New user-made "We Love WP7" ad is wow-worthy

Although Microsoft has finally begun running what many consider to be a real solid ad for Windows Phone 7/Samsung Focus, much of the on-TV commercial advertising has been less than exciting so far.

Step in Brandon Foy (website), who is interning at Full Sail University for Motion Graphics + Compositing. He made this "case study" ad featuring the theme "We Love WP7" and boy, it's just amazing what one talented person with an idea can do.

Microsoft: hire this guy to make some ads, he gets it. (By the way, the song is '11H30' by Danger, for those curious)

Source:; Thanks @winphonepro

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Oh my god! That is AMAZING!
  • it's amazing, so amazing (kanye's voice)
  • I'm blown away. One thing MS should definitely do is use the images for 'We heart Windows Phone 7' at the end of all their commercials as a nice little sign off.
  • Indeed, Dandon Foy get's it. This would be a great ad, along with the Samsung Focus ad from AT&T running right now. MS needs to get this guy onboard ASAP!
  • Please give Microsoft credit for this great ad it is not AT& T's ad!!!!!!
  • I don't see it on the Microsoft site...
  • Im not talking about the ad being shown by the user which is great by the way. Im referring to the ad and link that the editor referred to as "Although AT&T has finally begun....."(update he changed it now to reflect it as Microsoft) Thanks!!
  • Yes, hire this kid on and let him make the ads! Up the quality on this one a little and it'd be TV Worthy!
  • I think he just made a case for a career in Microsoft marketing department. BEAUTIFUL AND AWESOME JUST LIKE WP7!
  • That sure is a nice looking advertisement. Microsoft should hire this guy. Just sweet! Will bring more people in!!!
  • the name fits too WOW damn nice windows phone 7 ad it should be offical.
  • This is the coolest thing I have ever seen (with regards to WP7!)
  • Damn, alright im gonna have to make one too when my Arch finals are done... this was awesome
  • How is it that he singlehandedly outdoes a marketing team that gets paid millions? Nicely done.Which raises a question....I just downloaded this Youtube video to my Pre. Can you download videos to a WP7 device?
  • nope, just tried a few different ways for you on my HD7...
  • Didjy'all forget to install a YouTube app or something? Vids play just fine directly from the browser on my HD7.
  • he said download it to the device, not just play it
  • Yes, thank you. I wonder if the Homebrew community has addressed this.
  • I am PLAYING the videos, thank you. In fact, about half the videos present on this site I watch first on my phone.Search for YouTube in the app store, and install one of the freebies. Microsoft's implementation works quite well, though you can't submit comments from theirs.
  • So when you download this to your device in what file format does it store it?How much space does it take up? Can you attach it via email?
  • Great looking video, for those familiar with WP7, but not sure how well it will attract new users to the platform. I see three demographics:1. Non smartphone users who are thinking of diving in but have some apprehension due to perceived complexity and/or additional (data) cost. 2. The under 25 crowd looking for something new and different3. The over 25 crowd who want to keep it simple, but have grown tired of the iPhone look. This ad may appeal somewhat to group #2 but does nothing for 1 & 3. Can't explain it all with 30-45 seconds, but I think the ads that focus on a single feature; push tiles, music hub, games, Office, do more to convince users to give WP7 a try.While XBox integration is a great selling point for current XBox users, I think the Zune integration is the next most important aspect that is unfortunately being ingnored, probably because Microsoft it thinking about rebranding that hub. Give all new WP7 users 6 months of FREE Zune Pass, and send that as a coupon through carriers to all existing customers, especially non-smartphone users, and that will do more than any media ad campaign will with a 30 second clip.
  • Completely agree. This video is cool for people who are already familiar with WP7, but it doesn't do much to pull new people in. I don't think I'd appreciate this much if I didn't know about WP7 already.
  • That's the thing a lot of fan made ads fail to focus on. Great production, but it fails to promote the OS or phone. Something simple like a close up of the phone and text relevant to the benefit being shown ("Download unlimited music from your phone with Zune Pass") would've been better.And I can't imagine that Zune Pass as a service is that profitable for Microsoft. As much as I'd like six months of free Zune Pass as a consumer, for Microsoft that's a long time to wait to get feedback on whether or not their marketing efforts were successful, and whether or not people will continue to pay for the service after the trial. I got a free month of Zune Pass, and I knew within a few days that I'd be keeping the service.
  • Rico, I thought you got it!!?? This ad is strictly High Concept. It needs NO further explanation or "relevant text". It works quite well, as is. This would have been great to run during the Super Bowl. Yes Microsoft (or an ad agency employed by Microsoft), hire this guy NOW!!
  • I understand your points, but what this user created ad does do is generate excitement. Look at how many people here love the presentation. None of the current Microsoft ads do this. If you look at the first ipod and iphone ads, they don't show any of the functionality of the devices, they are designed to generate an emotional attachment/excitement and feeling of "this is Cool" around their product. The one thing this clip does do is say WP7 is cool.
  • wow, that video is cool. I never comment but I felt I needed to. I hope MS see's this and likes it.
  • This is by far the best WP7 ad. Hey Ballmer, why don't you give this guy a call?
  • I agree, the kid's got talent and the ad is cool. But the WP7/Samsung ad does one thing better: it clearly shows me why I should have this phone.Looking forward to the kid's second second try.
  • This ad definitely gets you excited about WP7, and leaves you wanting to see (or find out) more... (Kind of the "teaser" effect)Best I have seen so far, for WP7!! Nice Job Brando!!
  • Very cool!
  • I suppose I'm alone, but *yawn*. It doesn't really convey anything the phone does, and it's a little too techno happy for my taste.If anything, Microsoft needs some more ads like the XBOX Live one with the avatar guy, or even the parachuting picture taking guy, or the person looking for a hotel at the airport. Something that actually conveys what the phones capable of.
  • They have plenty of those. Like the people above have said, it produces more hype than the official ones, particularly with the younger crowd who might be graduating from feature phones. It showed some features, but in a quicker, younger, playful way. Ad campaigns don't have to be an "either-or" thing. If they added this or something like it, it'd only make the campaign that much better.Besides, I assume he was one guy who did this on his own with hard work. To down play that by yawning at it is asshattery.
  • This ad doesn't convey anything the phone does? Then your eye isn't doing you much of a service. These days most phone do the same stuff. The non-word, quick, flashy, pop'y flash card showcase offers enough screen to be revealing and make you wonder without having to describe what a smart phone does... For example, in the flick, we saw contact hub, status updates, we saw live tiles, we saw XBOX LIVE, we saw Zune, we saw the home screen, etc, etc.Perhaps to help those without a quick eye, it could use some boiler plate STAMPS on each "scene" but it is just fine. This could used in tandem with the traditional "feature-mercials." Marketing should use a diverse set of methods to attract attention. This is fun. :)
  • Why do the phones have double-tall tiles in this video? I'm not aware of any apps that have a double-tall tile.
  • GREAT job B Foy. And enough with the "Debbie Downer" Comments about what this ad doesnt do. Wp7 needs commercials to get its current user base more hyped and to grab the interest of young adults. Dont get me wrong, the "Really?, A phone to Save us From our Phones" themed commercials were funny, but this is way more cool, and shit yes it gets me excited. It is nice how this Fan ad politely killed most all the others,........... but watching the furry guys being blasted by the surround is still cool. Once again great work bruh.
  • Microsoft, HIRE THIS MAN! LOL Fun, highlighted all of the great features of the phone and not a single word uttered! Nice.