New LG device running Windows Phone 7?

Awhile back, LG made some headlines by showing off their eXpo/IQ inspired Windows Phone 7 device with side-sliding qwerty.

Just recently, another image has showed up.

This time though, the lower buttons are slightly different, suggesting that the earlier prototype is nearing finalization. The image reportedly comes from a Microsoft employee from France (posted on Flickr).

The source speculates this device may be sporting a 3.8" screen, but we think 3.6" is more likely. But wait, that earlier prototype LG looks to have a 3.2" screen, akin to their eXpo/IQ.

So, are we looking at the same device as the earlier prototype or completely different one from LG? Or is this just our eyes playing tricks, making it look much larger? The other specs (keyboard, 5MP camera, etc.) match up with the earlier prototype ones, so perhaps they are the same after all, just updated.

Unfortunately, more details are lacking at this point. Looks sexy though.

Edit: original sources fixed!

[via MobileTechWorld]

Daniel Rubino

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  • Yeah, it does look larger. But then again not everyone has the same hands so it's not really possible to tell that from just a picture.
  • Yeah, that's what I was thinking. Those French must have wee hands.
  • Malatesta, Here's the original source of the story.
  • Ah, my bad. Fixed!
  • Ah no problem :) I was actually surprised MTW's story wasn't picked up earlier. Wonder if WMPoweruser will correct their story too.
  • Source source link is pointing to ?
  • Meh, Chrome is not behaving today. *Now* it's fixed.
  • The Source link isn't pointing out to MobileTechWorld.
  • Looks like a nice device its going to be a long wait till September isn't it
  • i think if this has a keyboard, this is my new phone.
    looks great
  • Not fond of the chrome trim, but otherwise it looks pretty good. It also does look like a slider. If you look at the full-res image linked on Flickr, on the bottom left you can see what looks like the rear half (the half with the keyboard) not quite flush with the front half. It does look larger than what we saw at MWC, but honestly i think the protos we saw at MWC were basically LG eXpos (which has a 3.2" screen). The Samsung was a rebadged i8910, and even the Asus that was used in most of the presentations had noticeably unpolished plastic and featured a fairly bland design, though i thought it was the best-looking of the bunch. i'm guessing that like the build of WP7 demoed at MWC, the hardware was similarly rushed for presentation purposes. As Mal stated, what we're looking at now is closer to final. Now if we could just get leaks of the other ODMs...
  • I can say it is a pretty nice device but do you think windows 7 mobile is going to be as easy and useful as windows 7 desktop.
  • nice design
  • Where can I get that wallpaper? I have seen it once before, but now that I really want it, I cannot find it anywhere. Thanks for any help. Nice looking phone.