Nielsen has Android US marketshare falling, WP7 hovering

Nielsen has discovered that during last month Android witnessed its first real decline in US marketshare by one percent to 36%. The iPhone fell by a percent too at 26% while Blackberry saw an increase by one to 23%. Windows Phone 7 was shown to be sat at 1% and was tied with Palm OS. According to Nielsen, Windows Mobile still has a huge chunk of marketshare compared to WP7, which settled at 9%.

What's also interesting to note is the data usage per OS. Android is at the top with 582MB worth of bandwidth used, iOS next with 492MB, while WP7 is only at 317MB. This could well be that users on WP7 don't spend as much time online while on the go, which would prove Microsoft's advertising campaign to be correct - Windows Phone does speed up the time for you to get back to real life.

What do you think about the analysis?

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Rich Edmonds
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  • I have found myself to use Windows Phone as the way the have advertised.
  • So nothing changed then? In their previous study they gave combined Windows Mobile and Windows Phone 10%, and now it is ... 10%.
  • Need the 2nd batch of Mango phones and the Mango update itself to really get the ball rolling sales wise. With all the features coming it'll be hard to turn WP7 down with all it brings both old and new feature wise.
  • Hello im a new member here im pretty much an android guy and i have been following wp7 ever since it launched and i must say after looking at the mango update i will most likely be getting one but still holding onto my evo okay but now to the main pointI definitely wouldn't count Microsoft and wp7 out but if the want to compete there going to need to step up the advertising and there update release cycle needs to be every 6 months it took way to long to get mango out there. When mango hits microsoft needs to come out guns blazing introducing whats after mango as you may now androids ice cream sandwich and apples iphone 5 with a new os is suppose to drop around the same time as mango and this a key time as many people will be looking to upgrade. Lastly if microsoft uses there tools correctly the can't lose they have far more resources then either apple or google, they have microsoft office, xbox live, bing, ie9, their cloud services, skype
  • the tumble of android has begun. android is a fragmented pile of ****
  • I simply...agree. I don't usually agree with such harsh comments, but it (Android) really is. I just went to Verizon to check out the Trophy (not is store until 2 June...drat!), and decided to take another look at the Droid offerings. I tried the new Samsung, the Droid X2, and the Droid2. They were choppy, skippy, anything opposite of smooth. I got my son the Thunderbolt, and he loves it. I don't see the appeal after having used the iPhone (my better half), and playing with ANY WP7 device. Perhaps I just don't get it...and I won't either. I'm BB now, but WP7 here I come! (with a slice of Mango please...)
  • Actually, I find that to be a major shame. The advocacy of open platforms is a good thing, and the OS itself is actually pretty good.The problem is Google never forced mandates on its hardware like Apple or Microsoft did. In the long run, that was a horrible, horrible idea. It's completely and utterly fractured their entire platform. What should have been a brighter future for open markets instead turned out to be a wild west of development. We think we had update problems... Everyone should have been glad not to be Android users.
  • I also read alot of tech blogs and i can tell you for a fact that the general conseus of android users aren't all that happy with platform because of fragmentation honestly the platform is a mess but people will stick with it because it's popular and app development is there and with apple a lot of people i know are looking for other platforms because apple is boring and has been the same os since launched for the most part if wp7 gets more exclusive apps and has faster update cycles with more great features like bing vision and local scout microsoft will be fine but at this point there going to have to go all in and throw in lots of cash
  • I can't imagine WP7 beating those giants. I hope it does manage to rise against Symbian, WebOS etc...
  • Who would have though Android would have surpassed the iPhone? Or that the iPhone would not sell that well on Verizon?It took a year and a half for Android to explode. All I'm saying is, lots can change in 2-3 years and I'd never bet on any trend right now--too volatile.Read my earlier comments about converting the 73% of the market to smartphones--that's the real battle.
  • that's exactly right and another thing to consider is that android didn't get really popular until 2010-2011 so around 2012-2013 those peoples 2yr contract will be over and most will be looking to see what some of the other platforms offer because not everyone is happy with their android device, but this offers the perfect opportunity for microsoft because it gives roughly two years to keep building the os and to keep building the app market place. Also this is perfect for them because this is the ideal time for them to launch windows 8 along with new phones tablets and slates so for now i would just advise you guys to be patient and to see microsoft is cooking up
  • Of course they can think about it the two biggest ways at this point to win consumer interest is your marketing and apps Microsoft really needs to sell wp7 image in a way that says, hey I know we were viewed as boring and lame along with many other negative connotation but this is the new Microsoft were young were hip and were going to show you how a real smartphone is suppose to work. Then from there highlight Xbox live but they need exclusive games not ports or angry birds then sell Microsoft office and exchange to win over business users and people who like to be productive the Bing integration is excellent zune marketplace is solid but I would love to see some wonderful integration with Skype Microsoft definitely has a chance no doubt about it they just have to keep working and pushing until it catches on they just need to be quicker
  • skype will be useless in WP7 / AT&T .... cause a simple skype call will drain our data plan!
  • Dude: WiFi
  • I am having real problems with wifi on my Omnia, withstanding the fact that it is **** period but it seems to go to sleep behind the lock screen, is this a feature?
  • ur wrong reviewer!!!! as usual!we WP7 users dont spend that much online cause of the 2GB AT&T limit..... every month I start to reach it, my Sam Focus shows me a message to buy more MB !!!! SUCKS!!!! ..... I dont ever use the youtube on my wp7 cause of this poor 2GB data plan.... we want unlimited!
  • Wow? I wish I had 2GB here in the UK. We're restricted to a maximum of 1GB plans here (apart from, of course, the fake "unlimiteds"). In fact, I'm restricted to 750MB even for £35/mo. Consider yourself lucky :-)
  • There is the option of the One Plan from 3UK which is truly unlimited, tested and verified by a few now.
  • I'm not sure what you mean by myself being wrong? The average amount shown on the chart (in MBs remember) for WP7 is 317, no where near the 2GB limit (I'm on 1GB limit in the UK so I'm more worse off than you). If you reach your monthly allowance of 2GB nearly every month, perhaps you should attempt to use WiFi more if at all possible?
  • A lot of people I know with Dumb Phones are getting a WP7 soon (including a lot of family but mainly friends) as well as a lot of m friends contracts run out in November ans most people I know like my phone for its OS, so as some people have said people switching phones after contract and people moving off of Dumb Phones will be attracted to WP7.
  • WP7 as a platform is an overall superior experience to Android or iOS. The only question that remains to be seen answered is whether MS truly understands that it must also dominate the salesroom floor by converting all the those gatekeepers who control the point of sale and have a strong existing bias for anything Android/Apple related
  • Well alot of the ratail members at are trying to sell Windows Phone 7 as much as possible. Right now people really know that they want an android phone before entering the store. But I also know that alot of the sales personel are towards android and will push it as hard as they can.
  • Still don't buy the 9% WinMo numbers. Didn't WinMo have an 8% market share last year. I have to believe that 33-66% of all current WP users were previous WinMo users, myself included. Blogs, carriers, OEMs, etc., all confuse WM with WP and I am sure Neilson did also as part of their data collection. Don't dispute the 10% number, but I think its closer to 50-50 or 60-40, in WPs favor.
  • "Nielsen has discovered that during last month Android witnessed its first real decline in US marketshare by one percent to 36%."That's a pretty bold statement since Nielsen Wire never said that or "discovered" it. My guess is that some blogger compared a previous Nielsen post with the current one and ignoring any statistical error jumped to an unsupported conclusion.Read the original post and you will find it's a partial break down of data usage between Android and iOS users with no word on WP7. There simply may not be enough WP7 users in the sample to conclude anything about their data habits beyond presenting the raw data."This could well be that users on WP7 don't spend as much time online while on the go, which would prove Microsoft's advertising campaign to be correct - Windows Phone does speed up the time for you to get back to real life."The Microsoft campaigned focused on seeing the current communication state and the ease of getting to the underlying info with WP7, not on streaming media content, a focus of the Nielsen post. Nielson's post doesn't "prove" Microsoft's advertising concept, the two aren't related.
  • I have an idea for Microsoft:Since WM6.5 is a dying platform and you need the users, why not offer an upgrade path to all those users?Sponsor a phone and offer it at a low price so that you can merge WM6 and WP7 in those stats. Instead of letting those users migrate to Android (which looks like a more logical upgrade path given the similarities of Android and WM6).What do you think?:-)
  • Why hasn't precentral noticed that this shows webOS has twice the market share of WP7?