No Windows Mobile 6.5 update for Xperia X1

Those of you holding out hope that the Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 will get an official update to Windows Mobile 6.5 can let that dream die. An SE rep apparently has told Crave Asia that there will be no update, quit asking, now go buy the Xperia X2. (OK, we made up those last two parts.)

The good news? Unoffocial ROMs have been available for quite some time now in the usual places, so long as you don't mind a little hardSPL trickery. And as a reminder, here's the link to the semi-official (and still rather sparse) upgrade list (opens in new tab), so check it to see if good news is headed your way. [Crave Asia via wmpoweruser]

Phil Nickinson

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  • I have given up on this phone, sits on my shelf at home... It is extremely buggy and unreliable (no matter what ROM I use) compared to the Omnia i900.. shame about the res of the Omnia but it runs both wm6.1 and 6.5 so much faster and smoother...
  • Xperia X1 is the best phone ever. It does not run so well with WM6.5 I have TOUCH IT 10.1 and it Runs like a DREAM i use SPB mobile shell 3.5 The battery life is 2-3 days easily. Its super fast, all apps load really quick. It plays mp3s without running out of battery for over 12hrs. Its built like a brick and shows it, when it hits the pavement with no damage. Simply... all i ask is this same exact phone with a FASTER CPU and an ACCELEROMETER Ive used Touch Pro, Touch Diamond, Treo Pro and they all are complete pieces of junk to my Xperia.
  • You are so full of *bleep*. Built like a brick, these phones crack from normal use. I will be sending mine in for the third time because of the constant cracking of the case.
  • Mine has yet to get a crack and it has hit the pavement a fair few times - including falling from the first floor of a building. Must just be lucky i guess.
  • dont buy xperia x1 mobile phone . it has major disining defect up till now. x1 phones are contantly craking all over country. i m from india. i have bought a x1 phone just week ago and get cracked at battry compartment just 2nd day of purchase. i have reached the nearest service center and asking him that have u information about xperia crack they tomd me ...NO we havent recive such type of complain then i told him .. go to google search and just type : "xperia crack" result is in figure 1250000 web pages showing xperia crak in .31 sec.. one thing is that evry and each crack on mobile looks similar and same place and almost same type. the main region where x1 get cracked is
    1. battry compartment
    2. near volume controle
    3. stylus region.
    4 near camera lense
    sony erricsion service center teling me that plastic case of phone not comes with warrynty so we cant do anything more. so u have to buy a new plastic case and also at this time we have nothing. so wait for some time with this faulty set and enzoy the xperia like costly set. but i m sure if there is no soltion for me then im not leaving sony ericson eaisly. after all this is not my or anyothe xperia users fault. xperi are cracking even in normal and safe use. i m trully speeking.
    in my view there are some points that why xperia is still cracking....
    1. use of low quwality of plastic.which can not tollerate the heat genereted by processor.
    2. faulty mechanical design of battry compartment which is not match with metal back cover. metals expand on heating and they exert pressure on hole designe.
    so any one who are thinking to buy x1 please read it befor purchase and also search on googl,, what experts are saying.. now its all about xperia.. thanx a lot ravi
  • i bought my x1 used on ebay.. the battery life is still OK, but it is getting time to look for a new one. I was starting to get a little down on the phone until my wife got an iphone and I got a chance to see the other side. Initially, I was a little jealous until I saw how little the iphone can do. WM6 is much more versatile than the locked down world of the iphone. If you want a straight phone that does a few things well.. the iphone is your choice.. but if you want to do EVERYTHING on your phone WM6 is the way to go, and the xperia is a really good platform to do it on. I have dropped the phone many times.. bent the charging plug in the phone. Cooked it by forcing a button on in my pocket (it was SUPER HOT). The phone still keeps going.