This new ASUS ROG desktop PC looks like a Stormtrooper, and that's OK

It's the latest desktop PC from the Republic of Gamers branch of ASUS, and while the GD30 isn't the wildest looking product to bear the logo, it's got a unique style all of its own. The front of the case has interchangeable panels, allowing for six different looks.

But lets face it, having your PC case resemble a Stormtroopers helmet is probably best anyway.

Inside the GD30 you'll find all manner of wonderful PC gaming things.

  • Up to an Intel Core i7 7700 processor
  • Up to 32GB of DDR4 2400MHz RAM
  • Graphics card from NVIDIA up to 8GB GTX 1080
  • Storage options for 3TB HDD and 512GB PCIe SSD
  • Optical drive
  • All the ports you could wish for including USB-C 3.1 and an integrated SD card reader.

The bad news is that ASUS isn't scheduling the GD30 for launch until Q3 2017, or in the UK at least. Right now we haven't any information on other markets, but Q3 would place the GD30 on shelves in the summer, right around Computex.

If you pick one up though you'll be well looked after for upgrades, as you'd hope. Inside the GD30 will be space for six HDDs, two SSDs, five fans and a water cooling set up, so you can really go nuts and make it your own.

You'll also find ASUS' Aura RGB lighting system, because you can't have a gaming tower in 2017 without lighting it up like the Vegas Strip. There's no pricing information at the time of writing, but on looks alone we're pretty interested in this one.

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

Richard Devine is a Managing Editor at Windows Central with over a decade of experience. A former Project Manager and long-term tech addict, he joined Mobile Nations in 2011 and has been found on Android Central and iMore as well as Windows Central. Currently, you'll find him steering the site's coverage of all manner of PC hardware and reviews. Find him on Mastodon at

  • I wish more companies would just sell understated but beautiful cases for gaming PCs. Like why can't anyone make a case with the same style as the original Xbox One?
  • Lots of companies sell PC cases that are fairly ordinary looking black boxes :)
  • True, but I haven't found any that capture that refined and premium look as well. They're either too plain or too gaudy; there isn't much in the middle.
  • Have a look at Phanteks or Fractal Design. They've got some nice looking stuff that might fit that description.
  • Ooh, the Phanteks do look good. Thanks!
  • You don't know the power of gaudy side!
  • for future references r/buildapc on Reddit has great discussions on this stuff all the time
  • You mean a case that looks like a VHS player?
  • I bet it costs as much as an imperial cruiser
  • I didn't know what Stormtrooper was, but I was like "this looks like the white solder's helmet from Star Wars"
  • Then my friend, you do know what a storm trooper is ;)
  • Any idea if they'll be good-guy-Asus and sell the case alone? 'cause I'd totally buy it even though I normally tend to hate devices in white.
  • Yea but I actually have a case called Storm Trooper. It's a Cooler Master. Lol. But I do want to sell it when a nice elegant matx with a glass window comes to market. So I can down size from this monster.