Nokia announces winners of Lumia Cinemagraph Challenge

Nokia announced a Lumia contest earlier this month, and now the company has unveiled the two selected winners. The competition saw Lumia owners take some interesting, strange or ingenious recordings using the Cinemagraph app to produce unique GIF images. Five humorous runner-ups were showcased in the blog post, but the two winning images are priceless.

One of the winners chosen is Donald Strand with the following entry:

Cinemagraph Winner 1

Apologies, GIFs don't currently agree with our system

Check out the Nokia blog to view the other winning Cinemagraph by Duncan Nagle, as well as the runner-ups. Do you have some ingenious images created with the Cinemagraph app? Be sure to show them off in the comments (where GIF images should work).

Source: Nokia

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  • How about a link to the actual working .GIF?
  • Just click on the nokia source link at the bottom to take you to the nokia page with the original gifs.
  • Doesn't work on my L900 in browser... It tries but fails miserably. The gifs all overlap on one and its a bizarre flashing slideshow.
  • don't think wp supports gif
  • Worked fine on my 920. Need better internets?
  • I didn't say it loaded slow, I said the browser rendered the page weird. I have 20Mb WiFi and LTE so either way its not my connection.
  • The page rendered correctly on my lumia 710 over WiFi, but the frame rate was atrocious and several gifs failed to load. Then IE crashed. I have no problem viewing one or two gifs on other sites, but that Nokia page reliably produces a crash. Had to resort to more powerful hardware.
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  • I hope pureview allows better resolution cinemagraphs capture
  • They are ok. Mirror guy one is a proper and fun cinematograph.
  • I'm actually rather disappointed with these.  I thought the point of a cinemagraph was to have a small section of the image in motion, and the remainder standing still.  The only one that really looks like it took advantage of that capability is the one with the guy in the mirror.  The rest look like they could be just looping videos.  I'd hoped to see more that took advantage of the unique capabilities that you don't get in a looping video.
  • It's actually quite surprising because there were a lot of great Cinemagraph floating in twitter when the contest started. 
    Though i will say that the winner Cinemagraph for some reason is kind of mesmerizing. :D
  • Exactly. I did a really basic one that's closer to a cinemagraph than these:
  • Mmmm not really. The point is that in a successful  cinemagraph, there is the element of motion.. both motion that has been stopped and real motion. Yours would have been better had you caught some people on the street walking and had that part of the motion frozen with your car moving. There was one of the Nokia site that was kind of cool. The guy that was in front of the mirror and then his mirror image turned to the camera and made a face.
  • I know, mine was just closer to a cinemagraph. I think a lot of thr gifs posted there were just regular looping gifs
  • Yea, I agree. The guy in the mirror is the only one I thought was a "real" cinemagraph.
  • agreed.
  • I added the winning Cinemagraph in my Cinemagraph browser:
  • Wow these stink compared to so many other ones I have randomly seen
  • The cinemagraph i made in about a 1 minute after installing the app for the first time was better than these crap ones they awarded the prizes to.
  • Please, you all need to stop complaining. Cinemagraph makes Animated gifs AND has some tools built in to edit them. So as long as they used the app to make the gifs, these are all valid entries, edited or not.
  • I don't see anyone saying they're invalid. Just that they're lousy representations of what the technology is capable of.
  • Not up to par IMO. 1 or 2 of them were good, the ones that actually made use of Cinemagraph loops (ie: Mirror one). 
    Most of them were simple GIFs with no loop  transistions.