Amazon's New World list of known bugs and launch issues

New World
New World (Image credit: Amazon Games)

Amazon Games' New World is steadily rolling out across the globe, with thousands of players pouring into its fantasy world of Aeternum. The massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) draws influence from mid-seventeenth century America, a bleak backdrop for its war-ravaged island, with hours of story and exploration ahead.

While New World distances itself from a subscription model, it otherwise embraces all the signatures of the best MMORPGs on the market. It's an online-only experience, fundamental to its shared world, but that already means a rocky experience on launch day.

New World continues to rollout out on a per-region basis (you can check New World launch times in our guide), and as new issues arise, we're rounding them up all on one page.

New World bugs, issues, and glitches

New World

Source: Amazon Games (Image credit: Source: Amazon Games)

The first players have now started to enter the world of Aeternum, with high player counts and long queue times leaving many unable to access the game. We've wrapped up the most common bugs and issues affecting New World today.

Long server queues at New World launch

Server queue times have emerged as one of the outstanding issues as New World launches globally, with many players facing estimated wait times spanning several days. The EU rollout saw servers capped at 2,000 players each, leaving many sat in queues, scrambling for a spot in its virtual worlds.

New World is the latest launch from Amazon Games, and as with any release, there will be bugs and issues along the way. As a massively multiplayer experience, server stability is critical, with ongoing efforts to account for the influx of new players on day one.

While there's no formal workaround, patience is vital when it comes to server queues. While Amazon Games is likely to scale to demand, meaning increased server stability to come, it's a natural shortcoming with any new launch.

Queuing broken for some players

While server queues have derailed the New World launch for some, we're also seeing players report issues with its associated systems. Players have said that server queues, including placements and related wait times, are inaccurate, leaving some unable to access the game. We expect these queue times and estimates to improve as the launch rush subsides.

Can't interact with the world

Those who gain access to New World have found that various inputs, including the "E" key binding, can fail to function. The bug limits your ability to interact with the world, potentially game-breaking under numerous circumstances. Amazon Games is yet to acknowledge this bug, with no known workaround to date.

Other New World bugs and issues

New World

Source: Amazon Games (Image credit: Source: Amazon Games)

While Sept. 28 marks New World's final release, Amazon Games is still tracking an extensive list of known bugs and issues via its official forums. The lengthy post stows hundreds of outstanding issues impacting gameplay, visuals, audio, and other components of the title.

While we continue to collate outstanding problems players face on launch day, Amazon Games maintains its own title-wide bug-tracking hub. The studio has stated it's "actively working on resolving" these known issues, albeit with many fixes likely some time out, given the size of the list.

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