By now, we're hoping that the news has sunken in, you've sobered up, gone back to your job and reacquainted yourself with your current beater-of-a-smartphone, sporting technology nearly a year old. The fact that there will be no Windows Phone 7 devices for CDMA (Sprint, Verizon, etc.) till "first half of 2011" was quite a blow, wuddinit?

This obviously puts a monkey wrench in a lot of our holiday plans and, like some of you, we're considering alternates e.g. getting an AT&T account (ahem, while keeping our Sprint SERO plan on the side).

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But what are your plans? Switching carriers? Hold out with Sprint/Verizon till spring 2011? Going with Android, like so many Windows Mobile "power users"?

Take the poll and sound off in comments, we're curious and you need to vent!