New Windows Phone 7 'features' video looks pretty good


Microsoft is continuing their desperately needed PR push by presenting this new 'features' video on YouTube. While nothing really new is demonstrated per se, it is nice to see it in all of its glorious action and real life scenarios--gives you a real feel for how it will all work.

Despite some of those initial 1.0 limitations, you have to give Microsfot credit for that UI--it looks nothing like Android or the iPhone. Not an easy accomplishment if you think about how you would design a mobile OS.

Check out the video after the jump, it's worth the 3 1/2 minutes.

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been here covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics and ran the projectors at movie theaters, which has done absolutely nothing for his career.

  • That was awesome. I never noticed before that the keyboard is slightly opaque to whatever is behind it! Nice. So long as steady news keeps flowing on Windows Phone 7 I think I'll hold out. My current phone is nearly dying and I was thinking about Android or iPhone but every time I see WinPho7 I reaffirms my belief that'll be awesome!
  • I got a chance of seeing the new Windows Phone. Believe iPhone will be having a run for there money.. Its mind blowing. I am not a fan of any brand , but with features in iOS4 I am pretty sure iPhone will have a run for there money.
  • Sorry, this is incomprehensible. Which OS do you think is better?
  • opaque keyboard. Meanwhile the iPhone has multitasking, copy/paste and 100k worth of apps. Good luck to you MSFT!!!
  • Dude iphone 1,2,3,4, whatever its boring. wow multi who gives a fuck
    i have a iphone 3gs and its boring. i got one because i lost my win mo phone. iphone + att equals= fail in my eyes. we need new, we need phone 7. getting one on launch. i hate beeing in the mac world. its looks cool but i need functionality.
  • You'd think with all those 100k apps that you wouldn't have time or the interest to come here to troll. Is it that boring over there? :-/
  • Windows Mobile has ALWAYS had multitasking-worthless iphone finally gets it in 4th version-3 years after WM...
    100k of apps?-99% of them are useless..
  • So what is an iPhone fanboy doing on a site whose domain name is Windows Mobile Experts??? And why is he/she looking as WP7 video??? :-)))))))) Tell Steve Jobs something is coming that he should be paranoid about, if MSFT invest in the proper promotion.
  • What song is that?
  • Nice. And I definitely agree with you on the UI. They came up with a different look that looks good and not a lot of people would come up with.
  • im excited abouut this!! HD3 with tmobile USA is my dream!
  • I'm hoping this is great and stays stable after 3-6 months of regular use, unlike WinMo 6.1 and 6.5. I would love to see this work well and provide a nice alternative to Android and iPhone. Does anyone else wonder if the motion and heavy graphical changes between tasks (i.e. the virtual page turning effects and 3D-ish movement) would get bothersome during daily use for busy business and personal use? Looks great, but would it be annoying and seem inefficient after awhile? Kinda like watching an Apple slide presentation where sommeone uses the more dramatic slide transitions...sure it looks kinda cool, but you end up paying more attention to the crazy slide transitions than the actual content. Just wondering from a longtime business/personal heavy user of WinMo looking at WP7.
  • Do big blue boxes sound business-like to you? Come on.
  • As I heard it, the animations are partly to cover for some loading time (i.e., you get the animations instead of just the rotating red, blue, green, and yellow). With that in mind, I don't think it would get bothersome.
  • The UI is old. I don't mean Metro, that is a very new concept, but the version of the UI is the one they first showed off. For example, the text in the unlock screen is now smaller, various icons on the Start Menu are different, and the Xbox Live hub has white font instead of black and different designs in the background. So, there you have it. Oh, and Windows Phone 7 looks awesome.
  • You can only sync over wifi? So you can't download Zune songs over 3G? PASS. Also, come on, the UI is ugly. Big blue boxes, tons of wasted space.
  • They meant to sync it up with your PC you can do it over WiFi. On WinPho7 Backstage they already said you can get your songs VIA 3G. Well on a screen you can either have widgets(Android,Nokia etc) or have lots of little boxes(iPhone) so those are the other choices and I prefer WinPho7.
  • Wow! This video looks great! I LOVE the UI. It's so different than anything else and seems simple to understand and follow. Just stuck a form in any idea I had of getting an Android or an iPhone. I'm definately getting one of these this Fall!
  • If you ask me, this would no longer be a bussiness OS anymore. It looks to me as it should be called "Twitter Tweet" or "Face-Phone" because it is more focused on being a social activities based system. It is becoming more of a toy than a serious OS. Guess MS has become so into beating the iPhone, it is becoming one, and will alienate the bussiness customers. Thus, Blackberry will end up without competition.
  • You'r so right. V1.0 and you know EVERYTHING about it. You're so insightful! I mean as if MSFT would bother updating the OS now. You have cracked their code! AMAZING! You ever think that just maybe there is a chance that like EVERY OTHER OS it would receive update and have more features over time...
  • I have to disagree, more and more companies are adapting to the social media marketing aspect of business. It's quickly becoming a way to communicate with clients and give the company an insight to the people behind it, instead of just the brand.
  • Windows 7 is now launch and i have read some nice review about this new OS. I think best think people like about this OS is their additional function for videos. So lets see what other people thought related to new OS.
  • I can say it is really a terrific work.I just got an Android Phone but I will surely go for Windows Mobile 7 Series as it is an awesome phone OS.
  • I must say it looks pretty good and impressive.I watched the video and the clarity of the video and audio is superb.The image quality is also nice.
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  • Correct me if I'm wrong, but WinMO can afford to be more radical in it's next big launch. The iPhone is certainly an impressive and successful product, but I think they risk market share if they become too new too soon. WinMo, which I've used got since 2002, has pretty much always blown chunks and can use the radical makeover. I will say 6.5.5 is a sweet build...but using a stock rom makes the thing chug along on the latest HTC releases.
  • I will not buy Windows Phone 7 phone without built-in WiFi hotspot.
  • Who's gonna get in line for one of these at their local Microsoft Store? I know I am in Mission Viejo, CA!