Nimbuzz ends development of its Windows Phone app

Nimbuzz, the popular messaging app service, has decided to stop developing its Windows Phone app. The company released the first version of this app in 2012.

In response to a Windows Phone user asking if the company had plans to update the app, the Nimbuzz Twitter account replied:

"Hello, we have stopped the development on Windows Phone. We are now only working on iPhone and Android. Thanks, Nimbuzz"

Nimbuzz, which is now based in New Delhi, India, claims to have 150 million users of its messaging and VoIP apps in 200 countries. It would appear, based on the response, that the company has no plans to release a Windows 10 or Windows 10 Mobile version of the app.

Thanks to Andres_Robayo17 for the tip!

Source: Nimbuzz

John Callaham