New hands on video of the Samsung ATIV S compares it to the Galaxy S3

We know a lot of you are excited for the Samsung ATIV S and we have to admit, after watching the above video, we can see why.

While the 4.8” HD Super AMOLED display is certainly drool worthy, we’re more excited about that super thin, metal body that looks like a dream to hold.

The video, captured by the site, compares the device to its sibling, the Galaxy S3 and although the devices are similar in many ways, we’re going to say the ATIV S actually one ups that device in terms of pure design.

Now that's thin

Unfortunately, the Korean handlers would not allow the reviewer to boot up the device, having removed the battery but we do get to see how the backcover comes off, the battery itself and get an idea of the build quality. Speaking of, we love it when he knocks the phone on the side and here how solid it sounds—that’s what people want in a phone these days.

Anyway, watch above. Comment below. Did this video tempt change your mind at all? 


Source:; Thanks, Relief, for the link!

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been here covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics and ran the projectors at movie theaters, which has done absolutely nothing for his career.

  • Nope. I'm waiting for Nokia to release their high end device on AT&T.
  • On T-Mobile this is the cream of the so far. If nobody matches this screen size I'm sold.
  • I totally are myself getting this phone. I like it more and more.
  • Why do people keep saying this is a T-Mobile phone? It doesn't even support their HSPA band last time I checked the specs.
    This is just an international version.
  • This is the international version, but there will likely be a version with Tmo USA bands
  • Maybe because it is for T-mobile. I've read from multiple sources that it supports HSPA+, and this matches the rumors for their new flagship device for WP8.
  • i prefer the professional look of the Ativ S more
  • The back cover is plastic!? Screw that. I thought it was actually some kind of metal. Typical crappy Samsung build.
  • It's a thin, brushed metal with a plastic layer below it. I think it if were solid "steel" like the Arrive, it'd be quite heavy.
  • I have an Omnia W, which is the same. Actually, it works very well.
  • Its made of unobtanium mined from Pandora..
  • Nice, too bad that show got canceled.... I really liked it...
  • Avatar got cancelled? :P
  • That was probably the best thing about the Arrive was the ridiculously solid battery door.
  • The arrive is good but the paint on the back cover goes off after 1-2 months. I dont se my windows logo at the bottom anymore. And the letters HTC are fallen out in the same period 1-2 months from a new buyed device. A got a new cover for free from htc but the same thing happened with it. I hope this is not gonna happen with this samsung. The failure is in the htc that the letters are glued with a "cheap" glue in carved holes, witch doesnt stand against the heat from the battery and the sweat from the hands.
  • Isn't the Titan solid metal? I'd much rather that instead of plastic. My Titan is indeed a little bit heavier than a GS3, but it feels a lot sturdier.
  • I was ready to hump something when I though the AVIT had a metal frame, no more chub.  My HTC Radar has a unibody brushed aluminum chassis.  I get 4mbs where people with ICS (Android 4.0) get 2mbs & IOS gets 0.  And my phone has a good weight and feels like a beer can at my fingertips, so it's VERY rare that I drop it!!  =)  On those rare occassions, it's usually been on asphalt or concrete, and even one time, from a moving vehicle.  My screen is STILL intact.
    PLEASE give us a metal frame with a slide in battery, or even built-in, with hard rubber plugs for SD, SIM, etc...  WP doesn't need frequent battery swaps like Android does.  IOS is getting a metal chassis.  WP8 should too!!
    I'm not eligible for upgrade on T-Mobile until 12/13, but rest assured, when the OEM brings the device with the stuff I crave, It'll be mine....
  • You'll probably be happier with the Nokia lineup. HTC too.
  • I'm with you. Typical low quality approach to a premium spec phone. I want a premium build quality to match premium spec.
    Only Nokia currently get it right. Great build quality Style that differentiates itself from the crowd of non descript black slabs They will be releasing dual core 1.5ghz devices Their premium phones will match the Ativ S (1GB of Ram and a 4.5 and greater screen etc). Best of all the best call/signal quality of any manufacturer globally.
  • So does WP8 still not support HDMI out, or what?  I know there's going to be some sort of remote desktop display on a PC, but that doesn't help when someone wants to display photos or a video to a TV.
  • I'm assuming you would use smartglass with your Xbox
  • Just use your Xbox and stream your photos that way...
  • Not everyone has, nor wants, an xbox.
  • True, and most have a networkable TV, and can use UPNP to stream content to.  Samsung has their app, so does Nokia.  I'm not sure about HTC.
  • Are you kidding?  Most people have a networkable TV?  What world do you live in?
  • Lol exactly what I was thinking
  • A world where it's 2012?
  • The 1st World I presume - where cars, smartphones and flat screen TVs are not luxury commodities.
  • +15,994,850,000,000, approx the US National debt per, as I write this.  I'm darn near broke.  I'm the guy that designed new neighborhoods, the roads, the utilities, the parks, the house, even the 7-11 on the corner where you buy milk Sunday morning.  Now, I'm fortunate enough to work as a CSR for Sprint, who doesn't even have a WP, the Arrive has EOL status now.  My best/only TV is a 37" Sanyo, PC is an E-machine on XP, both 4+ years old.  I get creative with an FM transmitter.  My WP IS my luxury.  That and cheap whiskey, which I find to be more of a necessity.  Rather that than Xanax.  =P
  • +1000
  • Of course.  Everyone I know has a flat screen TV.  Mostly only flat screen TVs bought in the last year or two are networked though (if you're not talking about the super high-end stuff).  How often do you think people buy TVs though?  Just because it's a flat panel doesn't mean it's networked and has DLNA.  On top of that, just because a TV is networkable doesn't mean that people are actually going to CONNECT it.  Not everyone has a Cat5 jack behind their TV.  Besides that, HDMI output lets you display whatever you're doing on the phone on a TV screen, and DLNA only lets you stream certain types of pictures/music/videos.  The current iteration of SmartGlass doesn't change that (I've been saying for a while that one of the features of WP8 and Windows 8 needs to be something like Airplay Mirroring to an Xbox, but that's not actually currently there).  And I do happen to have a networkable TV (it's a waste, I don't even bother connecting it since I'm forced to use the TV speakers) and a 360, but that doesn't really help if I go to visit my parents or something and they want to see pictures that I've taken, since their 60" HDTV is a little too old to have networking capabilities.
  • Nice pathetic knock on the Xbox
  • HTC has Connected Media.
  • So I should carry around an expensive, bulky bit of equipment and cables instead of a cable?
  • Not needed, it supports DLNA and WiFi direct ;)
  • I'm right there with you jhoff80. I used to have an XBOX...then it crapped out on me...maybe get one when the 720 comes out. But until then, I don't have a DLNA tv HDMI out would be ideal. And basically 2 out of the 100 people I can think of with decently new tvs dont have hmdi out would be great! And who ever wants to snub their nose at us who dont have one can eat it...not all of us are that fortunate to buy brand new product all the time.
  • But do you know that your Windows PC has DLNA? You can stream from your phone to Windows Media Player.
  • Maybe you could use the removeable media
  • Whichever tmo gets first will be mine...
  • Hoping this is first on tmo. Definitely top on my list since Nokia gives att the best they make.
  • I agree, defny picking this up over a mid-range Nokia.
  • Could've been English translated
  • So the back cover is metallic like?  It looked as if he was able to bend it, so that means it's plastic, yes?
  • Tin foil bends too. Is that plastic? New metals are very flexible, light and strong, so I wouldn't say that.
  • Except that the Guy says in russian the word "plastic" when he bends it. Listen and here it for yourself.
  • Exactly. I also noticed he said "plastic" just as he was bending it...
  • Lol!  Well, I asked a question, and you 'retort' with a question. 
    The second sentence of your 'reply' would have sufficed.  Really :)
  • Uh what Nokia is metal?
  • N8 is made of aluminium.
  • All the galaxy s2 and 3 phones have that thin plastic back. Just like my focus s. Samsungs are funny in that the build quality is actually greater than the sum of the parts. All that thin plastic makes you assume it is built like a toy and will fall apart, but in practice they are extremely well put together and durable. I used a focus a for the last year and recently picked up a lumia 900... But truth be told, as much as I love the Nokia, I sometimes miss the thin and light feel of the Samsung.
  • Agreed.  I think for anyone who has lived with a Focus S, they would know that the flexible back piece is not a big deal at all.  The build quality is so good, and everything fits together so snugly, that you forget you can even take it apart.  After a year of ownership, the glossy parts are still glossy, the screen is unscratched, and there is not a hint of flex or even pocket crud anywhere on the phone (way more than I can say for my supposedly durable Blackberry Bold).  It is a solid design, and if Samsung has continued that level of quality, the Ativ S should also be a solid phone.
    The only reason I am still considering a Nokia above the Ative S is Nokia Drive.
  • Nokia Drive's main features are coming to all WP8 devices. I was holding out for that too but now that I know what the deal is, Nokia's only chance with me is a comparable high end device on T-mobile.
  • It really looks nice can't wait to see it boot up :P
  • that back plate is gross
  • I do like the design. Thin, metal case, sexy. ;-). I just want to know who i should switch too, carrier. Since sprint is shite
  • AT&T and get a Nokia.
  • He already is set on this, so why the hell would you tell him to get a Nokia
  • Because he wants the guy to get a Nokia.
  • I realize that but if he wanted a Nokia he would've said so as many of the rabid Nokia fans already have.
  • I was hoping for an externally-accessible microSD slot. I don't know if I'd want to pull the cover off all the time. Of course, if the mass storage mode works and is fast, there might be no need to remove the card to put into a PC on a regular basis.
  • That, sir, is an excellent point. Removeable microSD is supposed to be one of the benchmark additions to the WP8 OS. I'm going to wait for a model that you can pop it in and out.
  • Why would you be popping the back on and off. I don't get it, stick 32gb card in the back, sorted. Or are you having to open the back every day just in case the microSD Fairy has snatched it!!!
  • I'm curious why you'd remove it at all. USB connect or better yet, SkyDrive.
  • Perfectly said ^
  • Sunday
  • As much as I LOVE my 900, that's one sexy phone. It'll be tough call between Samsung and Nokia(better come big). I can't wait to try them all out before I buy!
  • I can't believe you're even considering the ativ if you have a Lumia 900:)
  • Maybe because he's considereing a WP8 device.
  • Umm maybe because the author asked a question at tue end of the article that makes his response relevant.
  • Nope: like Balmer who says "Metro, metro, metro!!!" im saying Nokia! Nokia! NOKIA!!! Samsung is never getting near my money.
  • Same here and it will be the last choice for me if I want to get a WP8. I had a bad experience with Samsung when I used Android Vibrant with a messed up GPS from the start and when the replacement came in it has the same problem.
  • You said it, Android..... Any phone with android on will have some kind of issues in general. Samsungs wp7 devices have no issues
  • Pureview!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Sleek design. Very tempting.
  • What's the max microSD card that's supported in WP8?
  • im guessing this, but i think with the huge under the hood changes with wp8 sharing that kernal, it can read upto 128gb ? i think it depends on the Soc chip as well idk
  • This is going to be a VERY attractive phone in consumers eyes. Looks very solid so if it feels solid it will grab peoples attention and just turn it on.
  • I just want my LgE900 to be updated to wp7.8 OS and that's it!
  • Halleluja!!
  • I'll wait for Nokia thank you.
  • Very good phone. Hope Sammy advertises this very well. More similarly to the s3 campaign. Oh and on multiple carriers
  • Everybody keeps complaining about samsungs build quality but I rather have a phone that won't shatter or dent when u drop it. For example my iPhone 4, I still haven't got the back glass replaced. Keep in my mind it shattered in an otterbox defender. I floss my 900 and its been dropped a few times by the kids and still looks like day one. Only the chrome around the camera is a bit scratched. The ativ definitely looks premium and u can't beat a Samsung display. I think they've done right by WP with this. I'm definitely gonna stick with Nokia but I'm not gonna dog the ativ either. My wife has the focus S and she wants the ativ like yesterday. U can keep your glass and metal, they break and dent.
  • Your dead on with your statement, and I like you will not bash Samsung because they were the earliest adaptor of WP. This can only be good for the platform, I believe that the surface has really had the impact MS intended it to have. I also am recanting my statement the I like the connector at the top of the phone for in car charging purposes; with the charger at the bottom it allows accessory makers to expand the docks, charging based to be truly universal (One design will work for multiple brands....Apple, Android, and WP). This will keep their manufacturing cost down and stop the i-accoessory only blitz theirby loosening the grip Apple has in that arena......It's a two-headed attack's on now!!!!
  • Even though you're dead on I'm still gonnabash it:) Sammy is like a vulture... Just like some sportfans.. Whoever wins;) They're just doing enough so Microsoft won't getpissed. When WP takes off they'll barf out phones and be the biggest supporter of WP. Rule Nokia and Pureview!
  • Well, possibly, but we live in a capitalist society.  Of course the OEMs (corporations, read "businesses') are going to try and sell whatever is best for their bottom line (read "profits").  How many Chevy or Dodge dealers shut down a few years ago because of the imports market share? We said goodbye to Saturn, Pontiac, Oldsmobile why??  Because of marketshare.  I hate to break it to you, but business, especially "BIG" business, is nothing more than a popularity contest, you remember high school, right?  WP is like that really cute punk rock/goth/emo/"insert any other 'alternative' chick that the "cool" kids wanted to hang out with, but were afraid to.  This is true of all the OEM's be it HTC, LG, Samsung & Nokia, well Nokia outed themselves in a BIG way like coming to school naked would.  Nokia just came with big knockers (ladies, no offense, just an analogy).
    The best part of this news is that one of the, no,  THE biggest player out there has a mind towards the future.  The fact that they have a WP device ready NOW, means months & months of R & D.  This didn't happen overnight, and surely not since the infamous verdict.  This means, hopefully, that WP will get a fair shake into the mainstream.  Which is NOT bad news for us WP faithful.  Exposure is the key for growth, and there, I can all but guarantee, will be a A+++++ marketing effort behing this launch.  Otherwise, why have all those R&D, retooling, & sourcing expenditures??
    I love my HTC Radar on T-Mobile and is my one TRUE luxury.  I love T-Mobile, especially with TRULY unlimited data coming Wednesday 9/5, Oooooh GREAT day!!  I plan to be there for a while.
    WP is, for the most part, uniform across platforms (read "phone manufacturers").  Hardware specs don't matter much to the average consumer, but to the technophiles suxh as we are.  What matters most in the end is shelf space, and in-store sales reps with the incentive (it's rumored they get extra commission on Andriod devices, I am a CSR for Sprint) and the wherewithal to show that WP device before an ICS, (Android),  IOS or (coming soon) BB10 device, as it will be the best & obvious choice for the greater majority of their customers (think your grandma, auntie, uncle or even your little cousin).  I used to sell vacuums (Kirby & Rainbow both) door to door, and the thought process is that people will believe whateverer it is you tell them, as long as you say it with conviction.  My auntie got a Droid Razor, and didn't even know what she had (thank you salesman, rrrrr).
    I say "Hooray" for the bandwagon!!  Get WP into the spotlight!!  The consumers will follow, thus:
    1.  increasing the marketshare,
    2.  attracting the DEV's attention to create more apps (awesome),
    3.  giving OEMs the incentive to further tap into that market, forcing their hand into spending money on R&D, product development, and providing us (customers) with newer & better products that rock the $h!t out of anything Apple or Google can offer (Super-Duper awesome).
    In sports, jumping on the bandwagon is detestable.  This is business people!!  Giving people what they want, or even better yet, telling them what they want/need, especially if they don't know any better, that's Marketing 101 my friends!!!!!
    Anyone else agree??
    Please,  if anyone has an objection to my very obvious logic, then I welcome your retort, and will reply in kind, same holds true for an agreeable comment.
  • I'd like to see what HTC comes up with. And then I'll go with whichever is easier to  jailbreak.
  • +111
  • Actually looks generic to me.
  • Kinda like the iphone 3-3GS-4-4S, and for that matter the stretched iphone 5, I mean 4SS (Slim Stretched). The only differences will be the the display is 4-4.3", the connector change and maybe that ugly paint job rendering that's been going around.
  • I can't believe I'm saying this, but it actually looks pretty good. Much better looking than S3. Nokia has work cut out for them, let's hope they don't disapoint.
  • Agreed !! You gotta hand it to Samsung, they clearly went all out and gave us windows phone peeps a far superior phone to the galaxy s III...and I for one am super excited!! Look at the speaker, the design, the metal finish, the smoother lines, Samsung is REALLY serious for once and I have a feeling they are going to have alot of buyers. HOWEVER, That render of the potential HTC phone, the purple one, definately has my interests peaked too!! Its gonna be a great year!!!
  • I want a high end WP8 device and seeing how Nokia isn't placing one on T-MO and I'm not leaving T-MO for AT&T . Not with the family plan I have so the sammy is in my pocket on day one. I own one HTC HD7 and 4 Nokia Luma 710 the HD7 is #4 replacement it will be a very long time before I ever look at another HTC device again.
  • I'm loving this phone more and more.
  • I'm liking the metal body.  I think this phone looks better than the Galaxy S3.  So I just have to wait to see what Nokia brings to the table, but right now I'm leaning toward the Ativ S.  However Samsung has down as well as Nokia with their app eco.
  • According to wmpoweruser, this early review of the phone confirms that the back is indeed painted plastic. I think the whole phone is painted plastic made to look like metal.
  • No. The whole thing is not plastic. Even Samsung official website says it's not plastic. If they say it was aluminuim but it's actually plastic then they can be sued for lying. So it's actually aluminum.
  • So the phone is aluminum but the cover is plastic? I wished we could read whatever that language is in that article. In the video the cover "appeared" plastic and the guy even said "plastic" when he bent it. Not a deal breaker but loses half a notch imo. Phone looks superb though.
  • I think  the gentleman was saying it isn't plastic like the back on the GSIII yet flexible
  • Lol. Didn't think of that. Entirely possible. Either way the phone looks fantastic.
  • That is just what he is saying that it's not plastic... as he was tapping the back of both and saying how this is not plastic like this one.
  • Saw another video with an actual translation and he actually is saying its plastic with a metal finish.  He said that was different from the plastic finish of the S3.
    Would have been nicer if it had been aluminum.
  • I would imagine its metal bonded to plastic, at least I hope so, metal tends to give and retain the indention, plastic doesn't.
  • Guys, i know russian and when he touched the Ativ's back cover he said that it's the same plastic as on the S3.
  • Definitely said it was plastic. And its obvious from the way it flexed in the video.
  • My only concern is if the AMOLED screen still suffers the burn in issues as my Focus.
  • I think they finally sorted out that issue with this generation of amoled
  • Beautiful device. Plastic back is ok with me. I prefer a light weight device myself. Thin is also what I look for too. However, I'm waiting for Nokia's line. I like the 900 too.
  • I currently own a Galaxy S 3 and honestly this might be the perfect sized screen, I've owned a 2.8", 3.1", 3.2", 3.5", 3.7", 4.0", 4.3", and a 4.5" screen. I really enjoyed my HD7 and it's 4.3" screen however Windows Phone 7.5 did not feel polished enough. Because of the GS3's 4.8" screen I have been able to stop carrying around with me my 10 inch tablet for work. As long as Microsoft has worked on the functionality of Windows Phone 8, this could really be a very useful and popular phone. However my only gripe is I think they should have picked a more catchy name than Ativ for their global WP8 branding. If they plan on trying to develop the Ativ name like they have the Galaxy brand name they should have went with something that was a little bit more natural to say. I am pretty sad because I used to love HTC, but now I am starting to become a Samsung fan. Samsung seems to be making all the right moves recently. Who knows maybe I will have an Ativ S in my future.
  • They should've stick with their prototype name.
    Oddysey S rings nicely with Galaxy S.
  • +1 That was my first thought too
  • Isn't it weird that no one lets us see how Windows Phone 8 really is? Has anyone ever seen anything from WP8 besides the new start screen? Has MS told them not to show it until launch, to surprise us? WHAT THE HELL IS THE DEAL?!
  • Yeah, that's why they couldn't power it up. The start screen and a few other features are all we're gonna see for now, till probably after Nokia's reveal. Its smart though, keeping features hidden until close to release. Less time for Apple and Android to copy. Plus keeps media starving for every scrap of info they can get. Very Apple-esque strategy which works well
  • Yeah, that's why they couldn't power it up. The start screen and a few other features are all we're gonna see for now, till probably after Nokia's reveal. Its smart though, keeping features hidden until close to release. Less time for Apple and Android to copy. Plus keeps media starving for every scrap of info they can get. Very Apple-esque strategy which works well.
  • Isn't it weird that no one lets us see how Windows Phone 8 really is? Has anyone ever seen anything from WP8 besides the new start screen? Has MS told them not to show it until launch, to surprise us? WHAT THE HELL IS THE DEAL?!
  • It's so that you're blown away when the full reveal happens on the 5th. Makes total sense to me.
  • I really hope you are right.
  • Yes I suspect Microsoft has some kind of deal with Nokia to unveil the software on Nokia's hardware (ie at Nokia's launch event)
  • I totally agree. Samsung gets the first device reveal. Nokia gets the first full software reveal.
  • I thought there was plenty of vid back in June of Joe Belafore (sp) navigating through the OS. but anyway... What is there to windows phone really but the start screen, an app list and then the inside of the apps themselves. I mean... Its pretty much two pages, right? Not sure what else they will show is unless you just want to ser someone scrolling through the settings. Lol. Don't get me wrong. Love the os, love the simplicity... But it really pretty much is just a start screen.
  • There's really nothing awe-inspiring to see. The fascinating part is that besides running on the NT kernel, the UI is pretty much identical to WP7. I suspect Microsoft wants to release the SDK and reveal the missing pieces of the WP8 puzzle at the same time. Notice there isn't a single instance where you can currently see beyond the start screen.
  • Both Higgs Boson and greg2k are wrong. Yes, the UI will look the same mostly. Its the list of added features and functionality that are important. How the text message and email hubs will do more. Have more settings. The Xbox music hub. Picture hub. Office. Maps. Calendar. Local scout. Bing. Search. SkyDrive sync. All of these should have multiple new features each that tie in with the OS. If u think the major changes are the start screen only, u may as well stay with WP7.5 or move to Android.
  • its way better looking handset compared to galaxy s3 l have to say its a lovely phone but im still waiting for nokia
  • Honestly I think I like the shape of the s3 but the materials of the ativ.
  • its too metalic for my taste 
  • Agree. Really don't like the shiny metal. What's up with Samsung and shiny materials? Makes them less classy
  • All I see is a video with what appears to be two iPhones being compared.