Everyone knows how much Nokia love their cameras, just look at the N8. Only problem was their focus on Symbian, so you had fantastic capturing hardware bundled with a dying operating system. Fast forward to the end of 2011, I would be extremely excited with Nokia bringing the same camera quality found on the N8 to Windows Phone 7 - especially since we've seen the possibility in saving camera settings.

Think about it.  A mechanical shutter, larger sensor, and a glass lens on your Windows Phone camera.  Image quality would go through the roof.  The videos should be a testament on how good things could get if the camera on the N8 made the transition to a Nokia Windows Phone.

The video above shows the collaboration between Nokia and Carl Zeiss and the interviews are filmed on the N8. As an extra treat, that film mentioned in the above video by Thomas Hilland (filmed entirely on the Nokia N8) can be viewed right after the break.

Via: MobilityDigest