New update v4.2 for the Windows Phone Central app ready to download, includes lock screen wallpaper support

It's time for another update to our official Windows Phone app, and this one brings functionality many of you have requested: lock screen wallpapers. If you're a die-hard fan of the site and just can't get enough Windows Phone news, or even want to bring the news front and center for a week or so, you can enable our app as your wallpaper provider to get the latest headlines on your lock screen. Our wallpaper colours can also be customised with the full range of Windows Phone accents, and you'll even get article images appearing when you're using our flip tile. Find and enable all of these options from the app's settings screen.

That's not the only new feature thought, we've also finally included support for playing videos through Metrotube, switched to the Nokia advertising exchange (for free users only of course) and updated Unification support with in-line images. See below for the full changelist as well as a few samples of what you can do when customising our lock screen.

wpcentral lock screen wallpaper examples

You can go minimalist, or more wacky with our wallpaper (far right inspired by Lumia 620 'Dual Shot')

  • Added lock screen wallpaper support - now get the latest news directly to your customisable wallpaper (WP8, paid version only)
  • Improved flip tile reliability
  • Added option to view videos in Metrotube (WP8 only)
  • Updated Unification support with images
  • Unifcation notifications are now sent to confirm enabling or disabling of the service
  • Trial: Now using Nokia Ad Exchange for adverts
  • WP7: Fixed bug where large image quality was not available

v4.2.8 is available right now in the marketplace, you can download it from this link (and whilst you're there feel free to leave a review!). Remember if you'd prefer not to buy the app the trial is our completely free option which will never expire, it just includes ads and has a few of the more premium features disabled.

As we say every time an update reaches the public: we really do value your feedback and opinions, so please get in touch through the forums, comments or the app help screen if you've got any suggestions, comments or even if you'd just like to tell us you're happy with the app! I'd just like to round off this announcement by saying thanks to our own Rich Edmonds and Sam Sabri for their original wallpaper designs which inspired this lock screen.

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Jay Bennett