Nielsen has Android US marketshare falling, WP7 hovering

Nielsen has discovered that during last month Android witnessed its first real decline in US marketshare by one percent to 36%. The iPhone fell by a percent too at 26% while Blackberry saw an increase by one to 23%. Windows Phone 7 was shown to be sat at 1% and was tied with Palm OS. According to Nielsen, Windows Mobile still has a huge chunk of marketshare compared to WP7, which settled at 9%.

What's also interesting to note is the data usage per OS. Android is at the top with 582MB worth of bandwidth used, iOS next with 492MB, while WP7 is only at 317MB. This could well be that users on WP7 don't spend as much time online while on the go, which would prove Microsoft's advertising campaign to be correct - Windows Phone does speed up the time for you to get back to real life.

What do you think about the analysis?

Via Slareng

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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