New email from Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella hints at future organizational changes

Microsoft has released an email sent to all the company's employees today from its CEO Satya Nadella, where he hints that the company could announce some major changes in the very near future.

The long email, which has the title "Bold Ambition & Our Core", has Nadella stating, "Over the course of July, the Senior Leadership Team and I will share more on the engineering and organization changes we believe are needed." Some of those changes will be revealed on July 22 when Microsoft announces its latest quarterly financial report. Nadella says he will take that opportunity to "say more then on what we are doing in FY15 to focus on our core." Microsoft will also talk about their plans at two internal company events, its annual MGX sales conference and //oneweek.

Near the end of his email, Nadella stated, " ... I've asked each member of the Senior Leadership Team to evaluate opportunities to advance their innovation processes and simplify their operations and how they work. We will share more on this throughout July." He also said that Microsoft will "streamline the engineering process" in the company and will put more investment in "enhanced training and development and more opportunities to test new ideas and incubate new projects" over the next six months.

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The rest of Nadella's email offers a long overview on how he sees Microsoft moving forward. He repeats statements made in the past about his belief that we now live in a "mobile-first and cloud-first world", which is apparently the replacement slogan for the "devices and services" mantra that former CEO Steve Ballmer pushed during his last few years at the company

Nadella said he wants Microsoft to be at the forefront of that mobile and cloud world, stating, "We will reinvent productivity to empower every person and every organization on the planet to do more and achieve more." Nadella used Cortana as an example of how Microsoft will combine data from cloud servers with mobile apps to offer customers a better experience. He stated:

For example, today the Cortana app on my Windows Phone merges data from highway sensors and my own calendar and simply reminds me to leave work to make it to my daughter's recital on time. In the future, it will be even more intelligent as a personal assistant who takes notes, books meetings and understands if my question about the weather is to determine my clothes for the day or is intended to start a complex task like booking a family vacation. Microsoft experiences will be unique as they will reason over information from work and life and keep a user in control of their privacy.

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Nadella also offered a little more guidance on their first party hardware plans, stating:

In addition, we will build first-party hardware to stimulate more demand for the entire Windows ecosystem. That means at times we'll develop new categories like we did with Surface. It also means we will responsibly make the market for Windows Phone, which is our goal with the Nokia devices and services acquisition.

Nadella also mentioned the company's continued support for the Xbox business, stating:

Microsoft will continue to vigorously innovate and delight gamers with Xbox. Xbox is one of the most-revered consumer brands, with a growing online community and service, and a raving fan base.

What do you think of Nadella's email and how do you think it present's Microsoft's overall plans for the future?

Source: Microsoft

John Callaham