We know a lot of you are excited for the Samsung ATIV S and we have to admit, after watching the above video, we can see why.

While the 4.8” HD Super AMOLED display is certainly drool worthy, we’re more excited about that super thin, metal body that looks like a dream to hold.

The video, captured by the site Ferra.ru, compares the device to its sibling, the Galaxy S3 and although the devices are similar in many ways, we’re going to say the ATIV S actually one ups that device in terms of pure design.

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Now that's thin

Unfortunately, the Korean handlers would not allow the reviewer to boot up the device, having removed the battery but we do get to see how the backcover comes off, the battery itself and get an idea of the build quality. Speaking of, we love it when he knocks the phone on the side and here how solid it sounds—that’s what people want in a phone these days.

Anyway, watch above. Comment below. Did this video tempt change your mind at all? 


Source: Ferra.ru; Thanks, Relief, for the link!