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Good news for our Japanese readers expecting their first Windows Phone next month (or thereabout), Microsoft has posted a video overview of Mango, including demoing a few unannounced apps that we can expect to see on launch. From NanaPho, who kindly explained it all to us:

  • mixi - Mixi is the most popular social networking service (SNS) in Japan. While Facebook has only 3.85 million users, mixi has 23 million users.
  • NAVITIME - Navitime is one of popular navigation services in Japan including roadmaps, transit information for train & bus.
  • Hotpepper - Hotpepper is popular gourmet and coupon service in Japan.
  • Jorudan Norikae-Annai - Jorudan is popular train route finder service in Japan.

And is it us or does Windows Phone look pretty awesome with kana/kanji? Microsoft looks like they're finally set to take on the Japanse market, launching a new website, they got the phone--great news for them and great news for Japanese consumers.

Source: Microsoft (opens in new tab); via NanaPho

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  • I think Metro style is perfect for hieroglyphs.
  • Who is the chick with cankles?? lol I keed I keed!
  • All I see is a silverlight window with some text in Japanese. Can you guys actually see/play the video?
  • Not like it *really* makes a difference to me, but it seems like there's still a ton of English in the Japanese marketplace. I mean, Pac-Man is made by NAMCO (a Japanese company) and the description's still in English? o_O
  • They haven't localized that bit as the game so far is only in non-Japanese Marketplaces.
  • Look good. For some reason I feel like if WP7 can become popular in Japan, people here might think more highly of it (not that they don't already, but at this point it's more a matter of quantity than quality.)
  • I think it has huge potential in the country. The main reason iPhone still sells well over Android in Japan is that Android has an overall reputation of being "hard to use and not as fast/high quality as the iPhone)
  • Facebook only has 3.85 Million users? I'm fairly certain they just surpassed their 750 million user mark in the past month or so. When the Social Network came out, Facebook had 500 million users. Unless I'm totally missing something.
  • Pssst....they mean only in Japan.
  • And a very few of those 3.85 users use the website actively. Mixi is far more popular, and I think it's almost unethical to 'force push" (no SW reference intended) Facebook on Japan. They socially prefer privacy when it comes to the internet, and that's why Mixi continues to be popular. That being said, I think the Mixi App could better use the Metro interface
  • MAng0 next month? :) ... us to? ... :) hehe i hope
  • I'm still excited to see the Music marketplace/Zune service localized for Japan.Also, I'm excited to See localized for Japan Metro-style Emoticons. I still wish Mixi was integrated into the people hub. Facebook really doesn't have a future in Japan. I also wish Bing was a bit more localized for Japan, and that the Train information got integrated in with it, as it seems weird that Metro WP7 doesn't embrace trains
  • Digging the Kanji font....if only anglo-saxon fonts were that cool !Wonder if Japan has a big Windows PC install base out of curiosity....hopefully that may drive some nice cross-over. I know the 360s not that huge there....
  • lol pacman costs $4.99 in Japan!