Nintendo Switch makes Microsoft's lack of a portable Xbox even more painful

I've always loved handheld gaming.

From the days of the Game Boy Pocket to the present day, when I just got my new Nintendo Switch, I enjoy being able to play games whenever and wherever I am. I'm not only a Nintendo loyalist, either; I have both of Sony's portable efforts, too, and I still play games on one of them.

But I don't have a portable Xbox, and that makes me sad.

Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch isn't a direct competitor to the Xbox One or the PlayStation 4 (PS4). That much is blindingly obvious. What it is, though, is a much better alternative to playing games on a phone or tablet, at least if you hate the freemium dominated world we now inhabit. And I do.

I want to pay money to play a great game. That's not too much to ask, right?

I'm a fairly platform-agnostic person, and I now have the three most current consoles, but Xbox is still my favorite. The ecosystem is solid, and neither Sony nor Nintendo are doing anything that's remotely as exciting as what's coming from Xbox (at least not that we know of). But when I leave the house, my Xbox experience ends unless I pack my gaming laptop.

Xbox has never been what it could have when it comes to gaming on the go. Xbox Live integration for Windows mobile games is terrific, but mostly you're still limited to smartphone-class games. Those don't excite me, with the exception of games like Halo: Spartan Strike. What excites me is the thought of playing Skyrim on something that's no bigger than a tablet.

A missed opportunity for Microsoft

Microsoft, more than any other company making consoles, has all the pieces it needs to make this happen. But here we are, and it's probably never going to change. Again, that makes me sad. But who knows? There could be an end-game somewhere.

Our own Jez Corden recently shared some thoughts on how Beam could become part of that:

As global internet speeds increase, it seems logical that Beam could be the vehicle that Microsoft will use to provide personal gameplay streaming over the internet.

That is a tantalizing prospect. Streaming games over the web isn't a new idea, and it's been tried by others with varying degrees of success. Sony has PlayStation Now which works (mostly), and NVIDIA has GeForce Now which lets you play full PC games on devices that wouldn't normally support them.

Instead of a portable console, could Microsoft fill the void and keep me — and no doubt many others — happy by letting us play proper Xbox console games anywhere we have a data connection? I'm all for that idea.

The beauty of Nintendo Switch is that while it falls short of raw power compared to the PS4 and Xbox One, the games you'll be able to play on it are going to be of a higher caliber than most mobile titles. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is superb, and it's absolutely enormous. I wouldn't even entertain playing such a game on a phone or tablet with touchscreen controls. You also have the benefit of a full, integrated controller.


This isn't the answer.

I want to believe that somewhere deep within Redmond, Microsoft has a plan. There's so much that could be done, and yet Nintendo is still the only company to really grab any success in the handheld console space. 3DS games aren't exactly high-res blockbusters, but those little folding consoles are everywhere. Eventually, I'm sure the Switch will see a similar success.

But what I really want is an Xbox Pocket. How about you? You with me?

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Richard Devine is an Editor at Windows Central. A former Project Manager and long-term tech addict, he joined Mobile Nations in 2011 and has been found on Android Central and iMore as well as Windows Central. Currently you'll find him covering all manner of PC hardware and gaming, and you can follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

  • Meh, my Surface Pro 2 is my Portable XBox 360/PSX/PS2/Wii/SNES and possibly PS3 in the future. Dedicated consoles are a dead species to me...
  • They are messing up the streaming in a bug way with the PC/Xbox game app. You need to be able to do it when you are away from home on a another network. And the fact that you cant play any games without the disk in makes it almost useless even if you could do this on a network away from home.
  • Give me internet streaming and that is all I need. Why would I even want to buy MORE hardware? The ISPs in the US also need to stop dragging their feet and raping every customer they can find so this can be a viable option for everyone. 150MbS down and only 10-15 MbS down. That's what I pay almost 100 a month for. No alternatives either. Gotta love legal monopolies.
  • That's funny. I pay that nearly much for 60 mbps down, 2mbps up.
  • What's really screwed up is that I pay $80 for 1gbps in Cincinnati through Cincinnati Bell.
  • Those speeds are incredible, stop complaining.
  • I only really complained about the upload speed. This is the part that would hamper my streaming of Xbox to my phone one day. My download speed is awesome, which is the reason why I way so much for it. Sorry to hear that its actually a good price compared to others (87.99/mo. is just internet only, New Orleans market). It's just sad that these speeds are great for us, but in reality pitiful and wayyyy overpriced compared to other places in the world because the cable companies are legally allowed to throttle speeds and growth of speeds.
  • They're not incredible considering what technology is availabe to us and isn't even *new* technology. Some people are competing with wireless service being a competitor for internet.  We're not doing well comparatively. Its one thing if its technology holding us back, but instead its companies that refuse to try better. Verizon halted FiOS rollouts and the CEO who was pushing the rollouts had to step down. That is *not* how progress is done. With such an eye on short term profits, we're going nowhere.
  • $100 USD per month is interesting because I pay $80 CAD per month for the same speeds in Canada.  Usually we pay way more than the US, but in this case it's the other way around, especially when you consider $100 USD is equal to approximately $134 CAD after exchange. So to be clear I'm paying approximiately $59 USD for 150 Mbps download and 10 to 15 Mbsp upload.
  • Streaming from your own home to outside is very difficult, and the delay is going to be really bad, likely unplayable.
  • Thank you. That makes sense.
  • Not sure I follow about the disc. I only own digital games though
  • I Don't Care About A Nintendo Switch ☹ .... Where's The "Sims" Game At For Xbox One?
  • where are the sims expansión for pc? only one half assed last year... the next one hasn't been announced yet!! if they announce a Xbox and play station versión i will be pissed off real bad.
  • There is barely any market for portable consoles in markets Xbox has strong position. Switch has not proven anything yet either. Not only that but any Windows laptop or tablet is Microsoft's portable console thanks to Play Anywhere (not to mention Steam and other platforms, you can even emulate majority of Nintendo games). Heck, Surface Pro 4 is more powerful than Switch and can already play 90% of planned Switch's games lineup as they are simply outdated ports already on PC. In short, stop imagining things. If you want to play Zelda or Mario get Switch. Otherwise just use anything else.
  • The 3ds says a lot. Also i have a switch and even though it has not got the power of the Xbox one it's an amazing console for what it offers. glad i picked one up to go with my Xbox one
  • Would you pay over $1000 for a gaming console that is "more powerful then the Switch?"
  • If by "gaming console" you mean Surface Pro then of course, because it's not a gaming console but a device that I can use for 500 more things while Switch doesn't even have YouTube or Netflix.
  • 100% agree. A portable would thining resources. Put that effort into making project Scorpio the best thing since sliced bread.
  • Windows Phone should have been their portable gaming and should have found a way to get the original Xbox's catalog on it. You know this isn't happening with this leaders fabulous vision.
  • Wasn't this supposed to be WP 7? I remember the 'big' Xbox push with that.
  • Correct, were getting a much better universal mobile gaming platform that wont be hamstringed to a mobile OS thanks to this leader's fabulous vision. Windows Phone isnt even the future for Windows on Phones, why would it be for mobile Xbox gaming?
  • I said IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN. We dont even have Windows Phone anymore just Windows 10 Mobile. And the universal thing has been anything but stellar.
  • No it shouldnt have, that completely ignores the absolute massive power difference between the two systems. It always should have been full Windows, it NEVER should have been WP. The Universal thing works quite well, and with Xbox soon to become a service that works Universal it becomes a paradigm shift for gaming, giving us Mobile Consoles of all types, sizes, and abilities. Your vision od Xbox Mobile Gaming is too myopic, thankfully Microsoft doesnt share your short sighted vision for gaming. 
  • Wow. Thank you our Messiah. Dont fall off your soapbox and break a leg. 🤞
  • I'm sorry for disagreeing with you? But I suppose acting like a child when you have no counter argument is all you have. Pretty typical troll behavior, should have expected it.
  • Troll is the most over used, incorrectly used, label on the internet.people like you use it to describe anyone that doesn't agree with you. Comical.
  • Except i didnt call you a troll because you disagree with me, i called you a troll because of your troll response... So, enjoy your troll life, i now know not to bother talking to you ever again.
  • Not really. But keep misusing the word. Sorry not everyone agrees with you. That's life.
  • "Wow. Thank you our Messiah. Dont fall off your soapbox and break a leg. 🤞" This is the comment im refering to Troll, feel free to continue talking at me, but were done here. Go be a troll elsewhere
  • Hey, talking down to someone is speaking down from a soapbox soapbox. Totally different than the lame "troll" usage.
  • 513, too funny! Lmao
  • Unfortunately, you don't run the show. I'll stay here, Know-It-All-Nancy
  • You never presented an argument yourself, only a falasy ("the universal platform works perfectly"); it doesn't in my experience, and in most others' if feedback, lack of apps and lack of sales is any indicator.
  • As a developer this universal thing is awesome. I make a program for my PC, and I cam run it on my phone with 0 changes. If you design it correctly, the UI requires 0 changes as well.
  • Cool. Can you explain this to the other devs and maybe we can see more than two apps in the Mobile store?
  • Who cares about portability Microsoft focuses on consoles. If you have too much to focus on like consoles and portable consoles one is gonna fail. Look at the wii/wii-U along side with the Nintendo DS/3Ds. The portables stayed strong and the consoles died. They didn't focus on the consoles and their 3rd party games and the system died. Sony's vita is on thin ice, it can't compete with the 3DS. They tried, but they do what they're good at and that's console gaming. If Microsoft made a portable gaming system who knows what could happen.
  • the wii was dominating like no tomorrow. then you had plans and some specs for the wiiU revealed waaaaaay before it came out so it flopped. what the wiiU was SUPPOSED to be was the switch. thats why wiiU died. the wii died since they decided to focus on merging console and handheld depts to fix the crap calledf wiiU
  • The Wii was exciting for a while because it was radically different and it was cheap. Nintendo cashed in on safe, affordable, family fun in a way only they can. The problem was that it didn't have staying power. The little kids outgrew it and the grandparents died off, I guess. The problem with  the WiiU is that it's not a very good system. The "cool" of motion control was mostly gone and the execution of the Wii U left most people scratching their heads - before release and still today.
  • The Wii never dominated anything! Sure it sold like crazy, because of artificial scarcity, low pricing, and reaching out to a new demographic (aka your gradma) but after people got over Wii Sports almost everyone forgot about it. The Wii U didn't flop because of specs it flopped because it was named as though it was an add on for the Wii, and marketed poorly because Nintendo wanted to capitalize off of the sales success of the Wii.
  • In my opinion The Wii and Wii-U failed because Nintendo couldn't justify the gimmick with actual games that took advantage of the consoles unique features and the lack of 3rd party games has plagued them since the GameCube.
  • 3rd party couldnt justify, not nintendo
  • To make a Xbox portable, you need a SOC that is the same power and architecture as the original xb1. Maybe when AMD gets their SOC process down to 10nm will it be possible, but x86-64 is power hungry and you need a huge battery to play for more than 15 minutes. ARM to x86 emulation is here but it is just as resource heavy and the overhead to get full xb1 game to play may be too much for current tech, but I am not a cpu/gpu architecture engineer.
  • Why would anyone want to play OG XBox games? Brute Force didn't get a sequel for a reason...
  • Loved brute force!
  • I'm ok with my Little Lumia 950 with Xbox controller....and I can dock it with the display dock and continue with continuum experience. All I need is the mobile Xbox games.
  • Sure but the 950 alone is nowhere near powerful enough to run an Xbox game, so it would need to be dramatically enhanced by either the cloud or some sort of hardware augmentation in the continuum dock, both of which are entirely possible.
  • There's no missed opportunity here, the PS Vita has shown that unless it's a Nintendo portable with Nintendo IPs and quirky-ness no one is actually interested in a straight powerful portable machine. You see that Sony has basically sweeped the Vita under the carpet because not only could they not compete with Nintendo, it's not actually a feasible market worth throwing money at. When will people realise that Nintendo is actually quite good at what they do and that the other makers cannot copy them?  
  • well we forgot nintendo said their selves mobile gaming was eating away at their profits heavily hence the reason for merging their two depts and tadah the switch was born
  • This is untrue.  What killed the Vita was that Sony made the exact same mistakes with it that they made with the original PSP before cheaper Magic Gate memory sticks came out.  The insane cost of the memory cards for the Vita killed it out of the gate and, unlike the PSP, the cost never came down enough to make it viable for most people.
  • What REALLY killed the Vita was the inability for consumers that invested in the PSP to transfer or play their current games on the Vita. If i remember correctly,i think Sony tried to come up with an option, but it would have required customers to basically repay for games already purchased. I will go a bit further, Sony's choice of media format for their games is what ultimately killed the Vita. The PSP had a huge following, at the time. Sony failed to transition from the old to the new, without a real plan that consumers would deal with.
  • What killed off both is that people did not want to play AAA titles on the bus
  • No what killed the Vita is that there's no GAMES.  The cost of the game is irrelevant. Switch carts are more expensive than PS4/XB1 games and they are still bought by the people.  The real reason developers found no point in making games for the Vita when a) 3DS and Nintendo totally cornered the family/casual gamer market, and b) the Japanese players which propped up the PSP late in its life were leaving dedicated gaming devices and started pouring gobs and gobs of money into mobile phone games doing big microtransactions with long tails where a single game can last years just by adding extra contents, that's the REAL reason the Vita is dead - it has no reason to exists nor for developers to throw money at it. A portable Xbox will suffer the EXACT same fate, nay, worse, because it won't even get a Japanese audience. 
  • This. Vita had power and potential for great Sony exclusives and still fell immensely short. There's no way Microsoft could have done any better.
  • The only way a non Nintendo portable survives is they have to give all the games from the bigger box. Not gimped out versions. Vita could have been absolute beast only if Sony made Games for it. Games like killzone for the vita shows what could have been done. There's absolutely no good games coming out on vita. Only Japanese rpgs. Since now I can jailbreak vita I'm actually playing Mario on it. Lol.
  • No it wouldn't. People on the move aren't looking for the exact same experience as they are on a large screen console - this is a well known fact for gaming habits - a game that is designed to be played in little 20~30 minute chunks is a VERY different experience to one where they expect you to sit still for hours.  Only Nintendo gets this and that's why they are successful with portables - take the new Zelda which is prove of this as the basic mechanic of the game was a complete break away from the home console version and allows you to play it in short bursts by completely getting rid of large complex dungeons that takes you hours to finish - a dungeon in BotW takes 15 minutes tops, whereas a large dungeon in previous Zeldas would take you double/triple that time.  Again, developers found out that making AAA games for Vita simply wasn't worth the effort. In Japan where it is THE market which props up portable consoles you are looking at games that only sell at 20k-50k range for 6000yen per copy, invest that money into a mobile phone game you can make the money back easily in a couple of months due to crazy microtransactions, on top of which the mobile phone game has a life span counted in YEARS, not months, a popular mobile phone franchise can last for 5-6 years in Japan now, racking in several billions of yen per quarter, for a fraction of the cost of making a AAA game for console.  That's why all the devs dropped support for Vita and you see the game line up dry up completely, developers don't want to make AAA games with very little return, so a powerful portable console of which its sales pitch is "it plays the exact same AAA games as your TV console" has literally NO appeal for devs, and a poorly supported console means no gamers will buy it, thus a downward spiral is ensured.  That's Vita's failure in a nutshell.  And a portable XBox will be that and a lot worse, because no Japanese dev will even bother to give XBox a chance.
  • You do know that Nintendo make more cash per console sold then xbox or sony does
  • Of course I do - Nintendo had been taking a balanced approach in designing their hardware such that they don't go for cutting edge technology in exchange for a better margin because parts are then widely available - every time a fanboy says "Nintendo consoles are underpowered" is also the same time Nintendo laughs their way to the bank with the money in their pocket with the savings they recieved from using well-weathered parts. The Vita, OTOH, was sold at a lost in the beginning per the typical Sony/XBox "lost leader" model, so when it doesn't do well and failing to win over developers is all the more reason for Sony to quickly pull the plug on support to cut lost.  All these reasons is exactly why that a "XB1/PS4 level portable that can play the exact same game as your TV console" is a stupid stupid idea and Microsoft not moving in on this unprofitable market is not a lost opportunity but is smart business. 
  • So you think it's the Japanese market that has the major hand in any portable consoles success? I actually meant some how streaming the games from Xbox app to the console(more likely from internet and not your own Xbox) not a powerful console itself. Anyways whatever you said still will apply to this device too and will fail. Well Nintendo's been here for 30+ years I guys they know games more than anyone.
  • No innovative idea by microsoft
  • I still think it might arrive, as soon Windows runs stable on ARM platforms. With the huge back catalogue of Win32 games that becomes available then, a portable Xbox will be a great proposition immediately. MS might not even have to do it themselves; companies like Asus and Razr might be working on a portable gaming device that runs Windows on ARM as we speak. Throw in some phone capabilities and MS can boost Windows mobile too.
  • Really you are saying right
  • "neither Sony nor Nintendo are doing anything that's remotely as exciting as what's coming from Xbox"     .........huh?   
  • I agree, most guys games that came out this year are ps4 exclusives, Nioh, Horizon zero dawn etc... I guess MS is waiting out this period and will have something good to launch with Scorpio.
  • Tbh I was hoping to be impressed by the switch sadly a low power ,badly designed tablet wich damages easily oh and dead pixels caused by the device being in close proximity to a TV (its supposed to be a console), poor construction and old games. ...Im less than thrilled. Play anywhere is the future. Buy a decent tablet and your all good plus you get a pc into the bargain.
  • Yeah, of course, spend 2 grand on a tablet that runs halo wars 2 poorly, genius idea. If you want play anywhere on the go you need a laptop.
  • Glad to know that you dont use a screen protector on your tablet. Then again, im sure you dont need one as you are not placing and removing yours in a confind place. Honestly, would you even buy a Switch if it had the same power as the Xbox1? You wouldnt as there would be no point outside of exclusives. Underpowered sure, but its different then what xbox and PS is doing
  • The Switch would be my dream console if it was done by anyone other than Nintendo.  As much as I adore Nintendo and the many happy memories they have given me over the years, they are completely incompetent when it comes to modern gaming.  Online features, socializing, insane accessory prices, and even save data migration are behind everyone else, even their own 3DS.  I desperately want to have something like the Switch - it's like a Linx tablet and a Surface had a much more compact baby with detachable controllers which is amazing - BUT it's...well...Nintendo.  Good ideas and bizarre, self-defeating execution.
  • Its good to know that the xbox one has the same features it has now when it launched out the box. You guys want to sh*t on anything Nintendo without looking at fact. BTW, you do see that Scorpio is the last console MS will put out and migrate into xboxlive/win 10. Sony as a company is falling apart and is leaning towards the way of streaming games. Nintendo will be the last console standing as they are a video game company first. You may not like their childish game but they have been in it for the longest and broke more ground in gaming then what the other 2 provides
  • I was going to pick up a Switch, but have decided to wait until Fall in hopes that they will shake out some of the bugs. Its funny though, because I told a coworker I might just pick up that discounted Surface 3 for $430 and use that as a light gaming machine.
  • Pretty interesting topic, but I don't think MS will ever do a dedicated XBox Portable device, because it just isn't what they're going for. They want to be mostly a "service company", and want to make sure it all works just fine. But there's really some serious demand for XBox gaming on the go, and I believe, that devices like the GPD Win ARE the answer, alongside W10M phones getting some more serious XBox titles, with both benefiting from the streaming technologies behind the XBox app and Beam. The focus is on OEM partners to make devices now, not MS dominating the hardware sector. But that's just my opinion.
  • Personally I think once AMD have managed to get the tdp of their APUs to a point where they don't eat battery life like a hyena. Otherwise Microsoft will have to use Nvidia's tegra line or similar which I don't see happening. However with Ryzen, AMD may very well break that barrier. Imagine what would have happened if they didn't sell ATI's mobility division to Qualcomm.... Their iGPU's run rings around intels offerings.
  • I'd be down for device like the shield. Nice power and size. Make it full win cloud with a decent library and you got me. Xbox controller 🎮 capable of course. You can even make it a companion to the Xbox one. Kinda like the psvita is to the ps4.
  • Nope. Not going to happen. There's no market for it. 
  • Dude, I would LOVE to have a way to type fast in xbox one, the options available is soooo bad.
  • You know you can just plug in a USB keyboard, right? Either wired or wireless.
  • Didn't knew it maaaaaaaaaaaaaaan, niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice!
  • I love the chatpad.
  • I was going to comment that creating something less powerful and smaller but with the ability to still run your favorite Xbox games and pick up from where you left off would be challanging but I remembered they're most of the way there with XBox on Windows 10, Xbox Elite controller on Windows 10, and full Windows on ARM. They could actually do something similar to the Switch but with much more capabilities. The pieces are there.
  • I actually like that the Switch isn't a Microsoft device. Don't get me wrong, I love my Xbox. It will always be my primary gaming console. I'm also a little upset about the Switch's success (so far) even though I have one. I've been hoping for a long time that Nintendo would follow Sega and become a 3rd party developer. But that'd require a few flops. Wii U gave us one, but it looks like the Switch won't flop. The thing is that there aren't a lot of kid friendly games for Xbox that I enjoy. So when I'm spending time with my nephews, I can't exactly fire up Gears of War. Their parents would kill me. But Mario Kart is a whole different story. So the Switch gives me an option for when I'm with my nephews while also giving me a travel console. I don't get that double punch with an Xbox Mobile. But the thing that I think we should all appreciate about the Switch, especially as Windows 10 Mobile fans, is that it's introducing the world to Continuum. It's not exact Continuum. There's no Windows involved. But it's very much like the promise of Continuum. Start something (Zelda) on your TV then take it on the go and have a similar, if not the same, experience. With the world becoming introduced to this concept now, if/when the Surface Phone comes around and tries to revive Windows 10 Mobile (or Windows on ARM), the world will already have an understanding of this crazy Continuum thing. They'll already be able to picture in their minds how this works because they'll have a reference point. So in that regard, I'm actually quite appreciative of the Switch.
  • I get and understand where you are coming from. But look at Sega as a company when it went 3rd party. Look at the Sonic icon being a laughing stock of the gaming community.  Lets say Nintendo went 3rd party, do you really think they would make Mario, Zelda, DK, Metriod etc... as a real life looking type of game? It would still be cartoony because its a a fantasy, dream, what if type of enviroment. Why would anyone want to play a real to life Mario game? If Nintendo what that, then their machine would be more powerful to run it but they simply do not care for that. Mario Party, Mario Kart, Smash bro etc... who would want that to look so real.
  • The big drawback I can see is that a portable system with Xbox level specs would probably need to have a gigantic battery or it'll get about 5 minutes of battery life.
  • Nintendo owns handheld gaming and always will. Sony tried to challenge them and failed. Even with great backing of PS3/4 and great first party support. So I think Microsoft is going the right thing playing to its strengths sticking with console and doubling down on PC gaming. Handheld gaming would do well for about 1 year and that's it
  • Think what you want, but I think the PSP and the PS Vita were better than any Nintendo console 😉
  • Unfortunately the majority didn't agree, which is a shame because the Sony handhelds had some great games.
  • i Always thought your name was a nintendo reference... shame.
  • Nope, it's Random Drunken Serb originally, but if I remember right, it was too long when I registered 😀 And yeah, I'm not even Serb 😁
  • Win10 1703 will introduce Game Mode to get as much performances as possible when gaming on PCs or tablets.
    New generation of ARM-based devices will support x86 apps and games thanks to new emulation layer.
    Xinput already standardizes the gaming inputs on a PC or tablet, with the same stack as in the Xbox consoles. Even HoloLens now supports the Xbox One S controller through Bluetooth. UWP games can take advantage of Game Mode, Xbox controllers, Kinect v2, DirectX 12,… regardless of them running on a PC, a tablet, or an Xbox One.
    UWP games running on Xbox must support the gamepad, as the console have no touch-screen, no mouse, and usually no keyboard attached. This will force developers to properly support the gamepad, making the same games work perfectly on Windows 10 with an Xinput controller as well. The Switch is basically an ARM tablet with snap-on controllers. Most people own a tablet, which means a portable console means having to buy and carry a second similar device. Merging the two is more efficient, cheaper, and convenient. To me, it’s clear we can expect some tablet running Windows 10 with built-in or snap-on gamepad similar to joy-cons but with the Xbox gamepad buttons layout. If not from Microsoft, some partner OEM will build it once the PlayAnywhere games collection is large enough to ensure sales of the device. If you think Microsoft should have a snap-on gamepad option on future Surface or Surface Mini, you can upvote my Feedback Hub entry and make us heard:
  • This guy gets it  
  •   I don't agree at all, simply because of how little there has been for me to enjoy on the XB lately. If I got a Switch, it would be due to Nintendo's continued ownership, and leverage of, first-party games. Microsoft has let that well dry up considerably, with only a few franchises being guaranteed anything beyond 2017. Yeah, you'd get third-party support, but even that is somewhat lacking, in my mind, and I question if a portable Xbox would run those games all that well (given the hardware compromises in the Switch and portable PCs). For the occasional sports game? Yeah, it might work, but I'd prefer tha from Sony, who has the sports franchise I care most about. Nintendo has games that work well in a portable format, but I don't think Halo or Gears​ the flagships of Xbox, work as well. Forza and Minecraft​ could, though that's only two first-party IPs to talk up (maybe Sea of Thieves​, but we don't know enough, and it might have no future after this year). Also, I feel compelled to restate my hatred for how this site's comments work in Edge. Why does my cursor always go to the top of my comment when I add a new paragraph? Android Central doesn't do this, so I assume it's a WC-specific issue.
  • Surface Pro 5 + Windows Anywhere titles = Portable Xbox. The only thing holding it back will be the CPU and the graphics processing, which is a significant piece of the puzzle. If they can figure that out, they'd have a gold mine on their hands.
  • The only thing missing is a precise control pad and buttons, not all games convert to touch-screen.
    ​The more I think about it, the more I think Microsoft should sell an Xbox-branded controller sleeve for the Surface tablets that adds all the Xbox gamepad controls as handles on the sides, and maybe an extra battery. This would be the perfect portable console, and when at home, the Xbox app would turn it into a wireless Xbox One through network streaming.
    ​See the Razor Edge Gamepad Controller for a more visual take on what it could be like.
  • Well, hope you have $900 plus for the abiltiy to be on the go 
  • An alternative to freemium titles. That would be the biggest move in portable gaming. Freemium model has totally destroyed gaming. You win based in how much and how fast you pay, not by how well you play the game. Stupid stupid stupid. So I hear you, when you say the switch brings non-freemium titles and that in itself is huge.
  • Windows is beyond "Xbox on the go". It can play games, both store and win32. The switch is no more than a tablet with a controller or two.
  • Can't say I've ever wanted a portable Xbox for the same reason I've never wanted a portable Playstation. It would be the exact same games as on my home console. For me a handheld needs a different set of games. It's partly the reason Nintendo have destroyed all competition in this area. The Switch however can have the best of both worlds. A Xbox handheld would suffer the same fate as Sony have with their efforts.
  • Richard - Why isn't the GPD WIN GamePad Tablet PC the answer? (The one that you have the picture of.) What doesn't it do that you would consider it as a portable gaming solution?
  • I don't know if this has been said but you can stream your Xbox One over the internet. All it takes is some port forwarding to achieve this. I have streamed my Xbox at work playing Ghost Recon. I VPN into my home system to turn on the Xbox. Put in my external IP and I am playing Xbox.    I would rather have a real hardware based handheld like the Switch or 3DS. 
  • Sorry but as much as I like the xbox, its games aren't as good as what nintendo offers and therefore it is most definitely not better than a switch.