New report claims Windows 11 adoptions haven't even eclipsed Windows XP market share

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Windows 11 Tease (Image credit: Microsoft)

What you need to know

  • Lansweeper has released a new report indicating the state of Windows 11 adoption.
  • According to its findings, less than 1.5% of PCs are on Windows 11.
  • These results were allegedly derived from a scan of 10 million PCs, with the mix therein being 20% enterprise and 80% consumer.

Different research gathers different results, so take these findings from Lansweeper with the same grain of salt you'd take any other figures. If Lansweeper's stats are on the money, then it seems Windows 11 adoption is slow going.

For contrast, back in January 2022, AdDuplex claimed Windows 11 had eaten 16% of Windows 10's lunch as of that month. While AdDuplex's chart didn't provide a breakdown of every Windows operating system's market share, the fact that Windows 10 is dominant in most major markets means 16% of it would translate to a higher overall percentage of total PC users than what Lansweeper's report claims. According to the latter, Windows 11 has only captured 1.44% of the market as of April 2022.

That figure is derived from a scan of 10 million PCs, which Lansweeper claims are 20% enterprise devices and 80% consumer. Furthermore, the IT asset management software provider's findings also show a breakdown of how most other Windows OSes are doing in the market.

Source: Lansweeper (Image credit: Source: Lansweeper)

Based on the figures at hand, Windows 11 has yet to even beat out Windows XP, which remains a fan-favorite OS in certain parts of the world. Still, beloved or otherwise, XP is old and the idea that Windows 11, with its insane marketing stunts and rapid growth in places like PC gaming, hasn't yet beaten the elder OS... it's quite the claim.

Lansweeper predicted as much back when it stated Windows 11 would prove a challenge for enterprise devices. And more recent studies have more or less agreed that enterprise adoption isn't speeding along. But the fact that Lansweeper states this study's results are primarily consumer derived leaves room for debate given other sources' Windows 11 reporting.

"Although the rate of adoption is increasing bit by bit, it's obvious that Windows 11 upgrades aren't going as fast as Microsoft had hoped, especially within the business environment," said Roel Decneut, Chief Strategy Officer at Lansweeper. "Many organisations have been put off from having to buy new machines that meet these conditions, while others are simply happy with the current existence of Windows 10 which continues to be supported until 2025."

Perhaps there's truth to some of these claims, hence why Microsoft keeps pushing people to properly adopt the OS.

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