No, Nokia is not making an Android phone [Updated]

Just to throw some water on some of the ridiculousness that is surrounding a single job call by Nokia this morning, we’re going to address this just once.

Evidently Nokia placed a job posting on the site LinkedIn that called for a “Principal Software Engineer, Embedded Linux Middleware”.  A few tech sites (who should really know better) said that this is “consistent with Nokia making a tentative, exploratory move into Android territory” and another site headlining “Is Nokia Planning an Android Handset? New Job Listing Suggests So”.

No, it does not...

First off, the idea that hiring one guy is enough to kick off Nokia making an Android phone is a bit much. That’s just not how these things work, folks.  Nor is the job requirement consistent with such an endeavor. If we see Nokia hiring large Linux teams spanning various job ranges, including some hardware engineers, then we may raise an eyebrow.

In science there is law of parsimony aka Occam’s Razor. It’s where you choose a hypothesis with the least amount of assumptions and it is fairly standard in regular everyday reasoning (or at least it should be). Following that logic, Nokia is most likely hiring a “Linux guy” to help bring their mapping HERE services to Android or FireFox OS. And if not HERE, other cool things Nokia is working on like Pulse or media sharing capabilities. After all, that’s what they said they were doing—making a HERE app for Android (just like iOS).

Let’s look at what we wrote just a few weeks ago on the matter:

“The Finnish company has also announced a strategic partnership with Mozilla to bring the location experiences to Firefox OS and plans to debut a mobile web version of HERE for the new OS next year. If Apple's iOS and Mozilla wasn't enough then behold more news with Nokia planning to support Android too.With a location-based application in the works for Google's mobile platform, Nokia will make available a HERE SDK for Android OEMs in 2013. “

Gee, why would Nokia hire a Linux guy? Yes, it must be because they’re going to make an Android phone. Ignore everything they just said a few weeks ago about HERE.

It should be clear to many readers of this site that Nokia is more than a hardware company who makes phones. They’re putting a lot of emphasis on their mapping technology and general services—just look at all the augmented reality and photo apps they’ve created recently, including just this morning with PhotoBeamer. And Linux is a broad sword—sure Android is based off it but so aren’t a ton of other embedded systems.

Look, we get it. Android is the most popular mobile OS in the world but what they’re lacking is some killer, sexy hardware. The Nexus line tap dances around that goal but they don’t have any Lumia-type phone to fawn over and that drives Android fans nuts. They want Nokia and they want that sweet, sweet hardware as they have been dreaming about it since June 2011.

Rum: 1

But sorry folks, you’re not going to get it and hiring one Linux neckbeard ain’t going to change that fact no matter how hard you want it to. This gets a 1 on our Rum'o'meter.

Update: ...and even Nokia became tired of this rumor as the head of their media relations has put an end to it via a series of Tweets:

Source: LinkedIn (opens in new tab) (since removed); via Gizmodo

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • It's the end of the world! Run for your lives!...wait, what?
  • Anyone feel like photoshoping IOS or Palm's OS on the 920.  Just curious what it would look like.
  • I would love to see webos on the 920. It would make those short years I stuck around worth it.
  • well in reality it would be great if nokia made android phones as we;l as windows.
  • Blasphemy! ;)
  • Sparta!
    Seriously, though. Nokia really does need to make an Android phone. MS is milking them for all they're worth, what with the Nokia Maps, one of the FEW aces up their sleeves, being used across all other WP devices now.
  • Actually it would be horrible if nokia made android phones as well. Not only would it kneecap the wp initiative because now they would have to focus on two fronts, it would make people loose even more confidence on wp. Plus android is a horrible platform and it would simply be such a waste to have it on a beautiful lumia
  • I hope they do something so check MS. MS seems to be getting rather close to HTC along with its Signature Device. Microsoft seems to be pushing HTC more than they push Nokia. I hope nokia can be ready with Andriod if MS backstabs Nokia. 
  • "Microsoft seems to be pushing HTC more than they push Nokia."
    I completely disagree with this premise.
  • +1
  • They are dude. Check out their ads and PC guy challenges. 6/10 are 8Xs.
  • If anything MS is just trying to show HTC and Samsung that they still matter.  Ever since Nokia joined, its been a bit too much of a Nokia love fest amongst us.  HTC and Samsung make good phones too.
  • I dont understand. HTC is making Android and Windows Phones. Nokia is making Windows phones only. Now you push a person who is just dedicating 30 % of your time and could not bring up an OS. Once nokia joined, thats when Windows Phone because relevent. They are the ones who pushed Lumia. If Lumia grows, window phone grows. They pushing HTC a lot after they help HTC to come up with a look and feel ike Lumia. I really dont like MS right now. Why are they not pushing Samsung. Did you see that during the Window 8 presentation in October, Joe Blefore had HTC 8X and when he was sporting a lumia 920 when he first presented WP8. They need to be pushing both. BTW MS did nothing to push Nokia. MS has no power in phone area anyway. It was nokia who was pushing wp7. So there is nothing about HTC taking turns now. I think something happened between MS and Nokia which we do not know. 
    Anyway I like Nokia and i liked MS. Now i am not so sure about MS. let me wait and see. I agree with unbeatablekem. His observations is exactly the same. 
  • They're pushing HTC because they're glad that another company is putting more resources into WP. They're trying to encourage that. MS is supposedly unhappy because Nokia is putting more emphasis on the Lumia brand than they are with WP in general.
  • Nokia's emphasis on Lumia brand is one of the main reasons why WP is selling. 
    If they were marketing just as Windows phone, it would have gone nowhere, since Windows word still gives dreaded nightmares to people. Windows brand has same perception problem as Symbian had for Nokia. Hence they needed to create this new Lumia branding. 
  • That is because HTC isn't selling and there keeping peoples eyes on it .we know Nokia dominates anyway
  • I still agree that Nokia needs to keep MS in check. Nokia is in a very precarious position right now. It feels like burning platform all over again. Option 1: Windows phone - platform that is building market share and requiring lots of push to build popularity, but once it's popular, you'll have to compete with Microsoft and Samsung. Option 2: Start testing / Selling Android devices and enter a saturated market. Honestly, Nokia could enter the Android market with a pure OS device kinda like Samsung have entered the Windows market. I'm not saying Nokia WILL do it, but they really should. Sure, it won't be wildly popular and it will divert focus, but it's an emergency parachute for when Microsoft decides that they want the whole pie ... both hardware and software (which I think they already have).
  • I agree. MS wants to do everything and undercut vendors. So it is better to have a back up. May have a small leg in andrid and if required then boost it. 
    When windows takes  a big percentage in cellphone, they may not worry about ditching vendors. They have started competing with Hp and Acer and Lenovo for tablet space.
  • and I'm not just saying this because i love windows phone, but Daniel Rubino is king shit of f*ck mountain.  Always measured and fair.
    Sometimes you WANT to like a site because you have an interest in what it covers.  In this case, we're extremely fortunate to have a great personality calling the shots.  Great article, Dan, hit it out of the park on this!
  • Nokia flagships are capable enough to attract customers by it's ability.... MS must push HTC since HTC devices are signature device of MS........  
  • Microsoft = Creates stuff and drops it after some time.
    HTC = Creates phones and drops them after some time.
  • What company doesn't do that?
  • I think HTC needs the publicity way more than Nokia at this point. With carrier subsidies and exclusive apps, Nokia has already established itself as a flagship device for WP8. HTC on the other hand is losing some steam and I think MS is just lending a small helping hand. This is just my opinion though. 
  •  - this
  • +1
  • Exactly. And Microsoft are also keeping Nokia in check, effectively saying "We're not doing all the work for you." It was Nokia's turn with WP7.5, now it's HTC's turn with WP8. It will probably be Samsung's turn next. Microsoft look after their OEMs, as opposed to Google who seem like they couldn't care less.
  • Lol! The Lumia line sells itself; not sure what Microsoft did, or can do, exactly to promote it.
  • + 1000
    Nokia is selling in spite of MS ..
    Nokia deserves all the love fest – because it single handedly saved Windows Phone vision… any effort on the contrary are like back stabbing Nokia – always remeber NOKIA was the only one that put all its eggs in WP because it "believed" in it’s vision.
    I bought the first HTC windows phone.. but not anymore – its Nokia all the way!
    Samsung & HTC sure make good phones as they are good at copying.. they will never make the BEST phones... and i really feel bad when HTC copied Nokia.. (and am happy Nokia ignored to sue in the larger interest of WP eco-system).
  • Agreed, it's amazing that MS has any OEM support after all this 'devices and services' talk. Sure ... limited distribution, MS Stores only ... yeah ... until it becomes popular enough to dump the OEM's without killing Microsoft's business.
  • Nokia believed in the vision? What a crock.. They went all in because MS promised them a billion dollars a year.
  • That 1 billion dollars goes both ways - you've heard of Navteq, yes?  No Bing maps without it :)
  • +1 Exactly. MS did nothing or could do nothing as they are not big in phone arena anyway. Nokia is selling their phone just like HP is selling their laptop.
  • Nokia didnt really need it but MS did help. Now HTC really needs on WP and android front and MS is helping on the WP front don't ecpect the same care from google though
  • Nokia didn't need help? Have you read anything at all over the past several years about their fall from grace? I love this blog but I feel like the commenters are stuck in a bubble.
  • I agree with Microsoft looking to support all their manufacturers, but somehow I doubt they'll ever put as much behind Samsung as they have behind Nokia and HTC.  Because Samsung really haven't shown real interest to the platform, even now their device is not available, and a short time spent sticking a new imitation metal plastic surround to their G3 really smacks of the bare minimum.
    At this rate they'll be launching the device and then superceding it just a few months later with the G4.
  • I don't understand why this still gets discussed,
    I mean Elop straight out said the answer right away months ago. MS offered the deal for Nokia as well, but they wanted to be Nokia and use the Lumia branding. Lumia itself is in many country more searched than Windows Phone branding. 
    Nokia is on a horrible time, but i'm sure the once dominant player and once Europeas largest company wants to still keep themselve Nokia.
    Also Nokia hires linux coders almost weekly if you follow their job site. I mean Linux was born in Finland and Nokia have had 2 OS's based on linux. We are still talking about company that got as much people working as Microsoft so getting one more people who knows something about linux means nothing. 
  • You are very correct. Nokia get's so much more from Microsof. Also Nokia knows dam well that it wouldn't be good for them if HTC fails. Because they know as I know if that would happen it would effect WP in a very big way. Also one must not forget that it was HTC that was a key player in WM. and WP7 out of the gate, So yes Microsoft has every right to support HTC products as they do Nokia. they are after all on the same team.
  • Nokia is just trying to get the Lumia brand recgonized, which is an incompatible strategy with signature model approach.
  • MS is probably doing it because at this point the 8X is the best device that will/can reach the most people at this point. Yeah the 920 is the top, but it's not available like the 8X is. 
  • Not available like 8X, did you ask yourself maybe its because people want Lumia 920 over 8X that's why its more available, it doesn't mean HTC made more phones then Nokia, its just less demand for that phone then Lumias
  • I think he's talking about how the Lumia 920 is locked to AT&T and Rogers, whereas the 8X is on many different carriers
  • Just think about it, its Nokia's baby and one of the best phones out, plus considering their financial situation, AT&T paid them enough to keep exclusivity to themselves, and after 6 month new Lumia might be out to compete with upcoming iPhone 5S, so....
  • Dude really? He only said that the 8x is more available than the L920..its true here in the states. No need to get yourself in a tizzy.
  • Sorry, this assertion is simply silly. Nokias marketing machine and partnership with Microsoft is pretty solid as evinced by the reputation of the 920 and constant pedestal placement of Nokia as great technology. I owned three of the HTC WP7 devices and while they were great solid phones my decision to buy them hardly was a result of marketing efforts. That's a personal observation. Microsoft is doing what it is supposed to and that is propping up its platform where its lacking.
  • Stupid making TNFW!!!
  • I'll switch back to iPhone before I go to Android. And I'll probably drop Nokia if they start making both an Android and WIndows Phone. Stick to one platform and make it the best it can be.
  • Sad to say but I am with you on that one. I want nothing to do with that mass produced buggy Android.
  • You can tell from Engadget's visit to Google where they saw the new Nexus device, that Google actually thought Nexus 10 was the best tablet and that Nexus 4 was the absolute best phone, even if it's camera produces low-quality photos and even if the maximum memory is 16GB. It's like iOS is actually more based around what users want instead of what the developers think is the only way to do something.
  • I don't get the Nexus 4 love.  it really isn't that great of a price.  The Lumia 810 is $450 at Microsoft Stores and it is a better phone than the N4 in almost every way.
  • +1
    I start to hate Google arrogance as Apple's one too... Ms respects all other competitors and offers open services for all,platform (Azure, Live, etc), Google and Apple try to close all doors, so who buy a device become slave to the company (see iTunes and buyed music)
  • I would definitely kick Nokia to the curb if they went with Android (And I am a huge Nokia fan)!
  • I agree Nokia makes android I go iPhone as they're the only WP manufacturer that makes me happy and want to use windows phone. HTC and Samsung are great they just don't have designs apps or proper support I enjoy on Nokia this is my personal preference and opinion so w.e
  • Why would you stop buying Nokia hardware because they support two OS' simultaneously?
  • Because I like windows phone but I don't want Nokia being tempted to give favor to either os support the current os you have and do your best to make it the best that's why Samsung and HTC windows phones don't have the kind of support Nokia ones do just think what would happen if Nokia did the same
  • Nokia already support two OSes: Windows Phone and Symbian. Your point is not valid.
  • Symbian is a dead OS. Nokia themselves said that support for Symbian will stop by 2014.
  • But are slowly moving all in to windows phone and if so why would three make any more sense
  • Because if it helps them stay profitable then at least they'll still be around to make phones. You'd rather they go out of business than diversify themselves?
  • +1
    Never given a +1 before but this looks like the spot for one.  I was with WebOS before I broke my Palm Pre and was forced to get an Android.  The Windows Phone looks great, especially the extras.  It is Windows Phone first, then iPhone second if that doesn't work out.  I have really grown tired of Android.  Maybe Symbian will make a comeback. 
  • Daniel I think you just broke some dreams with this article. =)
  • Thank you Daniel. There is alot of "wishful thinking" going around. Particularly Android fans who deep down inside acknowledge that Nokia makes arguably the best phone hardware in the business.
  • ^This; lots of envy by Android fans, and still Symbian/Meego fans, that WP is first and foremost on arguably the best and aestically pleasing, mobile hardware - Nokia.  Personally, I think that Nokia hardware and innovations would be sullied with the Android OS.
  • I'd rather have Android on the 8X, personally. :p
  • Isn't that esstentially the One X though? I don't blame you for wanting Android on the 8X, it's a nice device.
  • 8x is nice for WP not Amdroid. I am tired of seeing 4 new Android phones a month and the fan boys are still not satisfied. Android has the most high end specs and OEM options but still not happy.
  • What are they not happy about? They have every right to complain if OEMs put out a great phone but it has bad battery life or doesn't have an SD card slot. Same thing about us complaining that the 8X only has about 16gb of storage or the shiny coating vs the matte on the Lumias.
  • Nah, that would make it more One S (4.3 screen) w/ One X guts
  • GTFO Android boy
  • But it already is... in the OneX, so go buy that!
  • Haha...those tech websites were all going bonkers saying "It would be awesome if Nokia came to Android- the best OS in the world". Though Daniel sounds smug at the end (well which of us WP enthusiasts wouldnt) hes definitely right; them android users sure sound desperate for some Nokia hardware... :D
  • Nokia have been jumping around with OS'es , First Symbian, then Meego and for a short while Maemo 5 and now Windows.... Stick to one OS and make all the features the best they can *hint - apps- instead of wasting energy, money, time and customers by focusing on different things every new handset you release... 
  • What? Jumping?
    S40->S60->Maemo-line (four devices IIRC, experimental)->MeeGo->WP. How is that jumping around? Look at Samsung... Their own low end proprietary phone OS+Bada(-> Tizen)+Android+WM+Symbian+WP. Silly comment is silly.
  • Or HTC: Palm OS + Windows Mobile (Pro & Standard) + Sense OS -> Android + WP and they'll probably make a Firefox OS phone too.
  • Comparing to Samsung, LG, SE or anybody else than Apple they really haven't jumped much around. 
    Actually at the moment they are probably hr most focused company after Apple with just Asha and Lumia line. 
  • lol I'll be honest I glossed over most the Article which im sorry about Daniel but im more sorry you had to waste your time writing it I don't hate Android but I doubt even Nokia's hardware could win me over I have ics on my touch pad and its a pretty boring Os compared to Wp and Webos oh lets start a new rumor a Nokia webos phone id buy that tomorrow
  • I've never really tried webOS , but from what I've seen it seems exactly like iOS+Android. Saw a video where the store had Twitter-like view and the home screen seems like a mix of iOS and the Android app view. What is this?!
  • I watch Nokia 920 reviews on YouTube and most Android fanboy keep saying " Nokia should have went with Android" because most of the Android are garbage gumball machine phones.
  • lol
  • Nokia phones are made for WP! just look how bland the mockup looks compared to the vibrant WP8 screen.
  • A lumia looks good with android but I guess every os looks good with that design.
  • Actually looks bland with android;(
  • Lol, I've never seen a winking unhappy face.
  • I'm dual booting Android and MeeGo on my overclocked white Nokia N9. Makes my Lumia 800 WP7.5 (where the hell is that update) look even more boring and obselete than it is.
  • We all have our opinions
  • You got that backwards fuckin Android fox boy
  • too bad for Nokia. They would make a lot more money if they did.
  • Maybe, maybe not. HTC isn't fairing too well.
  • Plus infinty!
  • That's the most laughable comment yet! You mean like Sony, Motorola, LG are making lots of money off Android?!! And even HTC now almost scraping the bottom with Android?!! Thanks for the laugh! You made my day! LOL!
  • Idiots
  • Oh, man. That Photoshop job at the top there really got my hopes up for a minute.
    I love me some Lumia 900 hardware, but boy, I feel the pain on WP7.5 every time I open up up MetroTalk and wait, and wait, and wait for it to download text messages.
  • That screenshot/photoshop can already be found last year during the Nokia's sorta merger with MS for WP. Its an old mockup
  • wow it almost looks as if you HOPE Nokia doesn't make an Android phone. Well I hope for their sake they do. Windows Phone has done nothing for them other than drive them deeper into the ground
  • wrong
  • Says who? People recognize WP because of Nokia. I own a windows phone because of Nokia alot people who read on here own Nokia. Android is too common and only Samsung seems to have the pure Brute force to advertise it as they do and they dominate android because of it. Nokia should stay winphone simple as that and if you don't like it you always have plenty of choice on the Droid market...
  • "I own a windows phone because of Nokia alot people who read on here own Nokia."
    Same with me. I was about to buy Android, never like the idea of WP7 before. But when Nokia announced they're going WP, that change my whole perspective with WP. Happy Lumia 900 owner here.
  • Try telling that to their financial folks this quarter with their Lumia 920 successes. I'm sorry, but you're just wrong.
  • I'm wrong? Or the guy in the original comment? Lol just wondering
  • Why would they want to make an Android phone, are you nuts?? How has WP driven them in the ground?
  • oh I'm sorry. How much of a profit has Nokia reported AFTER they went the Windows Phone way? Hmm? Care to share those 'profit' numbers?
  • And everyone except for Samsung is posting declining profits. Plus Nokia would lose their $1bn/year perk from Microsoft which has helped keep them afloat.
  • declining PROFITS. They are at least making profits. And Microsoft giving Nokia 1bn/year was just bribe to Nokia for sticking with Windows Phone and killing off Meego, which even in its current outdated state, makes Windows Phone look like a 10 year old feature phone.
  • Because you know, every other OEM for Android (barring Samsung) is making a fortune. I love these dumb arguments about how Nokia would be better off with Android when you have absolutely no proof to back that up. Everyone from Sony to HTC is struggling to compete with Samsung and over on the WP side, Nokia is killing it. They sell 80% of all WP devices and get cash bonuses from Microsoft to see them through their losses. You'd almost have to be insane to ask Nokia to abandon WP and make an Android device.
    And I love this article, Android sucks. That OS is great for tinkering around but is a hot mess for the average consumer.
  • hot mess for the average consumer you say? And yet it's the most widely used OS in on the globe. That is why big ass phones like Note 2 and S III end up selling over 10 million units in a few months. How many Lumia's (supposedly with the world's best OS) sold last year? Please don't make stupid comments about how an OS is terrible for the average consumer when that OS has over 50% market share. You can bad mouth Android when more than 1000 people have bought a Windows Phone device
  • Why are you even on this site?
  • So I have to be a blind/deaf Microsoft fanboy to be eligible for this website?
  • You can't be an idiotic troll
  • Back to, ammarmalik2011!
  • Android also has piss poor customer satisfaction with the average consumer. The only reason it has done so well is because the OEMs carpet bombed the market with android phones. Out of the 10 or so people in our office only one even knows they have android and that person wants a Lumia 920 now as do the others after trying mine.
  • Android dominates cause they didn't have a choice then...for the majority of ppl iOS is too expensive, Symbian is its the default choice for consumers...if WP had started off along with android, am pretty sure android wouldn't have half the market share it has nw...
    Anyway, watch for the nxt few years...once ppl become more aware of WPs potential, watch and learn hw android eventually gets whooped by WP. Its already happening with the lumia 920...
  • Windows Phone has been around for over 2 years. That's PLENTY of time to gain traction.
  • Android being around much longer has had the chance to expand to a large num of countries...WP on the other hand came to countries like India and such jst a year back cause Nokia gave it the required push..and there were still many omitted like UAE which got WP like a month back..
    I would say that nw that they cover pretty much the same ground w.r.t many aspects, the battle has truly begun...and like I said it WP is fighting it out well with 300% increase in WP sales from the same period last year...
  • Android dominated because it was available on every carrier versus an iPhone on ATT. Wasn't much of a choice.
  • Having worked in retail sales for cell phones at at&t I can tell you that after making a sales we're supposed to show the customer how to use the general parts of the phone, I would avoid selling android to anybody but the tech savvy for this reason. Imagine telling grandma how to uninstall apps, or why shed want to move them over to the SD card..or what all those symbols in the quick settings in the notification car mean...or what to do with the menu that pops up when you tap and hold on a blank part of the home screen. I'm proud of my communication skills but I and everyone else struggled with this even when explaining to business men (who don't want to deal with that) or soccer mom (who just want something easy to use) or someone completely new to smartphones (who are overwhelmed immediately by what they can all do).
  • So sales = it being a quality platform? By that logic, I don't think anyone can top the iPhone. It has sold much more than any Android device on the planet. The only reason Android does so well is because literally 95% of the smartphones run it. After Apple became successful, it was the ONLY choice for OEMs.
    And it is terrible for the average consumer. It is a hot complicated mess. Just like Symbian is. It is great for tinkering around and the people that know what they are doing but for the average person, Android is actually the least intuitive thing out there.
    And yeah, they didn't sell much but it is hard to gain traction in a saturated market and they have a solid product on their hands. If you don't believe that, then why are you here? You come over to WPCentral and expect people to agree with you when you say OEMs should just go Android and then you claim WP fanboys are the worst. Either I am missing something or you are just a really qualified troll.
  • I love how the minute someone says something against MS, the wolves come out to feast, lol.
  • Lol how are people who defend ms wolves when the tech world hasn't stopped critiquing everything they do. And Nokia in all this is a target by association lol.
  • The same could be said for both Android, iOS, and Blackberry; is it only funny to you when it's Microsoft?
  • Dafuq?
    It's usually the opposite, right? anything MS does = collosal fail in far too many people's minds.
  • Tbh, everyone hates on Microsoft. Like, legit. Even though they all play Xbox, they still hate on Microsoft. Even though they all use Windows, they still hate on them. Tbh, again, everyone uses at least ONE Microsoft product, yet, they hate on them. I think they just like Apple cause of the name, Apple.
  • I swear WP fanboys are the worst out of the lot
  • Hey don't waste your breath on this site. This is wpcentral. 99% of the guys here are zealots.
    I swear windows phone fanboys are even MORE OBNOXIOUS than iPhone and android fanboys. They talk as though WP is the second coming of Jesus that will "save the world" from evil evil google....
    I'm glad I'm done with WP and switching to iOS.
    And some advice? Go to technobuffalo or mobility digest for tech news. The readers have some intelligence unlike this crap site. And the editors of this site also have big egos.
  • If we are all such obnoxios zealots why are you still here again?  I love how you have the audacity to come to a site dedicated to Window's phone and Microsoft news and call the people who operate it arrogant/egotistical.  What does that make you?  Sounds like the pot calling the kettle "black".  Btw, this site is called Windows Phone Central, if you are looking for any other tech news that is not related to Microsoft, again, why are you here?
  • Hey thanks for proving my point about WP fans and their obnoxious attitude... I am on this site because I'm a WP user... Or was one until now. Now that I've been 'enlightened' about what microshit really is and how crappy the WP os and how obnoxious WP fanboys(and fangirls) are I should take my leave. So you're right. Why am I here? Cult of mac here I come. I regret getting a WP in the first place.
    So there you have a point WP zealot. Here have a cookie....
  • MS is actually helping Nokia keep afloat with $250M per quarter for their services.
  • That's on the same level as saying that Apple is going to start shipping Windows machines because they hired a team to develop software for Windows - while completely overlooking the fact that they do develop software for Windows...
    The FUD is strong in the "tech blogger" world and unfortunately there is a strong sentiment still against anything associated with Microsoft.
  • Thats a hilarious comic!! But seriously, who cares if they make an android to - so friggin what, put friggin IOS in there while your at it at least they wont break when dropped anymore...... Ive never understood this argument.
  • That mockup almost made me faint...Nokia plz don't. U will sully ur image
  • mockup? its real, N9 with Nitdroid
  • No, that's a Lumia 900 in the picture. AT&T never carried N9.
  • Maybe its just me but the Android homescreen on that lumia seem out of place. Nokia and Android don't go together. I have used Android for a long time and i am fed up with it, it has become boring as hell (even with all the custom roms going around). Wp would have had much more attention that it is getting now if Microsoft didn't decide to mess up a lot of things. Anyone using a Wins8 pc would at one point or another be tempted to buy a Wp device but if they become dissappointed cos of bugs that could have been avoided who do you think is to blame? Well the only time i will be forced to let go of my 920, as long as i am alive and kicking, would be if i don't see any other way to get the surface pro.
  • It is not just you. I feel the same way. With the Android screen on, the Lumia 920 looks just like any other Android phone. The hardware is awesome but the look is meh.
  • Definitely not just you; that image is an abomination!
  • You don't win being balanced. You win by finding what you're good at and making that thing amazing. Point being a move to extend themselves into Android for Nokia would be silly. They casted their lot with WP and maps. They should stick with these and supporting their legacy platforms, which it sounds like is their plan.
  • I use to read several tech sites every day (WinRumors, Engadget, BGR, etc...), but I've actually started to just settle on WPCentral and this is why.  The other sites lack journalistic integrity and post miss leading headlines or baseless rumors.  This site is different.  Things like your rumor-meter prove it.  Thank you.
  • Judging from the reaction, Samsung should be worried. It's obvious that Nokia is recognized as THE quality phone to have. It's their blind hatred  towards MS that prevents them from buying a phone they covet. Most, I'll wager, have NO idea why they don't like WP. Oh yeah, I know... Android is open, it can be configured 10000 different ways, blah blah blah. IMO Very few people actually NEED or USE that capability. It's pretty obvious that Nokia and MS/WP is here to stay.. So to all you Android users stuck on Samsuck hardware... so sorry for you.. not really.
  • lmao. that batman and robin pic is winning!
  • Anyone know the true context of the pic?
  • Here you go:
  • Good gosh that phone looks ugly with Android on it...
  • I said the same thing
  • I don't care what any Android fans say: I've tried it from 4.0 to 4.2.1 and all I can say is that Android is one messy, buggy, and spontaneously laggy OS. The only big upside at this point is apps; I keep finding apps that are made for iOS or Android only, and this just drives me nuts.
    Android is anything but quality; in the first month of using my Nexus 7, I've had hundreds of times more bugs and lag spikes than I ever have with my old Optimus 7 and Lumia 900's just sad. I was really expecting to enjoy Android in it's finest (with the latest and best updates), but I've been left wanting to just sell the thing. It's just simply not a nice experience.
    In any case, if Nokia ends up making an Andriod phone (which is very implausible), I'll just shake my head and continue on with my life. It's their loss.
  • Sorry but I had to save that Batman/Robin pic. It is just too awesome. XD
  • I saw this story somewhere earlier today. Think it was on yahoo news or something and I was like "wow they are making such a huge leap for a single job posting." Come on, Nokia does make software that could be highly profitable if they ported it to other os's.
  • those pocketnow @ssholes
  • From an investor standpoint it wouldn't bother me to see Nokia make some Android models. Give ole Sammy a run for there money...
  • Seeing that homescreen on the face of a beautiul Lumia made me cringe.  Looks back at my 920, world is back in order.  
  • Lol :)
  • Take that bitches.
  • Lmao batman
  • The people who say that only want a Lumia 920. They need to give up their hard ons for Android and switch to a functioning OS.
  • Linux
  • I love the articles here.
  • For Nokia it doesn't matter which OS they use. Nokia is promoting the Lumia brand, not Windows Phone. I'm pretty sure that there are lots of customers who don't know or don't care what OS the Lumia runs. Nokia avoids to mention Windows Phone as good as possible. Have a look on the 920 product page. Windows Phone is only mentioned in the tech sheet and that's it. Nokia even calls the tiles Nokia Live Tiles.
  • Very True.... just like they did with N series in 2005.. its Nokia Lumia with WP and a Nokia Lumia with XYZ is possible...
    Here Nokia is creating a world class Lumia brand.. and that exactly why MS paid HTC to rename the phone 8x poor MS
  • Whoa! This article will bring out the angry Android fans for sure! ;)
  • Wow, didn't think a Lumia could look so bland with android in it!
  • HTC has been a strong supporter in MS smartphone endeavors since the very beginning. By that I mean windows mobile. Obviously they aren't going to squander such a relationship because they also sell Android devices. At the end of the day Nokia is still getting monetary support from MS which arguably puts them in a better position than all WP OEMs. We all know that Nokia is the face of windows phone, regardless of who is advertised as "signature". It's all just marketing nonsense, MS is a company, not a parent playing favorites.
  • Nokia making an Android phone? No way.  Nokia is committed to windows phone (for now), and Nokia is not only making phones, their location platform services are great!  Nokia is already full force in making WP and it's location base services, they do not have any extra energy for another platforms like Android.  Android is a big market with Samsung is in the no. 1 position in Android market, so if Nokia is to make an Android phone, they need to have a lot of energy and focus to differentiate themself with all Android phones out there, I don't think taking the Lumia design and put Android OS in it will make it.
  • they have to compete against android regarless they OS they make, windows phone failed, and ithink they would better having better competing product, making microsoft product catch up
  • I don't think WP fail, it is starting to picking up, everywhere is reporting that Lumia is selling out of stock, but of cos we do not know the actual quantity, but I think the Lumia is starting to picking up.  Because WP is new, it also creates lots of oppotunities.  Saying Nokia or WP failed is still early, or it may not happen.
  • As a Nokia shareholder, I would certainly like to see that Nokia will venture into the Android world even at this stage.  How could you ignore the 50+ percent market share the Android enjoys.  It just doesn't make any business sense by deliberately avoid that market when everybody else are fighting to get into it.  Nokia will face and compete with Samsung and HTC in the Windows Phone market with their differentiators anyway, then why not extend the war field into the Adroid market?  Microsoft is working on their Surface phone and plan to compete with Nokia.  The loyalty Nokia shows to Microsoft invites only backlash.  This is business.  Nokia just has to look after their own best interest and take care of its shareholders.  Steven Elop's job is on the line if he still can't expand the smartphone market share significantly in the coming year or two.  Nokia should try to release the best phones on all major OS, maximize the sales revenue and let the market to decide.  WP phones alone may not save Nokia.  
  • wrong.
    they already have linux tteam, they keep few developers like GSstreamer software engineers in ulms, germany.
    here they are looking for a leadership , since pretty much all nokia main managers(meego/maemo/meltemi) quit after their project got shafted by elop 
  • wrong. Even Nokia has come out and confirmed this job was for HERE on iOS/Android.
  • Nokia actually had android protos in 2010 itself... and even the lumia range has their android sibings  and stories of Nokia's swipe UX working on android is also floating around.
    Just read teh job listing they are looking at middle ware device stacks... it's not a typical map realted job ad so, yes the ad and its one simply means Nokia going linux... which flavor... maemo??? meego??? sailfish ???? My answer would be Amazon's way and why not Meego is linux + Nokia UX so Nokia can put it on top of android...
    if i have heard true... my friend says Nokia HERE is a calcualted Nokia move.. in future Nokia is planning to go cross platform and Nokia top management is not in love with MSFT any more that includes Mr. Elop himself... may be rumours as the guy is too pro maemo.
    But this job was a device's R&D job not MAPS.
  • Nokia have invested too much into WP to suddenly switch to Android. However if they do, then again I wouldn't be too surprised, perhaps the exlusivety to WP is a timed one? Funny enough it will be two years by Q1 2013 and the rumours suggest a Microsoft branded phone after that time.
  • Who says they need to leave WP behind? I'd prefer to see them remain highly committed to WP. But by throwing a droid model or two out they could generate some quick cash. They have plenty of older phone designs that would be great droid devices. They could port the apps over as well.
  • By the those who are suggesting that WP is running Nokia into the ground please get a reality check. If Nokia went Android exclusive they would have been dead by now, no one is making money apart from Samsung. For Nokia its better to be a big fish in a small pond than a small fish in a big pond.
  • nokia is best in windows phone eco system with best hardware...i can see why droid fan boys envy for nokia
  • Where there is smoke...
  • "Where there is smoke..."
    At least on the internet, where there is smoke there is usually someone smoking something.
  • Truer words were never spoken.
  • It's amazing how people get emotionally "hurt" just because of this smartphone or that OS. I think y'all have better things to do with your lives...
  • Yes i am very happy hear this from nokia....i don't want nokia to make..lagdroids..they are doing good with WP....
  • I really hope Nokia startes making Android phones soon