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Napster updated as a universal app for Windows 10 with new design and more

If you happen to use Napster as your streaming music service of choice, there's a new version of the Windows app to check out. The update includes a full revamp as a Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app with a fresh new design and more.

Compared to Napster's previous design, the revamp looks much more modern, incorporating Windows 10 design elements throughout. There's a dark theme all over, along with a pretty straightforward set of navigation buttons on the left side and player controls across the bottom. Meanwhile, the update to UWP means that the desktop and Mobile apps share a code base, making it easier for Napster to introduce new features and tweaks across both.

The update comes a little over 7 months after Rhapsody rebranded itself as Napster in the middle of 2016, resurrecting the brand once again. If you want to check out the updated app, do note that you'll need to have an active subscription to dive in. If you already use the app, however, you should be able to update to version and give it a shot on both desktop and Mobile now.

Thanks to Supergamer65 for the tip!

Download Napster from the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

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  • Ah, Napster. That takes me back.
  • Really back in the days of grade 9 for me
  • About the same here.
  • Who thought you'd cheer a Napster app in 2017? But... Thank You Napster!
  • omg it's a thing still?
  • Rhapsody bought Napster a few years back and recently re-branded their US streaming service to Napster. I think it had been re-branded to Napster elsewhere already. I've been a Napster/Rhapsody subscriber for 2 or 3 years now. Happy to see this as the Wiindows 8 app had been missing quite  a few features. This looks and feels waaaaaaaaaaaaaay better, but still needs some polishing --- regardless. I'm so excited to get a Napster UWP finally. I'm probably one of the few in the US using this service lol.
  • napster is like windows mobile nobody uses it, but it still exists
  • There you go again with your alternative facts....speaking in absolutes. Nobody equals zero and clearly there are more than zero users of both products. :)    
  • He looks angry.
  • ^lol
  • Yeah he's angry, his daughter got killed by a drunk driver (internet cookies for the reference)
  • MACRM32  Thumbs up from Sam Fisher :)))
  • MACRM32, is that you're saying true? That's the worst fact in life
  • And yet you are still here ! Some are born to be losers ...
  • I use it and my name is not Nobody.
  • Damn. I had Napster back in the media center days
  • That was my first notion too. Ahhh, Napster. That memory is back there with Rusty N' Edies...if you remember them.  But the odd thing about this is the rebranding thing. Its like PirateBay rebranding themselves as Best Buy.  Good luck just the same.
  • It's drizzling apps
  • The "gap" just got a we bit smaller.
  • There was already a Napster app and it worked pretty well.
  • It was Windows 8.x based app which lacked a Download feature, followers, song rewind/fast forward, inline Search, Queue, Mood and other key features that made the web app my go to. I had the Windows 8 isntalled, ut never used it.
  • You must mean desktop W8. It is true that the app in the store wasn't any good. But they make a very nice PC app that runs on all versions of Windows. You just download it from them, not from the store. The only place to use the store app would be on mobile, and their mobile app already did most of those things.
  • Too bad Turkey is not supported :/
  • Napster??? For a minute there I thought I was reading an article from 2001!
  • Remember to clear your Netscape cache!!!!
  • Great news I use Rhapsody\Napster as my streaming service.
  • Me too.  Won't use Groove because there's no family plan.
  • Groove? Looks very similar
  • Damn... I just moved away from Napster as I got fed up with their crap app and appearance of no support, I had been with them for quite a few years, typical !!! Why on Earth do these companies not state they are working on changes FFS :(
  • That is a great point. Companies should include it in their emails they send as well as on their site. Maybe the About section? It would be simple, just say, "We are updating the Windows apps to a UWP app, coming soon." Or, even put the change logs on the site ahead of time so people know that that one bug that drives them crazy is known and being fixed. 
  • Sounds so simple, I really can not understand why this doesn't happen
  • Because developers don't talk to marketers and management is silent.
  • This.
  • Because when a company says "coming soon" no one chooses to believe them.
  • "No available" when I try to download
  • ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  <- a very fitting emoji to put alongside the article.
  • I think I was an Ares user
  • Kazaa here, then Shareaza and Bearshare. :D
  • Usenet FTW!
  • Netzero and Phatasy Star Online FTW! Wait....what are we talking about??? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Ahh Ares...the days when I used to download single songs.
  • Just waiting for the new AOL app now.
  • Really?, I'm waiting for Prodigy.
  • That was funny. I used Prodigy!!! A long time ago.
  • Just got a 56k modem and it seems faster.
  • Winamp anyone ?
  • A lot of people still use it (strange, but true). However, still not seen anyone (MS/apple/other) introduce any visualisations that even come close to Winamp 15+ years ago.
  • The new Netscape Navigator UWP is going to be amazing in Continuum. I heard it supports images up to 100 by 100 pixels!!!!!
  • Wow, that's amazing. Looking forward to that for sure.
  • Make America Online again!!!
  • "If you happen to use Napster as your streaming music service of choice . . . " What year is it?
  • "I can't connect at the moment. Try again in a little bit"
  • Tell someone to get off the phone line... 😉
    Ahh, 'dem were the days!
  • I read this article because I thought Napster was long dead.
  • I'm surprised Napster is still around. Good old days of Napster on dail up
  • I'm surprised Napster is still around. Good old days of Napster on dial up internet
  • All the ALDI music streaming here in Germany and Hofer in Austria are based on the Napster service. Interesting they bring an UWP app. With Deezer the second UWP app to arrive, lets hope the rest follows soon......
  • great  
  • Watch out Lars, they're back.
  • I somehow feel like if I were to use it, the RIAA or whatever would be breaking down my door for copyright infringement....I don't know how, but I feel they would so easily be confused that they would thing I was doing 'something'