Nokia announces winners of Lumia Cinemagraph Challenge

Nokia announced a Lumia contest earlier this month, and now the company has unveiled the two selected winners. The competition saw Lumia owners take some interesting, strange or ingenious recordings using the Cinemagraph app to produce unique GIF images. Five humorous runner-ups were showcased in the blog post, but the two winning images are priceless.

One of the winners chosen is Donald Strand with the following entry:

Cinemagraph Winner 1

Apologies, GIFs don't currently agree with our system

Check out the Nokia blog to view the other winning Cinemagraph by Duncan Nagle, as well as the runner-ups. Do you have some ingenious images created with the Cinemagraph app? Be sure to show them off in the comments (where GIF images should work).

Source: Nokia

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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