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Nokia 900 featured in Sunday Times newspaper for 'best operating system'

The Sunday Times, a popular UK Sunday broadsheet newspaper, has featured the Lumia 900 and Windows Phone in its "Supersize Shakers of Apple's Tree" test bench, along with the Samsung Galaxy S III, HTC One X, Motorola RAZR MAXX and Sony Xperia P. Each handset was rated 'best' for a number of factors, including value, battery life and operating system.

Which did the Lumia 900 and Windows Phone take? We think you could take a good guess - the operating system. 

WP Central

Not only did we take the 'best operating system' title, but the Lumia 900 was also given four stars, which was also the case with the Galaxy S III and One X. In the short description, The Sunday Times noted that the Windows Phone system is slicker than Android, though it is well known to have fewer apps.

The 900 has recently launched in the UK, and is available at Phones 4u, Carphone Warehouse, Clove and Amazon.

Source: WMPU

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Why did someone go through the trouble to photoshop the display?  There is no margin/right arrow.
  • That's the first thing I noticed, it's funny how people used to complain about that space but now it looks awkward without it.
  • I find the people that complain about it are usually insane. Negative space is a very good thing to have as it helps you to visually orient everything. Without said negative space, everything just tends to blur together.
  • It looks horizontally stretched... Maybe they grabbed the screenshot off an 800 and stretched it to fit :P
  • It looks terrible. Whom ever did this is an idiot. Probably an iPhone fanboy trying get under our skin.
  • Nokia has the phone with the tiles that large at the end of some of their videos. Here is one:
  • Yeah and the rules are stretched to make up the gap... It looks terrible. Why would they do that?
  • Magenta...
    That is all
  • +1
  • I agree, looks pretty bad stretched..should of also stated that's its available in 3 colors.
  • Best OS FTW!
  • Sunday Times is a UK newspaper. Why is it showing a US version of a mobile phone device? It's got the ugly AT&T version with that big ugly orange tile in the middle! Somebody wasn't paying enough attention.
  • Or maybe they where and thought "how can I as a fanboy make windows look like crap?".
  • Err iPhone fanboy
  • Everyone is not going to advertise WP. It seems like all WP enthusiasts are out there to advertise the platform and they want everyone else to do the same. Why would they mention that it comes in more colors? It is not relevant for what they are trying to achieve here.
  • Seriously? The best thing about HTC's flagship Android phone is supposed to be the camera? I can't believe people put so much value on the strength of a phone's camera. It's so unimportant! 
    Also, they're being very harsh to give the One X, Galaxy SIII and the Lumia 900 all 4*. I guess they're giving the iPhone 5* as well. Disgusting.
  • They don't have a clue what they're talking about, its just garbage like the rest of the paper.
  • The phone camera is really important if your like me and only take a phone around with you everywhere especially for holidays and days out. It is really important unless you take a proper camera out with you.
  • Agreed.
  • +1
  • Besides OS and call quality (especially in speaker mode), the camera is absolutely the most scrutinized component I have when evaluating smartphones. I have my phone with me ALWAYS, I don't always have a camera with me.
  • Clove haven't recieved their stock yet, Nokia delayed unlocked models for them. 
  • That is not photoshop'd people. That is a screenshot of wp8... Okay, I joke. :P A nice feature for WP. The Sunday Times is taken pretty seriously here in the UK and to take best OS bodes extremely well for the platform; wait until wp8 hardware then!!
  • IMO comparing wp7 to any other mobile OS is like comparing a motorcycle to a paddle bike. I for one am so sick of the iPhone being the 'standard' and infinite comparing and contrasting to the Lumia 900.
  • I still feel that the other OS *needed* the number of apps because they were broken, since Windows Phone is a more complete OS therefore they don't require as many...spin, spin =P
  • It's a fecking amazing OS... until random things just cease working!!
  • Everything always works for me.
  • IDKWYM... Cuz that is one of the best things about WP. "It just works"... "All the time"... "Never" needs a reboot... Cuz "everything" works all the time... For me anyway.
  • I had to hard reset my 900 due to freezing up & other problems. So did a friend. Also the HTC WP's are known to completely freeze up & need hard resets to reconnect with some accounts. Happened to a buddy on twitter this morning with his Titan. Don't get me wrong - I love WP, but let's not be delusional & act like nothing bad EVER happens with this OS.
  • Some app's Live Tiles don't always work for me-that's been my biggest gripe. But I've thrown in the flag and done complaining about it...
  • In my family we have 1 Nokia lumia 800, 2 Samsung Omnia W (Focus Flash ?), 1 LG optimus 7 and 2 Htc Radar's and we have never had any freezing issues or any  other issues with any of the mobiles. Maybe we were just lucky, and by the way this is the first time I've heard that HTC WP's are known to freeze up & need hard resets !!     MAYBE freezing has something to do with the user or which apps you use ?
  • My friend and I don't have any problem with our Radars, it just work.
  • I also had one freezing issue with my Lumia 900. Woke up one morning and it would not turn on. Tried everything and only a hard reset worked. Still love the phone though.
  • I have to reboot my Focus II everytime I travel. Whether it's hardware or AT&T matters not. WP7 is the best, most complete mobile OS available and will only get better!
  • Posting to Facebook is the latest in a line of issues (some minor, some major) for me. It works, 98% of the time, but the build on the Lumia 710, is, for want of a better word, shit. Anyone who seriously thinks the "no network" bug is acceptable practice for an OS/phone, isnt from this planet. Not to mention the time it takes to start charging sometimes, the time it it takes to realize your phone is no longer at your ear (ie. start using the fookin proximity sensor as it's supposed to be used). Funny, I came from my TP2 to Windows Phone, because it was supposed to be reliable... now I wish I'd just stuck with my trusty little TP2, never gave me any hassle AT ALL!!
  • Stop spewing nonsense you loser! I've never had any problems whatsoever with my HD7
  • Meanwhile back in the real world this is your standard review fare...
    All about multiple processors and apps which cost is 15% one can only imagine oh and of course the Windows Phone OS is soooo bad.
    Oh and you only have to read the comments to understand why anything but a tarnished review would of been accepted.
  • Back off troll
  • Obviously a troll, I have never heard of such a website and the only "reliable" tech site that gave it a HORRIBLE review was the Verge
  • The site is theregister and as we are talking a UK newspaper this is a UK website and they even actually have WP app. Theregisters trademark is news with humour.
  • Looks like some readers mistook your sarcasm for trolling.
    The comments point out that many people are obsessed with how many CPU cores a phone has, or how many apps. And readers of The Register (mostly read by hardcore techies and IT consultants based in the UK) have an inherent bias against Microsoft/Windows/WP7, judging by the comments.
  • It seems to me as if welsbloke has some pretty obvious disdain for the review and its comments. I don't see how this is trolling.. Unless I'm misreading it..
  • Correct although I probably phrased it badly. I certainly was not suggesting it was a good review.
  • If the register is backing the device then all the better. Its quite a popular tech news site in the UK. Also that review is very positive, I can't see what the problem is?
  • I'm thoroughly confused by the comments here in regards to what seems like a positive review
  • Yah...PS sucks... But id take the recognition...
  • I have the Titan, and more and more I find myself looking for and excuse to switch to the Lumia 900 (or maybe the Titan II for the nicer camera). But I don't really "need" to switch, and I don't want to plunk down $500 on something I will replace in the fall for Windows Phone 8. *sigh*
  • A smartphone to the general public, especially those just making the switch from feature phones , are looking to replace their mp3, camera, and in some ways, their pcs(for say cruising the internet for easy stuff, fb, etc) so its actually quite important to get one that has the "best" camera or best mp3 app so it makes the payoff worth it. (30 a month for most providers being the norm) Since my Focus S is my first official smartphone, and talking with others who made the switch, i know what Im talking about. Techies still believe it's horsepower and specs that equal androids dominance but they just flooded the market with ios being its only real competition so anyone who's been rocking a smartphone already, its inevitable that you have one or the other, amd switching is getting rid of the unfamiliar. Luckily, for windows, when 8 drops on pcs and people see what ab amazing is metro is, and they realize "my phone can work this simple too?!?" our take over of the market will begin...muahahahahahahha! Its why we haven't seen much from ms themselves , they have been patiently waiting for 2012, so they can sell the Os, to everyone, on everything.
  • +1
  • I am happy they recognized WP7 as the best OS, however, I am a little bit upset that everything is all ranked at 4 stars or lower.
    I am not a fan of android, because I don't really like Google, but lets be fair and acknowledge that yes these phones, are better in almost everyway compared to the iPhone. Of course excluding the OS from the equation.
    I think they should review the hardware, OS and Apps all separate from each other. If you really think about it Android has the highest specs while WP7 takes the smoothest OS experience, and finally yes it's true, iPhone does have the most apps. If everything was reviewed separately I bet you would find out all three excel in their own ways.
    Not saying anything is wrong with the iPhone I am just tired of journalist that cannot pull their head out of the apple tree long enough to look at the whole picture and realize trapping customers to a single phone type with no choice isn't cool, even if it suites them just fine.
  • Lol
  • Thing is when the iPhone 4S is perfect, you have to justify why anyone should buy another phone.
  • I would not call the IPhone 4S the perfect phone. Everytime they upgrade their iOS version they introduce more lag and stutter into the previous model. Same thing will happen with the iPhone 4S. At least with every new version of the wp7 OS to release it has actually made the older phones faster. While we still need to wait and see how the upgrade to WP8 is handled, and how fast it makes the current phones. I just cannot stand when phones have a constant stutter or lag while doing the simple things.
  • If the iPhone 4S is perfect then why is Apple working on a new iPhone?
  • The Sunday Times has for a long time had its head stuck up Apple's chuff. The interesting point about the article is that the front page of the section it's in states 'the new galaxy S is light years ahead of its rivals ' yet as stated in other comments 3 phones get 4 out of 5 stars so its not any further ahead. No phone is allowed to have the full 5 except......
  • WP7 is by far the best OS.
  • And again WP is reduced to Nokia Phones. Many People may think WP is a Nokia thing only.
  • Here in India iPhone 4s is exorbitantly expensive costing 900$ for 16GB. I zeroed on Nokia Lumia 710 (250$) and is extremely satisfied. Most of the time (90%) I just surf net and I enjoy doing so in Lumia 710. I think this phone best on value for money.
    Also having option of too many good apps just involves you in downloading and trying them and after some time delete them. Choice of few apps is kind of blessing in disguises.
    Only thing which I miss in my Phone is Bluetooth file transfer facility.