New email from Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella hints at future organizational changes

Microsoft has released an email sent to all the company's employees today from its CEO Satya Nadella, where he hints that the company could announce some major changes in the very near future.

The long email, which has the title "Bold Ambition & Our Core", has Nadella stating, "Over the course of July, the Senior Leadership Team and I will share more on the engineering and organization changes we believe are needed." Some of those changes will be revealed on July 22 when Microsoft announces its latest quarterly financial report. Nadella says he will take that opportunity to "say more then on what we are doing in FY15 to focus on our core." Microsoft will also talk about their plans at two internal company events, its annual MGX sales conference and //oneweek.

Near the end of his email, Nadella stated, " ... I've asked each member of the Senior Leadership Team to evaluate opportunities to advance their innovation processes and simplify their operations and how they work. We will share more on this throughout July." He also said that Microsoft will "streamline the engineering process" in the company and will put more investment in "enhanced training and development and more opportunities to test new ideas and incubate new projects" over the next six months.

satya nadella

The rest of Nadella's email offers a long overview on how he sees Microsoft moving forward. He repeats statements made in the past about his belief that we now live in a "mobile-first and cloud-first world", which is apparently the replacement slogan for the "devices and services" mantra that former CEO Steve Ballmer pushed during his last few years at the company

Nadella said he wants Microsoft to be at the forefront of that mobile and cloud world, stating, "We will reinvent productivity to empower every person and every organization on the planet to do more and achieve more." Nadella used Cortana as an example of how Microsoft will combine data from cloud servers with mobile apps to offer customers a better experience. He stated:

For example, today the Cortana app on my Windows Phone merges data from highway sensors and my own calendar and simply reminds me to leave work to make it to my daughter's recital on time. In the future, it will be even more intelligent as a personal assistant who takes notes, books meetings and understands if my question about the weather is to determine my clothes for the day or is intended to start a complex task like booking a family vacation. Microsoft experiences will be unique as they will reason over information from work and life and keep a user in control of their privacy.

satya nadella

Nadella also offered a little more guidance on their first party hardware plans, stating:

In addition, we will build first-party hardware to stimulate more demand for the entire Windows ecosystem. That means at times we'll develop new categories like we did with Surface. It also means we will responsibly make the market for Windows Phone, which is our goal with the Nokia devices and services acquisition.

Nadella also mentioned the company's continued support for the Xbox business, stating:

Microsoft will continue to vigorously innovate and delight gamers with Xbox. Xbox is one of the most-revered consumer brands, with a growing online community and service, and a raving fan base.

What do you think of Nadella's email and how do you think it present's Microsoft's overall plans for the future?

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John Callaham
  • 1st Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Weren't you guys paying attention? It's mobile & cloud first.
  • NICE! lol =P
  • Looool hahaha
  • His comment about Nokia should stop rumours about an Android Lumia phone.
  • How so? He also said mobile first... Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • "mobile-first": multiplatform services "It also means we will responsibly make the market for Windows Phone, which is our goal with the Nokia devices and services acquisition.": no android
  • Hope they stay the duck away from anything Android
  • Nope. Nutella's a nutjob!
  • Yeah, he's already changed the culture, he's put Apple and Android before WP instead of releasing simultaneously. I do however hope the when he spoke about the new device categories to re-invigorate, I hope he had a hidded message that means we should espect a surface phone, watch, band, laptops, etc. Also when he said we will flatten and streamline microsoft that this means a one microsoft instead of islands.
  • What makes you think he put Android and iOS first? All those apps were well underway by the time he became CEO.
  • Shouldn't office for WP was already underway as well? And if so, went could it have been released simultaneously..... Simple as that! Oh and how long has it been released on iPad and current WP/win 8-8.1 users still don't have a touch version.
  • I think many are getting it confused with the use of Android apps. I said it from the moment they said something exciting is going to happen. They are found to give people those ugly apps.
  • WOW! I love Satya's commitment and vision regarding Cortana!
    I wrote a piece:
    "Microsoft’s Cortana is the Future and That’s Not All Talk"
    I'm really enjoying where "she" is going and look forward to what the Cortana team is bringing.
    Windows Phone has an AWESOME ecosystem and Cortana is it's hero FEATURE that will produce the "Halo" Effect the platform needs (See what I did there.) (Wrote a piece on that too) Notice, because Cortana can run on ANY Windows 8 device, if marketed and positioned as the WP hero FEATURE, and not just focusing on a Hero DEVICE, everyone one in all price ranges will be able to eventually have what differentiates WP from the competition. A hero device has features exclusive to the device and has limited reach, Cortana as a marketed hero feature however can be had by the masses. With her(Bings) steller performance on the worlds largest stage, the World Cup, Microsoft can really push Cortana to the forefront and get the attention the platform needs.
  • Uh, Cortana, Gracie? This is an example of either MS "not getting it" or unable to execute. Cortana was in the press months ago. All the execs at MS, no doubt, have Cortana phones. But the number of US smartphone customers with Windows Phone is small, and the number with Cortana is vanishingly small. They may think they have a terrific product, but it's simply not in front of customers until all those Lumias get updates. And by that time, the new iPhone and iOS will be all the talk. I'm afraid they've lost the window for mindshare. They've forgotten their business. In the 1980s and 1990s, every 18 months or so, you went to Egghead Software and bought a DOS or Windows upgrade directly from MS. You didn't ask for Compaq's or HP's or IBM's permission. Not many customers know about Developer Preview, and few are going to download a beta OS for their phone. When MS can announce AND provide an upgrade in the same month, they'll have something to talk about. I would pay $25 to $50 for a WP 8.1 upgrade. That was MS's business model for decades.
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  • The merge of Windows RT and Windows Phone is kinda confusing in terms of hardware, are they going to have three buttons on tablets? are they going to put one button on phones? personally i would like a "home button" only. look how elegant the surface is, i never accidenly pressed something accidently on any device more than back button on 1020 :(
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  • IF it would be for me - all of you guys would have at least a 96 hours ban
  • why not 69 days :3
  • That's it. You're outta here!
  • Feeling jealous r88????? Hahah
  • He didn't really say much did he?
  • Take a look
    i'm waiting for tl;dr version :D
  • Obsess over its customers......I'm a wp user a I don't feel like he's obsessed over us but over Apple and Android thus far. If the want wp to suceed, he has the power to open the checkbook to pay developers of the major apps to produce the apps we want but thus far he hasn't.
  • I think the message is to employess rather than consumers, they will try different ideas on the next 6 months, and trying to put their best to make it work, also, re-orginaizing the staff for better. This Guy is totally in love with the cloud, take cortana and how ambitiously he's trying to push forward, I'm just curious if in the future we would get could-based platforms. About windows phone, clearly, he's trying to make something like surface pro 3, make a high-end device and put the best of everything -create a new category- . I'm pretty sure that "ink" would be part of it as it could differentaite it from other competetors in the near future. But right now, it's in the middle of a mess, in the middle of a merge. or more accurately. creating a new OS.  
  • Lots of talk, no action.
  • You are so right! What is he waiting for? He has this dream. Why can't he instantaneously make it happen?
  • His company can't release an update announced 3 months ago, how about that?
  • Antidisestablishmenterianism Big talk usually succeeds action. Big action has occurred dude.
    Just needs coherence which is what his entire statement focuses on.
  • What does antidisestablishmenterianism have to do with this?
  • I really think Microsoft needs a completely new staff. A lot of things they say are very questionable. I don't think Bill Gates cares anymore, but I want to know what his ideas would be to improve sales on Windows phones rather than releasing Android devices and giving away core Microsoft services for Windows phone like Cortana and Office.
  • I disagree with you concerning the statement that Bill Gates doesn't care anymore as he's the second largest stockholder of MS stocks, but he just doesn't have his board position anymore so he doesn't have the influence he once did. I would however like to hear his personal thoughts; but that will never happen because it wouldn't look good if he said anything the contradicts Satya as the appointed CEO he voted for to suceed Ballmer.
  • Make it happen, where is full windows on a phone
  • Full windows on a phone would be terrible.
  • Yeah :D, just the functionality :)
  • Have you guys tried "Silveos Phone"? Its a simple app that *looks* like windows on phone!
  • Disagree completely...... Phone runs merged version of WinRT/ WP, and through Miracast, or an external dock connected to any screen- TV/Monitor/tablet, you can launch desktop. Your not going to run desktop on your phone screen, unless you absolutely have to (think remote desktop on your phone.... Good to have if you need a file or something). With the new Atom processors, there is no reason why a phone couldn't run desktop in a docked/screen casting edition. I'd say 90% of people out there could get by with this device only. It would literally be a real full PC in your pocket
  • I'm pretty sure it will be there someday :)
  • Motorola tried the cell phone docked this years ago and if flopped. Also I believe there's currenlty an android device out there now the does something similar and it to won't have a major impact as this types of devices are nitch products.
  • It flopped because it was running android 2.2..... It was slow, laggy, had no apps optimized for its intended use at the time. Ubuntu is trying to do something similar, but couldn't get the crowd funding, MS has an open wallet, I say, bring it on
  • You mean Windows 1.1 right... How about a little MS-DOS phone? Lol =]~)
  • Thinking about msdos what happened to the putty client for wp?
  • It works pretty well
  • Windows 9 :P
  • What a stupid comment.
  • It's obviously a joke man
  • there was a smartphone with windows 7 on it, not sure if it came out: don't think it was very useful.   also, people have put windows 95/98/XP on android phones as proof of concept: later -1  
  • Does anyone read through the comments, it's obviously a joke
    Plus it was meant in a way of power of windows and it's functionality. And of course with a different look, future tech on our phones.
  • +1525 for Nadella
  • 9th
  • Does he know off the massive delisting of Xbox Live games on WP? We were vigorously ripped one with that.
  • Hence the need for some changes, don'cha think? ;)
  • Hard to tell, they usually know then they let on - a CEO's job is to know everything (well that is the theory) but in reality it is impossible for any person to retain that amount of info and not go crazy lol. For windows phone sake, I hope he does and is working on it.
  • Actually a good CEO doesn't one everything but fosters good people and open practice to let the people below work well, its about trusting the people you employ
  • Id blame elop but I doubt he has anything to do with mgs projects
  • Until they change the certification process the delisting needs to continue so devs can make constant updates instead of waiting for Microsoft.
  • "Develop new categories" of hardware sounds like a commitment to new form factors and wearables.
  • I read all the quoted parts in Nadella's voice.
    He does have a different style of oration.
  • What do you mean...He sounds like Ben Kingsley, how does he sound to you?
  • He meant like a monkey being thrown a peanut. :P
  • Translation - companies that start talking about redefining things or simply their operations - time for employees to start freshining up the resumes
  • Good.
  • Your translation software can't spell... ;p
  • Oops, wrong comment... =[
  • Exactly.
  • Perhaps. I'm sure the Nokia purchase brought in some overlap. But good engineers will not go to waste. They'll find a place for them even if they have to invent a new product line to do it.
    Oh, and RTR! ;)
  • That is what generally streamlining means in corporate speak along with a increased workload :p.
  • If Profit is up, then Shareholder is happy Profit = Income - Cost
    If Income is not up, then Cost must go down Cost is employees, so they went to the chopping board
  • Hopefully a certain CXO formerly from a very large retailer will be part of the change. He is by far the most hated person in MS leadership, and the cause for them losing many of their best people.
  • Live in a windows phone first world
  • 13th
  • Abandon us policy then see the growth of Microsoft services
  • this guy is just awesome, today i feel proud when i see nadela i guy from our city hyderabad heading the best company in the world MS.
  • Should i be proud of steve jobs ? his father is from my country syria :D
  • its your wish if you want to be, be otherwise dont no body is forcing you 
  • Lol and He is the citizen of USA for past 20 years so...
  • The city has nothing to do it. You are being proud of something silly
  • Agreed. If anything Apple is a better company than Microsoft.
  • for you it may not be, what you are calling silly is not that silly because he is great role model for people from  our region to look up to
  • What the heck ?? You really sound silly !! Go and work hard instead of admiring!!
  • Can this be the "something amazing that will upset everything..." thing from MS? Seems also stressing the imprtance of WP to them, maybe no android after all? Hope so... Hope so...
  • My thoughts exactly.
  • I suspect the "something amazing" announcement will be running WP apps on Android.  Everybody keeps saying it'll be amazing to run Android apps on WP, but BB10 did that and it backfired badly - all that happened was that native BB10 development came to a screeching halt.  But if you can write a WP app and run it on Android or WP, then *that* will encourage developers to start writing WP (and WinRT) apps because it'll control (maybe even shrink) their development costs.  
  • It's probably a new amazing WP phone :)
  • The Xbox fan base definitely is raving, but I would have said rabid... Lol =P
  • Either he stopped short from saying "raving in anger" given the lack of xbox live titles and the delistings or is trying to put a postive spin on it lol :p.
  • Baah!!!
  • Hope it goes to a more organized "One Microsoft"
  • The last paragraph about Xbox said nothing on WP Xbox... Sad. If no good news shortly, I'm quite confident that I'll leave for iOS. Also my PC will be switched to a Mac.
  • You'll switch your desktop PC to Mac because WP games don't have an Xbox logo on them? Go right ahead, nobody will miss your particular flavor of misguidedness.
  • Actually due to no need for Windows anymore. Would've had a Mac way back if VS ran natively on it without dual boot or VM. But w/o WP I can use that Mac instead. PS is a thousand times better on Mac than PC. Only things ran on my PC is basically Opera, VS2013 and Photoshop. Everything else on it is a bit useless for me. It's nothing else than a workstation for me. And I'll still love WP, but won't use it as my daily driver anymore. XBL games is why I even went on to WP from Android.
  • Eww
  • Bye!!
  • Ur acting like an American teenage giri
  • And the attitude from all of you shows you're plain and simple stubborn fanboys. I'm a huge WinPhan, turned a lot of people, but I also know when MS is not fulfilling my needs, and based on that knowledge I adapt so that my needs are fulfilled. And if you're actually bashing on me cause of my needs, then I'm sad that you're one of those disrespectful people that takes up to much space on this planet. Would you switch if your needs was unfulfilled? Why did you switch to WP? Probably because the OS you used before didn't fulfill your needs.
  • I find your comments on here absolutely wasteful. Why? 1. Why do u feel the need to post that you're leaving WP for IOS and your PC for a Mac because of your supposed "needs," when in fact, I believe these are you're "wants." Its just fine if you want a Mac, but to say you need a Mac and IOS all of the sudden because of Xbox Live games on you're WP, seems like you're looking for attention from others on this site, hell, it would have been more appropriate if you did this on imore instead of WPC. 2. You state "from the attitude of all you shows you're plain and simple stubborn fan boys" Why, because they didn't agree with your so called "needs?" But you're next sentence goes on to state "I'm a huge WinPhan, and turned alot of people," well this makes you a plain and simple stubborn fan boy.(not sure if a stubborn person can also be plain and simple at the same time, but what the hay, this is you're logic) When you get you're Mac and install PS and Opera, what do you plan on doing with all the other "useless" programs that come with you're new MAC, or maybe they're not useless on a MAC, for some odd reason.
  • I'm saying that I MIGHT switch since I feel that MS is NOT prioritizing WP and instead are dismantling one of the most unique selling points. Which is against my needs. My "wants" is for WP and W8 to succeed. I love W8 and WP, but those things I frequently use is not exclusive to PC, except VS. And from experience PS is working way better on Mac than PC. Worked with PS professionally on Mac earlier and it feels a lot faster and stable on Mac. And to call me a fan boy is kinda wrong. Just because I've introduced WP to friends and family doesn't make me a fan boy. I didn't force them or talk them into buying WP, but I did show them its strong sides, as much as its weaknesses. They chose to switch, but without my introduction they wouldn't even know about WP. And yeah, I'll get a lot of useless stuff on a Mac as well, but I can use XCode and other tools natively while developing for iOS as my main OS instead.
    And as far as I know, I'm not the one bashing on people for their beliefs and opinions. I was just stating that due to MS' recent ignorance of a big selling point, I'm getting tired of how they treat WP, and therefore MIGHT leave, depending on what will happen shortly on their end. They need to focus on IMPROVING WP and make sure all their own services is experienced the best possible way on WP instead of iOS and Android.
  • I use Visual Studio, Illustrator, PhotoShop, InDesign etc all on PC. And any time I've used the above on Mac it was on par or worse. I honestly can't stand using Illustrator on Mac. So I really don't get your point. If you prefer Mac, go ahead. But no need to cry to us about it.
  • You are a moron.
  • Key Points IMO XBOX is here to say to #dealwithit haters. Windows experience will remain the best even if we support others (this is off course not the case right now). Windows phone ain't dead or at least doesn't seem like MSFT has given up on it and will get behind google's android instead. Azure will become the cornerstone of all cloud efforts at MSFT. This is huge because so many things at MSFT don't use it because you know, it was the old MSFT at war with itself. Platform, that word kept showing up. He didn't say windows. Makes me wonder if MSFT is trying to distance itself from that name. We all know it is windows he means because it is their platform but still, this man knows "windows" tastes like poison to the press. I'm cool with that. Call it something else if you want or just keep windows for the PCs. The winRT platform isn't even what anybody thinks of windows regardless.
  • With all those Lumia Android rumors, keeping the Nokia X phone line, open-sourcing and products launching on different platforms first and Windows always coming last, he could troll everybody and scrap the NT kernel in favor of the Linux kernel... :P
  • I think that is the Late-Ballmer MSFT you're talking about. His vision says:  
    Our Windows device OS and first-party hardware will set the bar for productivity experiences. Windows will deliver the most rich and consistent user experience for digital work and life scenarios on screens of all sizes – from phones, tablets and laptops
    Note how windows is in phones and seems to not be treated like a bastard child any more. Off course he will need to prove it.
  • In Nadella's mind Azure is the nee Windows. It's his baby and he is going to push it hard.
  • Sometimes, if it just doesn't work, I hope he has the wherewithal to stop.
  • Azure is fine but that doesn't help at all if you lose the platform game and then all your azure services are picked out one by one at the iOS and Android platform level by bundling and dumping from google and apple. -office will be taken out by free google docs on android and by apple
    -one drive will taken out by apple's cloud and google drive
    -<insert MSFT service here> will be taken out by <insert free google bundled service here>. MSFT will be like lotus. Basically trying to hold on to legacy users while the platform vendor undercuts it. MSFT cannot, afford to lose the platform game. Azure is doomed without that last mile.
  • Somehow, I doubt when Nadella enters a calendar event for his daughter's recital that he's also taking the time to key in the full address, which is the only way Cortana is going to offer any sort of departure time suggestions.
  • Unless he already has it as a place on his phone.  I have about 25 places now.  Pretty much anywhere myself, or my family visit regularly.
  • This is the CEO we needed 10 years ago with Vista's demise and Windows Mobile. Thank you, Nadella! :) can't wait for what you have in store.
  • Said that about Obama
  • No thanks. Nutella is bloody nut job! Needs a sacking!
  • Well... Folks at Microsoft Mobile, start updating your CVs. You're in for a mass firing soon. As for the rest, I still think he keeps his vision of Microsoft as a SOFTWARE COMPANY first and foremost and had, thank God, dropped Ballmer's D&S company strategy.
  • Satya is 100% services, thinking he will drop that to be a software man doesn't make any sense.
  • Because services are provided by hardware...? Oh, wait...
  • Yeah. It's not like people need hardware to access those services or anything...oh, wait...
  • True, but people can access those services with any hardware. Microsoft doesn't have to provide the hardware.
  • Gee...I wonder how has Microsoft survived for over 20 years without an hardware division...
  • "In addition, we will build first-party hardware to stimulate more demand for the entire Windows ecosystem. That means at times we'll develop new categories like we did with Surface. It also means we will responsibly make the market for Windows Phone, which is our goal with the Nokia devices and services acquisition." This paragraph disagrees that he has dropped the D & S strategy... :P. I imagine most of the employee's of MS mobile who are laid off will probably go back into Nokia's R & D department that is left lol.
  • That entire paragraph doesn't say anything if you read it carefully. "at times we'll develop new categories like we did with Surface." means they won't be focusing on hardware. "At times" means "meh, whenever we really have to". As for the "we will responsibly make the market for Windows Phone"...well, they don't have much of a choice, do they? They drove away the only company that even placed WP on the map and all they managed to bring in were under-the-stairs companies that no one ever heard of to produce cheap WP devices. In the meantime they've still failed to convince major OEMs to jump in. Samsung and HTC still vote WP to the neglected segment of their offerings and Sony, LG, the-soon-to-be-Lenovo-Motorola, etc all keep away from WP. Either that or they'll just kill WP.   As for the MM employees that will eventually be sacked...yes, if they're smart they'll return to Nokia. And by the way, the Nokia R&D division you speak of with such contempt was the division that created all the cool stuff you currently have on your Lumia devices. So if those employees actually rejoin Nokia's R&D division, I think they'll be quite well.
  • If he wanted to kill devices he wouldn' thave kept mentioning them. I don't whatsoever get the feeling he is. I'm not sure why you're so set on it. MSFT can diversify itself. Hardware <> software and MSFT should continue to look into hardware because the next bing thing won't be a software innovation, it will be a hardware one.
  • Because all I've heard of him seems to point out in the (to me, correct) direction of focusing Microsoft in what they do best - software. I'm not saying Microsoft can't or won't ocasionally produce hardware. I'm sure they will. But I think that Microsoft will go on hardware like the Surface. They produce ONE piece of hardware to sort of set the standard, and then let OEMs do their thing. If that's the path they're going - and I believe it is - then Microsoft will NOT turn into a devices and services company in the sense that other OEMs are. Which was Ballmer's plan.
    Meaning, if you want a cheap WP, you shouldn't get it from Microsoft. Of course, currently they have no other choice since they ruined the only OEM that was doing everything for them. But in the long term, I think Nadella's plan is to get away from the mass production of WP. Which is why I think they're not doing a good job in bringing GOOD OEMs like Sony, LG etc into the WP business.
  • @DJCBS Fair points and I wasn't speaking ill of the R & D dept left at Nokia lol. Edit: to clarify response to your first comment not the second one :p.
  • Our first-party devices will light up digital work and life Our Windows device OS and first-party hardware will set the bar for productivity experiences Our cloud OS infrastructure, device OS and first-party hardware will all build around this core focus and enable broad ecosystems In addition, we will build first-party hardware to stimulate more demand for the entire Windows ecosystem.
    Shall I continue or did you have enough? read the memo :) 
  • Great summary, but don't bother with him. Every Microsoft story is somehow about his fantasy return of Nokia to the smartphone business.
  • We'll see about my "fantasy".
  • Perhaps you should READ with your brain too. Everything there points toward Microsoft using the Surface-strategy across devices. Meaning: have one flagship device for each cathegory to incentive other OEMs to join it and set the standard. That's why you read "will set the bar", "to stimulate more demand". If you think you'll see cheap tablets and phones coming from Microsoft, you're sorely mistaken. Furthermore, Microsoft has all the interest in keeping a good partnership with their OEM partners. That means, NOT competing with them. Because if they do, then Samsung & Co. will start mass production of Chromebooks and alike where they have no competition from Google. And obviously that's the last thing Microsoft wants.  
  • I believe he needs to change his motto from "mobile-first and cloud-first" to "Windows Phone-First & Onedrive-First".
    Rest of it sounds fancy, but only time will tell...
  • How do I get Cortana to tell me to leave based on trip data?, she doesn't even show my commute
  • She started showing my commute after like a week of usage, not sure if I had to do anything, though you can mark an address as home/work/favorite so maybe that has something to do with it?
  • She specifically asked me if my current was home and another work. Clever of her!!
  • I didn't have to do anything except live my life. She has even picked up that i start work earlier on Wednesday and Thursday. Clever girl.
  • There are a number of nuggets here; innovate, streamline, cortana, windows phone, first party hardware, amongst others. One thing is for sure, they need to do everything quicker and better... and quicker, did I mention that already? They also need to develop some positive 'coolness' because at the moment it's only 'cool' to hate them - and I hate that.
  • Agreed.... To all the users who say that WP is dead.... F**k you!!!!!
  • Windows Phone was never really alive. Microsoft can continue to make them and people will continue to ignore them just like they have the past 4 years. Without a major rebranding and dumping the UI that has failed, Microsoft will never crack the mobile market.
  • We love them don't we..they listen to us...quite a few times
  • Make it work
  • he is the man ... who can go head to head with google ... good Job Mr. Nadella
  • Sounds to me like good news from what I can tell.
  • Something reassuring my faith in Microsoft....
  • He has this effect. Ok he's a good speaker but he needs to be a good leader. I think he is the former but if he can't deliver on all those words he is as good as Ballmer. Android is running away with weareables and MSFT is stuck on a fit band. Android us running away on the car market and MSFT is stuck with...sync? Android is running away with the mobile market and MSFT is stuck with the nokia cadaver. Faith only works in religion. This man needs to start walking on water instead of talking about how he can.
  • Well your right about the meaning of faith and where it applies...but my faith is more like one has for their friends...not something religious...
  • So what he wad talking about with Cortana. Can anyone help me tinker settings to allow that for me please? I would appreciate it or better yet could be an article soon for you wpc writers!
  • I hope he fires the Skype team
  • I hope he fires Joe Belfiore and Terry M. In a nutshell what are they known for: -turning windows phone from an android challenger in 2011 to an android joke in 2014. who remains employed after that?
  • Joe B and Terry M have been very disappointing thus far. I no longer trust any of Joe's statements. On a few occasions new app announcements follow with an impaired product or exuberance over something late. A good example is when he announced Temple Run and Temple Run 2 already dropped a couple of months prior on rival phones.
  • +infinity. I cannot understand all these android related leaks from Nokia by Microsoft these days. They are like microsoft accepting defeat. It is better to withdraw from mobile phones and mobile phones os rather than android from Microsoft.
  • Just hope he made a good move. Not a bad one
  • "Near the end of his email, Nadella stated, " ... I've asked each member of the Senior Leadership Team to evaluate opportunities to advance their innovation processes and simplify their operations and how they work. We will share more on this throughout July." He also said that Microsoft will "streamline the engineering process" in the company and will put more investment in "enhanced training and development and more opportunities to test new ideas and incubate new projects" over the next six months."
    Yes this needs to be done, and then some.
  • Has he hinted when the Chrome OS is making to the Surface family???
  • Soon. Windows and Windows Phone will be dropped to be replaced by Chrome OS and Android. Darth Nutella
  • uh, install chrome today?
  • Windroid finally coming
  • lol,
  • The achilles heel has always been the internal team structure.  The world has changed in the tech space and about time this massive giant of a company restructures to improve agility and inter team cooperation.  However... the team leaders themselves have to be open and suggest ideas that benefit the company as a whole rather than thier individual team in which case, back at square one where the micro walls go up and team sharing of knowledge is throttled.
  • Some people think a battleship can be turned on a dime (aka small coin).  Large companies are like battleships and need more room (and thus time) to turn. I wish Satya well in his efforts to streamline the battleship. Those that don't realize this, think too small.
  • 41st
  • He just need to fill up the empty stores worldwide. No more US only shit.
  • Awesome vision :-)
  • "responsibly" means "we're not going to spend a lot of money pushing it"?
  • lol I know. What does that mean. Would the irresponsible thing mean to do as they have thus ensuring failure? so what is the "responsible" thing to do? IMHO, sell it like it is on fire. Get rid of it. Nokia is toxic to other OEMs. Sell it to HTC, Lenovo, or some challenger looking for the nokia carcas resources.
  • Exactly what I read into it as well.
  • The future looks bright... Hopefully.
  • Cortana never tells me when to leave for my appointments so I'll be on time.
  • Exciting times at MS, but this was obvious even before this email.
  • In other words, Cortana will be a key contributor in personal assistance for mobile going forward.  I think I like what I read in this.
  • Bold changes huh? He'll probably sell Xbox to Amazon, release hourly updates to Xbox Music, bring back Zune from its death, release the Courier tablet as the Surface Mini and killed off Gemini in order to focus on iOS and Android Office apps only /s
  • I hope if the rumors are true about sony mobile adding wp they dont block whats left of xbl & that they offer the same or better warranty(if they are going to steal an absurd amount of money from us) they had with the x1 eg. worldwide handset advance replacement
  • Theefman it takes more 3 months to change the corporate ethos of several decades please chill out
  • So then its as I said, all talk no action.
  • I'm glad that he mentioned Xbox. Hopefully that quells any rumors of them spinning it off.
  • Seems mobile and cloudy.
  • Holy hell, when did the comments on every article start getting so bad?  Don't we have any moderators for comments sections?
  • If Cortana is his idea of how MS will succeed in mobile, this is additional confirmation to me that MS is !@#$ed.  Oh well.  They had a nice run but you know what they say about "all good things".
  • Yup. It means the rest of the world outside our world [US] will get things about 2 years later and that's 10 years after the competition has had it... lol
  • We need Cortana in Africa.
  • Sorry. It won't happen. If cortana for UK has been delayed again, then expect further delays to other regions. Earliest will be 2015 if you're lucky. This is microsoft not apple.
  • Can't believe you left this part out of his letter: "The single biggest digital life category, measured in both time and money spent, in a mobile-first world is gaming. We are fortunate to have Xbox in our family to go after this opportunity with unique and bold innovation." Kind of sad and ironic that he said that, seeing as how Xbox live games are dying left and right on WP. Didn't you guys just post an article about that, like yesterday??
  • I personally don't think he meant WP alone, I think more like enabling Xbox on Android and iOS...
  • If all you're worried about is XBox Live games on WP, get a f**king XBox!!!! In the scheme of things it's pretty low on their priority list I reckon...
  • Already have a "f**king XBox", which is my precious. So stop with that attitude. Xbox on WP IS one of the biggest things regarding WP for some people. Just accept that as much as we're accepting some people doesn't bother it. You don't hear me going all berzerk cause you don't give a fck about Xbox for WP, right!? And when I've purchased almost every damn Xbox Live game ever released for WP I do think I have the right to be seriously mad at them for delisting games I've paid my hard earned money for, and then FORCE me to contact them to get a refund. It should at least go automatically since they're removing MY licenses even thou I have all the rights to be able to download it in 20 years if I fckn wanted to. It's not a damn rental service, is it!? A lot of people here seem to have serious issues regarding respect towards others. I thought everyone had the rights for their own damn opinion! Even thou I call myself a WinPhan AND WinPhanDev I'm starting to dislike anyone calling themselves hardcore fans, cause most of them are ignorant and rude towards people who doesn't share their exact mentality.
  • Good point. It seems on this site if you dont blindly accept what Microsoft does you are told to "eff off" or are called other ridiculous names. Xbox on WP seems especially problematic for some people to accept that its a WP feature that some value, just as other value transperent tiles, metro-designed apps and more apps in general. Definitely leaning towards cult levels some times....
  • I know. It makes me really sad, cause a couple of years ago, that mentality didn't exist amongst us. We were just proud to be owners of the newest, most revolutionary mobile OS. But a lot of people have turned into something worse than Apple fanboys and PS fanboys. Hope WPC starts to do some serious moderating on comments and ban those who continuously can't treat others with respect, at least for a start.
  • 'Microsoft' I didn't let you down by supporting you, and this is showing hope that I wouldn't !
  • I really don't like the "Data and Applied Science" part in the "Our Culture" section. That type of analysis helped create the Metro-on-Desktop disaster (remember all the talk from MSFT about the user metrics they gathered). It also results in soul-less products. Another concern is the emphasis on "pushing accountability" throughout the Software Engineering process. That can be useful for eliminating dead wood but it can also stifle innovation. A lot of what you see in Windows is the result of an OS SDE going against the grain and knocking out a new feature (at least that's the way it used to be). If they had to account for their time then those things would have never happened. Those two items look like "top down" software development to me. That's not the way MSFT should be going. Each Windows SDE needs to be given a part of the product and told to run with it.
  • He has always been a data guy. Steven S honestly lied when it came to his "metrics". He said everything in defense of the horrible numbers he was getting to cover his ass but we all know that he basically made sure nobody who could give him metrics had access to the product (beta testers). So just because Steven S lied his ass off doesn't mean Analitics are bad. In fact if MSFT drives products by trully collecting user data instead of making it up, things are going ot get better. For accountability, MSFT teams mostly run scrum or some versioning of agile. You can't just have an SDE go crazy and not do his job for it will screw up the iteration plans. So chances are that is not what he's trying to correct. I hope what he really means is holding developers and managers accountable for doing things like releasing a POS app like xbox music, or for the windows phone team and managers no not be able to ship a point one update in the time that it takes google to build android L. You know, the kind of accountability that matters.
  • Everything can be misused but if I were in charge I'd err on the side of SDE freedom. For example, back in the Stone Ages I wanted to add a new feature but my boss and his boss rejected it. It was "too cool to not do" and I was a 20-something cowboy coder ... so I went to a Software Architect (they existed outside the normal management chain) and he said, "do it". The company ended up charging extra for the feature and now it's ubiquitous in all OSes. With strict accountability that wouldn't have happened and I probably would have been canned for trying. The top-down software management approach is good for setting an overall direction but the individual SDE needs to be given freedom for his part of the product. If you're not getting good results then get a different SDE. It's a management issue. When I look at the Windows API these days I see a disastrous top-down approach in action ("you *will* implement the WinRT API, Async, etc. regardless of how incompatible it is and how poorly it performs").  
  • @ least we dont have bb10 ui now that was just a waste of money
  • You obviously don't know how product develpoment happens. You don't just give a piece of it to an SDE. What you really mean is a PM.
  • I hardly ever interacted with a PM and that was mainly for absolute requirements (e.g. we *must* have x, y, and z) and ISV/IHV issues. Outside of the absolutes, which were pretty minimal, I was free to do what I wanted with the code/API. Maybe it was different in other areas of the product. Anyway, if SDEs at MSFT are now simply slaves for the PMs then it's no wonder things have gotten so screwy...  
  • Just get XBOX Music up to par with regards to the apps and services. That's a great test case for this new vision. Show me something! People love music so make it a glowing example of Mobile first and Cloud First!
  • Well I'm glad Xbox is safe.
  • I don't feel good about this, I dibt know why :'(
  • Mobile first... cloud first... how about FIRST getting the apps that are on WP to be on par with their counterparts?
  • Exactly. Timmyme app is a joke especially now that they list it on their site but dont mention key features missing nfc payments & run timmy run
  • 163rd
  • "Focusing on our core" = focusing on Windows itself, the only profitable product. In other words, don't expect faster updates for WP and more exclusives for Xbox One. Moblie first, could first most likely means more mobile services for iOS and Android, as far as I can tell.
  • 20 years ago a guy named GATES,said that the future in computers will be CLOUD and MOBILE,but unfortunately the guy that came after him has problems with his brain and fucked everything,now fortunately the is a smart and intelligent guy in command again,I like this guy !!
  • Bravo
  • Seems faster... WPC App for Android- Lenovo IdeaTab A3000
  • Blah blah blah.
  • Why this just reminds me of Leo Apotheker and the whole HP, webOS and Autonomy debacle. Hope someone tells him that devices are required for everything else.
  • Satya please start firing out all Nokia employes sending me emails ending with "from my iphone 5s" !!!!!!!!! Simply ridiculous, and offensive for a WP developer.... Take the Nokia logo only...Stop.
  • Just more executive double-talk.
  • Telepathy! Well said Mr.Nadella. If this is remarkably achieved within 1.5yeas we are going to be in align with our competitors and different in fusion of windows perception to do more to achieve "mobile 1st cloud 1st".
  • I hope he fires Joe Belfiore and the XBox Music team.
  • Well, tranlsated to plain English this tells me that lay-offs are coming.. Working for corporate America for quite a while now, the usual lingo of "focusing on core..." and "doing more effectively" is nothing more than getting rid of headcount... the interesting part will be to see where he will slash....
  • In the last week, I could have used a mobile banking app, a rail-trail app, and a Coursera app. All available on iOS and two available on Android. I think MS is going to have to enable Android apps on WP. WP is heading down the same path as Tablet PC, Plays for Sure, Zune, Windows Mobile, Microsoft Reader, etc. Has any company ever squandered as many first-mover advantages as MS?
  • how about our fckin WP, nutella?
  • Why is Microsoft trying to bring android apps on Windows Phone (according to the leaks lately). The day this will happen i think i will stop buying Windows Phone and get an iPhone. :( :(
  • Because I go to web site after web site with badges that say, "download our iOs app, download from Google Play" but very few that say "download our Windows Phone app." It really is that simple.
  • But it is not good for the Windows developers, microsoft should promote its own platforms instead of using android and put all their resources and energy to it instead of going android route and alienating their developers etc. Universal apps was a good step in right direction to encourgae developers to make apps for windows/windows phone but embracing android will alienate developers and who will develop for windows anymore if microsoft goes android?
  • He has great positive minds... Nice
  • Really WP apps on android! Have you checked the numbers lately? WP has the least amount of app of the three app stores.
  • As a former (ten year) MSFT employee who "blew the whistle" on some illegal/unethical activities of some managers (who then subsequently retaliated,) I'd like to have seen Satya make at least a passing mention of integrity.  Yes, I know that with a company that size, it's impossible to make sure that everyone is honorable all the time, but it starts at the top with a clear, unambiguous message and standard.
  • I think he needs to focus more on "Old Business" most customer facing employees have no idea about how to handle customers that are already mad about Microsoft's unfriendly computer systems not doing what the customer want's it to do.  Now, we do realize that your business is a virtual monopoly, along with Apple, and that you own our data, lock-stock-and-barrel, but it seems like yours, like other businnesses, needs growth, so it would seem that a return to friendly, non-scripted customer service would be good for your business.  Right now you have a bunch of defensive people pretending to be customer service people.