National Australia Bank to release mobile banking app for Windows Phone

NAB (National Australia Bank) and Microsoft have been collaborating on an official mobile banking app, which is soon to be released to the Windows Phone Marketplace. According to data compiled in a report over at WPDownUnder, NAB customers are into not only mobile banking, but they prefer to use developed apps for supported platforms. 80% of those who use Internet banking while on the move, do so with official apps from the Australian bank.

After calls and cries for an app since late 2010, NAB has officially announced an app is currently working its way through the Windows Phone Marketplace approval process and WPDownUnder expects the app to be available by August 8th. Should you be a customer and own a Windows Phone, be prepared to get highly excited at what's on the horizon regarding features and functionality to enhance your mobile banking experience.

Thankfully, there's information available for us to know what to expect once the NAB app is released. Live Tiles, background updates and more are all integrated into the experience, and to top it all off there's even an ATM locater. The app is developed with Metro in mind, and don't mistake this for a simple banking app, it'll boast a number of features to compete with apps released from other banks.

Chris Smith, General Manager at NAB, had the following to say on the app development,

"We take customer feedback seriously and have really listened when developing this app. We haven’t stopped at simply developing an app – we went one step further and partnered with Microsoft to deliver a market leading banking service for Windows Phone users"

One of the major factors that made the team look to develop a mobile banking app for Windows Phone was the amount of customer feedback received through social media channels. It's positive to know that there's a number of Australian Windows Phone users, enough to see an app be developed by a major bank anyway.

Once the app is released, users can expect to receive future updates that will introduce features and functionality to bring the app up to par with iOS and Android versions. While not confirmed, a Windows 8 NAB app could well be in the pipeline should enough interest be present for such a solution. We'll fire a quick announcement up once the app is available on the Marketplace.

Source: WPDownUnder

Rich Edmonds
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