 920 November 2012, I am in the same update cycle. Incidentally, your post had an all black background on my app.
  • Well said, but I would be shocked if the phone is actually released in September (I'd imagine October or November).
  • Lumia 640xl proccessor is a downgrade for sure even though new processor is cortex a7 quad core at 1.2 ghz,it is no where near the power of dual core krait 300 clocked at 1.7 ghz.krait 300 much much better than that cortex a7.Dual core krait 300 is slightly more powerful than even newer snapdragon 410 with quad core at 1.2 ghz
  • When in India?
  • boo, i just got my 635 a few months ago
  • Without the usb data tethering these toys are bad. Everytime I receive a call my data sharing drops and if downloading its redo from start.......... What a pain!
  • What's? Mr rubino, 4,5 is the perfect size, a mobile phone needs mobile
  • Lumia 640, and Lumia 640 XL are amazing!
  • From the initial specs, l640 is much closer to l830 except for the dual sim.
  • Microsoft never really wanted to have phones with 512 MB of RAM for Windows Phone 8 or even 256 MB of RAM for Windows 7 but it  Nokia influenced them to do so so they could sell cheap handsets.  Now that we're getting "official" Microsoft branded phones each phone will have a complete feature set with RAM, front facing camera, higher resolution, and sensors. 
  • just had the username;) A 630 owner is changing his phone............
  • Same processor, screen and ram as the 830. Same camera (megapixels) as the 820. And the 640 starts at £100. I repeat, starts from £100. Wow.
  • I can't tell if that is 2 dudes in the second picture.  Not that there's anything wrong with that.
  • Quality!
  • In question of no high end..I think this if and when they do. Do a high end its really going to have to be a killer device.
  • Does 640 rear camera really have Zesis optics? On microsoft specification page, Zesis optics is mentioned only for 640 XL
  • Great article, Danny.
  • Wow. Only equiped with 8mp camera yet can utilize the Lumia Camera 5.0 app. This makes my 1020 like a joke.
  • Yeah i know this is confusing
  • Probably does not have that much to do with MP count (instead other specs), and if it does, may have a reverse correlation (the lower MP count makes it easier to implement 5.0 features).
  • Is it pureview ??
  • Not mentioned as pureview on microsoft specifications page
  • I still love my lumia 1320 my next upgrade is 1520....the hardware on the lumia 640 xL shud have been on the 1320 but any ways well done microsoft
  • So that's it then? No high-end killer phones from MS with W10 with cool specs? Sorry... i will not try to act happy. I'm very disappointed! I really hoped MS you come up with some phones that could match the specs on Adroid Phones today. If MS can't come up with phones with juicy specs now, we won't have chance getting more people to change from Android to Windows Phone!
  • Dear Daniel you said Lumia 640 has 8 mp camera with Zeiss optics, but there is no Zeiss badging on Lumia 640. Can you please confirm it.
  • Lying everywhere from OEM
  • Lumia 640 has 8 MP Camera  Lumia 640 XL 13 MP Camera Zeiss Optics
  • I miss the camera key.
  • Wireless charging (not to be greedy)? NFC?
  • I think they said it has NFC. Nothing definitely in regard to qi though.
  • Now why this phone gets Lumia camera 5.0 but we still yet receive for existing model? Hardware is not an issue.
  • 640XL FTW!!!
  • Funny, everytime MS announce their new products, must be some existing products are getting complaints by themselves, ironic.
  • I'm sorry, a 4.5-inch screen is "antiquated"???!!! No way! 4.5 to 4.7 inch is the sweet spot for a Phone. If you need bigger, get a Phablet. Since the Microsoft brand has been on the phones, we've had a couple of 4 inch screen phones (too small), and now a couple of 5 inch screen phones (too big). There are sizes in between you know guys!
  • And nothing on Verizon... Surprised...
  • I think its high time Microsoft came up with a Lumia 925 successor, the 930 doesn't cut it, a 935 should be good, something like the 930 but with a removable battery, awesome shooter and more importantly if they not going to make it with a Memcard slot then a huge memory line something like a min of 64GB and a max of 128GB, I know I would buy that
  • Again, nothing new
  • Indeed it may be turning point looking at value you get for the price.
  • I'm a really Liking new Nokia(Microsoft).
  • Should do very well overseas! I don't think it will sell many units in the US but that's not where the focus is with these phones.
  • I think this will be my next phone, seems like a logical step from the 625.
  • First of all these specs are standard now(Zeiss optics is welcome addition though). And a 5in 720p display is also not that great. The reason nokia removed some features because it had to give licensing fees to microsoft and to differentiate phones. Honestly at that time a flagship win phone was same as a budget one except the camera. Windows 8 never allowed extra features for the os. Also it will be too soon to say that microsoft is on right track especially when flagships are missing from a year. Who knows the screens might not work at all this time!!!
  • spotted Daniel
  • Very similar to the Lumia 830!
  • 630 has non-hiding software buttons too. That looks like a bad idea at the end. Still love this phone.
  • Another turning point, eh.. :P On a serious note, bbesides "MS listening and correcting Nokia mistakes" there may be a couple more things at play here: 1) continuing reduction in component prices making these phones at these price points possible now, not a year ago when Nokia put out the 630 and 1320 2) these phones may well have been (well, likely were, actually) in the pipeline already when MS took over Nokia in April 2014.
  • I prefer the mid-range phones since I can afford them. Now with 8MP!
  • Damn impressed! Thanks Microsoft for bringing great devices to the masses! Screw the specs competition, these are phones large numbers of people can and will buy.
  • It seems like the 640 is the 820, but bigger, and if that's the case... I want to see the new 740 and 840, to see where they sit now under Microsoft. I think I like that Microsoft is releasing low end phones first, gives a good drum roll before the big release (940 and 940 XL?).
  • I I think it will be a hit in the USA for a simple reason that you can have one phone and can be used on both network AT&T and T-Mobile.
  • Are there really that many people who want/need disk sum in the US? Most people are locked up in contracts.
  • this render looks great but show me real photos. why? 535 looks great on renders - in real it's a disaster
  • It's depressing that I've gone from one of Windows Phone's biggest cheerleaders to one of its biggest naysayers.  They've produced nothing I consider worthwhile since the Lumia 1020, and I already don't like what they're doing with Windows 10 for the phone.  I went so far as to purchase a 635 specifically to give W10 a chance--even though there is NOTHING Microsoft can do to make Windows 10 for the PC acceptable in any way, shape or form.  I had hopes that the phone version would be good.  It's not.  So, while I'm sure many have convinced themselves Micrsoft "gets it", I hold exactly the opposite opinion. 
  • Decent article, the one thing I would add is that Microsoft should drop the Microsoft branding on the phones, they should either just use the windows flag logo, or use Lumia branding. Microsoft logo will just put some people off not to mention it looks terrible on the back of the phone, I have the 535 and the back of the phone is alright but spoiled by the Microsoft name boldly written on the back
  • Battery life.
  • So I have a Lumia 925 right now. My "contract"(T-Mobile) is up in August/September. Should I stick with this phone and wait and see what new Windows 10 phones might come to T-Mobile, or get the 640XL
  • Quad core at 1.2 is a much better processor than dual core at 1.7
  • Personally, I wouldn't want a phone any bigger than the 635, couldn't care less about taking selfies, never use flash, and don't play games on my phone. The one thing I would like is a better camera, though I have found the 635 5mp shooter is better than most people give it credit for. Moving forward I hope that there will continue to be some smaller phones with decent specs.
  • Three turning points since windows mobile to wp7 to wp8 to w10. The dog and pony show never ends.
  • You are absolutely right Daniel,It has taken this long for MS to think practically and come up with 640 and 640 XL that set the ground rules for basic Windows Lumia phones. I would say, MS need not go lower than these standards/specs, leave those lower specs to budding Windows phone OEMs.
  • No wonder you stayed behind, not much to report from Spain, Windows wise that is.
  • I hope there will be an Lumia 1530/940XL with fingerprint sensor, good screen, good processor( maybe 801) things that only would be extras is: Pen (Maybe the M-pen) and waterrecistant, which is not so important for me, but great features... I just really want a fingerprint sensor....
  • If they just had a camera button and even a little faster processor than SD400 I would consider it to replace my 925 until the next high end. If they released 935 which would be just thinner 930 with glance that would be a sale too. I mean _anything_ above SD400. Please?
  • No camera button is a repeatdly flaw.
  • To be fair even though I am not a fan of iOS Apple does have the best naming scheme. I think that Microsoft allowed Nokia to flood the market with phones; the naming scheme is something that they made up as they went along. Now Microsoft needs a coherent naming scheme. They sort of used Nokia as a jump off, but then again Nokia was dead on arrival and would have either been forced to fork Android, develop their own, or make a better feature phone. They did these things anyway, but with money from Windows Phone sales.
    I don't get bent out of shape over these things. I buy what I can afford. I was aiming towards a 520 but the 635 was a better deal. I don't hate it. The edges are sharp, which makes it difficult to hold for long periods of time, and 1 GB would be nice. But a selfie camera is not a deal breaker for me. I only think about front facing cameras when it comes to Skype. I guess I'm old fashioned in that I don't do selfies.
    The 635 is 2013 technology. But it is not as bad as people make it out to be.
  • I think Microsoft is getting finally getting its act together 640l will be a blockbuster mobile phone in Indian market.
  • Windows phone has had so many 'turning points'---must have been all Left or Right hand turns--- it's right back to the starting point.
  • At first i was pissed there was no flagship reveal. But i expected that, that wasn't that really wasn't that surprising. But when i looked at these phones a little closer, i realized that this was actually good news in terms of flagship news. If these are considered "low end" by microsoft right now, then the future flagships should be complete beasts. Think of it like this. The 640 XL is a larger 830. 720p, 13mp camera and a better 5mp front camera.... those are great in their own right for a low end phone. But those specs were considered Mid-range up until now. But for Microsoft, these are low end....This is better than the HTC 8X.... With a bigger battery. Now two years ago Microsoft launched the Lumia 1520 which was ahead of its time. The lumia 1520 would be considered mid-range for Microsoft lumias today. The one thing I've learned thus far as a day 1 Windows Phone user is that Lumias are incredibly future proof. The OS runs forever, literally, and Nokia's hardware is built to last. But recently, Microsoft's specs have been ahead of the curve for their respective catagories. The Lumia 830 is a beast of a midrange phone. The Lumia 640 are GREAT midrange phones with higher low range prices.... So if this is what Microsoft calls "holding back" in terms of design, hardware, and performance...... then Windows Phone users should be SUPER excited for the first Microsoft Mobile flagship. Just think guys, there hasn't been a flagship sense Microsoft aquired Nokia. That can only mean that Microsoft has been working hard on something that should blow us away. Honestly guys, do you really think Microsoft doesn't care about flagships? Do you think they just brushed 40mp off their shoulders and moved on? The Lumia 1020 is still the best smartphone camera to date. Thats amazing!!! I wouldn't be surprised if they realease a 50mp camera with 60fps and 120fps..... why else would they be taking so long? It would have only taken a few months to launch a slimmer Lumia 1020 with a few tweaks and here and there.... like they've been doing with their midrange and low end phones..... They could have chosen to launch a bunch of intermiadiate flagship phones each 6-8months..... But it seems that they are choosing to stay in the lab and work on something that will blow us away....   Why do i say blow us away? Becuse they are launching it with Windows 10. Remember when we thought Microsoft wasn't doing anything with Windows? We thought they were just forgetting about everything and they kept re-scheduling the next Windows unvieling.... And then out of no where they showed us Windows 10 and then a futuristic Augmented reality headset? No one saying that Microsoft has abanded Windows anymore. Their long wait was for a reason. They univeralized the crap out of their ecosystem, they built a new robust OS that can run on any platform. They launched a huge Surface tablet with a 4k display while they were at it. They made a new internet browser. And Hololens made all of that look like childsplay. So if there's one thing we've leaned its that the longer the wait the sweeter the unveiling. So I'm in no way concerned about Lumia flagship right now. I am confident that the next Flagships will be more then a simple upgrade to the Lumia 1020, 930, and 1520. I'm confident that they will be the complete revolution of Lumia flagships..... I would buy the 640 as a flagship main driver. Whatever the Windows Phones team has cooking up in the lab i'm sure is super exciting.... so much so that they want to it to usher in Windows 10 for phones
  • Lumias are future proof?  Have you been browsing the web on a L1020 and then tried an iPhone 6 or Nexus 6?  On half the sites I tested it was like the difference between dialup and broadband (the other half were only 2x as fast).   Is the 1020 launching the new lumia camera app as fast as you'd like? I'll give MS some credit that their launch WP8 devices still run the OS quite well (but it's also not like they've changed a whole lot in the OS).   There's also another big reason why these devices still run well, there aren't exactly tons of apps being developed that are pushing the devices.  If developers of iOS and android devices ported all their software to WP you would see the hardware really chug.  Have you seen the games running on iOS these days?   They look light years beyond anything on WP.
  • Actually I fell into love with Microsoft Lumia 640 XL ♡.♡
  • 13MP on budget Lumia...!! I wonder what they have for L1030... Fingers crossed
  • Well.. I dont know why Daneil feels that Nokia failed. You have to spread around features so that you can sell all of them. 520 sold like anything without a flash. Other phones also sold reasonably well. But once 640 and 640 XL comes, i dont think you need any other Asia. For US ,  you can give a 500 dollar phone.. no one will buy the phone else where as 640 and 640 XL has everything that anyone needs. For NOKIA, that is disaster. For MS, well they dont care even if they lose money as long as pple buy it. They want the OS to become bigger at any cost. (if this doesnt happen, MS will just shut down operations of the hardware and start releasing Andriod apps.. well they are already doing it. )  So it is totally different requirements and vision (of their company) these phones are meeting. Having said that, i will get 640 XL after it becomes 100 dollars or less and i am set for two or three years..:).. i am happy.. Nokia is happy, MS is happy.
  • GO THIS WAY WITH NAMES! I love if they switch to this king of naming. XYZ : - X family (specific harware expectations, like snapdragon 400 for 600 family)          - Y generation (even though X40 should have gone with W10 preinstalled, we can make some exception here and there)          - Z for specifications (XY0 for standard, XY5 for upgraded (530/535 per example) and any other number for variations(532) ALSO keep away Z from variations such as LTE (635/735) or exclusives (521). LTE, XL, DS etc should be included in name, just as they did now with this 640 devices. Consumers need some clarifications as Nokia naming was just too confusing. Please microsoft, USE THIS NEW PATTER!
  • Bravo Microsoft - you've addressed pretty much all of my complaints from the lower end Lumia line. As soon as I can find a T-Mobile LTE variant of the 640 for $150 or less, I'll be on it like white on rice.   This will tide me over while I see where the ecosystem is going. The loss of the BoA app has me evaluating whether to stick with WP in the long term, but these announcements will keep me invested short term. If they fix the issue with the apps, I can even see me upgrading to one of the "flagship" devices later this year or early next.
  • Will Lumia Camera 5 supports Lumia 640 XL ?
  • I'm happy for you guys calling for feature rich budget phones, but I hope they don't wait too late for people like me who want a high-end phone. My patience with them is getting short as I've been with the since WP7, WP8, WP8.1, WP8.1 update 2 (still don't have or know if its going to be released at all), Denim which didn't make it at the end of february like promised (I know it early March, but they've had plenty of time to work with carriers and kinks in the software if needed),  WP10 preveiw which I can't get on my lumia 1520 despite it being on the high-end spec wise.
  • I really don't want to be locked into a two year contract, and don't want to spend what a "flagship" phone should probably cost at full price. I have a 635 on a t-mobile prepaid plan, and will very likely upgrade to the 640. I will either keep the current phone as a backup, or so it on eBay. I would consider the unlocked 830 at B&H, but can't see spending$200 more then the projected price of the 640. My prepaid plan, 100 minutes of talk time (which I have never reached), and unlimited text and data (first 5gb LTE) for$30 is hard to beat. This phone is a perfect match for the plan.
  • I'm glad new phones like this 640 XL succesor of 1320 is lighter...that means that 1520 succesor will be lighter...having a 1520 I must say its quite heavy to hold on. Hope also that instead of have more pixels to have a better sensor...lets wait whats coming 
  • Look people, I understand the frustration of Microsoft releasing so many budget phones but, this will help with getting more Windows phones to the masses which in turn should get the attention of app developers!
  • I can wait patiently on a new flagship as I'm currently using a Lumia 1520, which is an excellent phone by the way! When the new flagship is released at least it will come loaded with up to date software/firmware which can help alleviate carrier firmware release frustrations! Microsoft really needs to find a way to deliver these firmware updates directly from them to avoid turning off window phone owners and potential buyers alike!
  • Is this the phone the racers are using on The Amazing Race this year?
  • The 640 really is a tempting device, i'll probably pick one up as a backup to test Windows 10 for Phones on. One small touch i really like the return of is reverting to the black buttons down the side. Glance is also a very welcome addition.    
  • Well said! I feel Microsoft has two very powerful phones at VERY affordable price points that finally make it extremely difficult to ignore these two devices as excellent budget or mid-range smartphones.
  • why ms is omitting the hardware keys with soft ones those not look good in screen they are ugly with a black strip they should bring the hardware keys, it brings a windows feel in a lumia phones
  • These phones convince me that the messiness and multiple versions is just the last gasp of Nokia's pipeline and the Microsoft transition. The x4x line will be more coherent and more long-lived than the x3x line is my hunch. Hopefully by June we'll see the full gamut: 540, 740, 840, and 940/940XL. Myself, I'll probably be looking to an 840 when my 925 gives up the ghost.
  • Daniel- how many turning points or critical moments have there been?  It seems like you write these articles every few months for the past few years, yet WP hasn't made even half the progress you would have imagined two years ago.  I'm done drinking the kool aid!  
  • Daniel, you are apologetic to the fact this device has a weak processor because it seemed like it was running okay.  First of all, it's only running first party apps.  If WP actually had a decent amount of 3rd party apps it would be painfully obvious the difference between this phone and say a L930.   If developers actually made games for WP, like the good ones not the garbage we see in the store, it would become even more obvious this phone doesn't cut it.  But people don't game in mass like they do on iOS and Android, so its not really a problem.   So it's kind of like saying this phone runs really well because it really doesn't have anything intensive to run in the first place.  Is that going to attract developers to the platform because MS is selling tons of budget devices?  Nope!
  • If I didn't have my 1520, I would change my 930 for the XL. Price and screen size. The only thing really missing for me from the XL is the wireless charging which is a fantastic option. Maybe a replaceable back? Hmm...
  • Yes Microsoft is listening to hi's clients , but except for de "camera button " that was forgotten by Microsoft ! shame !!
  • Guys can the 630 be upgraded
  • Now available on Online.  Microsoft link> Priced at Rs. 15,499  ( Though after redirecting it again shows 15,799  ) But on physical stores can be grabbed at 15,500 
  • I just want to see the Lumia XL be releasd in the USA. I want another WP that I'll enjoy.
  • God this article made me want to puke!! Microsoft gets NOTHING
    Microsoft has improved NOTHING
    Neither phone handles Windows 10 at all, full of bugs
    They've taken Nokia's legacy and RUINED it Worst Windows phones yet, I mean for handsets that retail at around £120 & £160 respectively they don't come with 5ghz support?? are you kidding?? The last great windows phone was the 625 end of. Brilliant piece of kit and lovely to use & handle. Windows phone is finished, that much is obvious with them selling off Nokia, who will make a comeback and knock it out of the park. Microsoft take every novel, exciting and progressive idea and make it........WORSE. I'll point out one of the puke inducing comments above regarding how these handsets will be successful in India, why is that? Because India is the biggest market for Windows phones because that's where all their support staff are based and they basically get them for peanuts, wouldn't you be happy about getting this level of technology in a country still massively reliant on dial-up internet? Look here fools, when a company's only response to technical issues is to repeatedly say do a hard reset then it's time to ditch their crap and go where the real innovation and reliability is, which is basically Android at this point in time. Google's new Pixel phone is the standard for the foreseeable future and Microsoft know it so have thrown in the towel. Remind me again how many new phones have Microsoft released this year? or how many flagship high end models?