Good news for our Japanese readers expecting their first Windows Phone next month (or thereabout), Microsoft has posted a video overview of Mango, including demoing a few unannounced apps that we can expect to see on launch. From NanaPho, who kindly explained it all to us:

  • mixi - Mixi is the most popular social networking service (SNS) in Japan. While Facebook has only 3.85 million users, mixi has 23 million users.
  • NAVITIME - Navitime is one of popular navigation services in Japan including roadmaps, transit information for train & bus.
  • Hotpepper - Hotpepper is popular gourmet and coupon service in Japan.
  • Jorudan Norikae-Annai - Jorudan is popular train route finder service in Japan.

And is it us or does Windows Phone look pretty awesome with kana/kanji? Microsoft looks like they're finally set to take on the Japanse market, launching a new website, they got the phone--great news for them and great news for Japanese consumers.

Source: Microsoft; via NanaPho

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