More close-up shots of the Samsung ATIV S Windows Phone

Samsung announced the ATIV S Windows Phone today at its IFA 2012 presentation in Berlin. The current-most powerful Windows Phone features a similar look and feel of the Galaxy S3 (which isn't necessarily a bad thing), not to mention impressive entries on the specification sheet. 

Sporting a 4.8" HD Super AMOLED display with GorillaGlass 2, dual-core 1.5Ghz CPU, 2300mAh battery, NFC, with 16GB or 32GB for storage (with SD support) it's certainly got a enough power for Windows Phone 8. But does the device interest you as a consumer? Be sure to participate in our poll.

Back on topic - we've got some more shots of the ATIV S, which were uploaded to the Windows Phone Facebook account. Be sure to check them out for a closer look at Samsung's Apollo offering.

Check out more photos in the Samsung ATIV S album on the Windows Phone Facebook page.

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • I actually kinda like the windows phone logo button on this phone, saw some other comments saying the opposite but I think its pretty sweet!!
  • Reminds me of the focus flash.
  • Agreed. Looks a nice device but I'll be sticking with Nokia. Has anyone read if it has a replaceable battery. This in itself is still a win over handsets that don't in my opinion, unless they're waterproof of course. Waterproof PureView Lumia anyone?
  • I would like all hard keys, especially after two broken Lumia 900s.
  • Waterproof? Maybe that's why she was making hand motions that she loved waves.
  • Looks like the battery might be removable, if you look at the 3rd pic above the power button there is a notch in the back that makes it seem like it is removable.
  • I was looking at that too.  If the back is removable (like the Galaxy S3 its supposedly based on) and we have easy access to the battery, SD card, and SIM card that will be a big plus in my book. 
    The Nokia's and the new HTC's are beautiful but they all have their batts packed away and I normally use more than one battery in the life of a phone...this would be nice and might push me towards Samsung.
  • both Windows logo and Samsung's GALAXY style home button look sleek by themselves, but not when they combined. Also, the phone looks like original galaxy s. why samsung?
  • Pretty stoked about the hardware windows button. Wish all three were hardware buttons but it's a step in the right direction. I never cared for capacitive buttons myself.
  • I love the button in the middle. This phone looks boss. Love the design too. If Nokia doesn't impress me, this will be my next WP8 phone! Oh yeah!!!!!! (like in the old school Twix commercial)
  • Step into slim Jim
  • They're Greeat!
  • Wow looks sexy. I think this might be my Windows Phone 8 device. Waiting yet to see more devices though.
  • What's sad is, if these take off, people will think Microsoft ripped off Apple because everyone knows Samsung ripped off apple.
  • Only you will think that.
  • and the person thinking that way must be pretty retarded as wp and ios are miles apart
  • ´'iPhone' is a copied name from a Linksys IP Phone (originally from Info Gear).
    iPhone is a copied form factor from an LG Prada original design.
    iPad is a copied form factor from a (Yes) Samsung 2006 photoframe.
    You were saying?
  • ++
  • Calm the dark down beaches. I was only pointing out what the ifad girls already preach and it'll only get worse. I love WP and W8. And yes, they're morons. Lets go have a beer. Its happy hour.
  • These close up pictures show hoe closely their ativ lineup resemble each other. Excellent!
  • It's really a Fancy lookign device!  I just hope they offer more colors although this grey is nice.
  • i like it
  • More bash comments about the Samsung ATIV S windows phone.
  • Man, you are a broken record. Nobody is "bashing" the ATIV. Move along troll
  • Look at the comments again on other articles and you'll see. If you can't then you truly are delusional.
  • "on OTHER articles" but you bring it here. You're being the disruptive source. You, sir, are trolling.
  • I say that because they'll do it here too
  • You can be plenty sure there's a lot of bashing going on at Engadget..
  • Yes, he is a troll. I thought we had banned him.
  • Samsung didn't care about us. We dont care about them.
  • Yea you're totally right........NOT
  • If it has a replaceable battery, then I'm in.
  • it does...
  • Yay :D
  • I'm in love
  • I second that. Looks better with these closeups. I'm stoked!
  • Alright, I like the ATIV lineup, but I do want to see Nokia's line first, and also I want to see the ATIV Tab vs. the Surface devices. All in all, I think this is a GREAT time for Windows fans... there seem to be a LOT of good choices on the way! :)
  • Anyone know the screen resolution yet. I know it's HD. Just wondering if it's 720 or 768 width.
  • 720
  • 768, please.
  • has the resolution at 720 x 1280 (~306 ppi pixel density) which seems to be the same screen in the Galaxy S3.
  • A lot of comments about the windows button being awesome but I have to disagree. Samsung needs to ditch the hardware button all together, its far to similar to apples (regarding placement).
  • (regarding placement)
    And where should they place the middle of three bottom buttons?
  • It should be touch, a hardware button centered below the screen mirrors the iPhone and we know where that gets us.
  • Yeah, I personally am not digging the look of the hardware button, but you specifically called it out on the placement, and in that regard, the bottom middle button can only be at the bottom and in the middle. I will concede that the choice of making that button hardware and making the others capacitive does lend itself to comparisons to the iPhone. Actually, I don't even understand why they would emphasize the home button unless for styling reasons. It doesn't make since in my regular use of the phone. So, maybe there is something to your claim that its looks are too similar to the iPhone.
  • I like it. Apple and Microsoft are cool and since it's flanked by to other buttons it's cool.
  • Samsung button is rectangular and raised. Apple button is round and concaved. That is dissimilar enough. I would prefer all three buttons be hardware. The capacitive buttons get way too many accidental presses.
  • It is a nice looking device though :)
  • Does it have an led light for notifications?
  • I really love the design of this phone. Sure I would like to support Nokia because they ''care'' more about WIndows phone than Samsung, but if the new Lumia doesn't have a replaceable battery , I'm going to get this phone.
  • After the IOS debacle I think Samsung is gonna push W8 hard
  • I really like the look of this, but I'm very happy with my Titan, so I want to see what HTC has coming.
  • Same here on Tmo. I love my hd7 but Tmo is only getting mid range stuff. So I'm jumping ship.
  • I don't know what to do, If T-Mobile do not get Nokia "Phi" but Nokia "Arrow" I might get Samsung Avit S. My priorities are T-Mobile, Windows Phone 8 and then screen size. So Nokia"arrow" with "4.3" doesn't convince me=/ at all... BUT I wanna see what Nokia will bring for T-Mobile if they release a phone with PureView Technology then I might get it if not I go with Samsung or HTC if Tmo get HTC "Zenith"
  • Love the hardware home button!!
  • Wow.. It has begun
  • I like the phone.  It looks premium.  It will make a good alternative to a Lumia device.  BUT pureview is where its at for me.  So Nokia device is where I am going
  • 1) I thought all WP's had to hace captive buttons? and Second i didnt think Samsung could make an uglier phone than the S3 but they did it with this phone. Ignore the nice specs, and they are nice. I have a problem with the home button, that HTC double chin and I'm sure it will feel cheap and plastic like the S3 does.
  • ugly, I don't what device is called the same as Galaxy S 3, but in fact it's a Windows Phone.
  • Wow. I am in love with this phone. Looks awesome.
  • It is on :-)
    Beautiful :-):-):-):-):-):-):-)
    And with wp8 that is lightyears ahead of and. and ios!
    Goodbye stoneage, welcome Wp8ge :-)
  • No more word on WP7... Are we forgotten already?
  • No Samsung or Korean made crap in our family are allow.
  • Well, since you still live in the 1970's and are little behind the times, if you own a radio, TV, computer, MP3 player, printer, microwave, or any Apple product you own a Korean made product most likely.  They are easily one of the worlds leaders of electronic parts and sell them to device makers of every kind.
  • Lol I think he needs a bit of ice for that burn.
  • Man, this looks nice.  I love the pictures.  I really liked the Focus Flash and it's physical button, but it was a little bit of an eyesore due to it being a little large for the device.  This looks so much nicer.  Can hardley wait to see what Nokia brings.
  • Looks like a 3GS. Plus it's Samscum.
  • All things being equal, the biggest reason that I would choose Nokia over this is all the nice exclusive apps Nokia has. Also, the Samsung styling is cool and techno but Nokia's styling is fun, and I need more fun in my life.
  • Looks nice! I would definitely consider this phone.
    Since everyone else is talking about the Windows start button, for one, I'm not a big fan of an actual button. People used to complain about accidental pushes of the capacitive buttons on the bottom of WinPhones, but I never had any problems. Even since I've been carrying my phone naked, I don't accidentally hit any of buttons.
    But if they must put a real button there, my question is, why is that thing a rounded square? WP's theme from day one was square. Not squircle. If they had to have a button, it should have sharp corners, IMO.
  • Samsung love the rounded corners that is what got them in trouble.