While Cortana is relatively new to Windows Phone for those who have official access and support, newly released videos show how the company has been working on the virtual assistant for some time. Project Louise kicked off back in 2010, the same year Windows Phone 7 originally launched, and displays similar functionality presently available in Cortana today. What's more is one of the videos shows how the assistant can also work on Windows 8.

Checking out the video above shows a restaurant booking demo on a Windows 8 tablet. It's clearly an old video, but one that shows a working personal assistant. We'll also show you Project Louise running on Windows Phone below.

Microsoft will work to bring Cortana to Windows 8 and Xbox One and complete the ecosystem (as well as competing platforms), but before (or while) that occurs we'll need to see expanded support for Cortana on Windows Phone. Did you know Cortana was almost called Alyx?

Source: Microsoft Research (1) (2), via: The Verge

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