Nokia capturing the world on mobile film

Everyone knows how much Nokia love their cameras, just look at the N8. Only problem was their focus on Symbian, so you had fantastic capturing hardware bundled with a dying operating system (opens in new tab). Fast forward to the end of 2011, I would be extremely excited with Nokia bringing the same camera quality found on the N8 to Windows Phone 7 - especially since we've seen the possibility in saving camera settings.

Think about it.  A mechanical shutter, larger sensor, and a glass lens on your Windows Phone camera.  Image quality would go through the roof.  The videos should be a testament on how good things could get if the camera on the N8 made the transition to a Nokia Windows Phone.

The video above shows the collaboration between Nokia and Carl Zeiss and the interviews are filmed on the N8. As an extra treat, that film mentioned in the above video by Thomas Hilland (filmed entirely on the Nokia N8) can be viewed right after the break.

Via: MobilityDigest (opens in new tab)

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • I went with Samsung for the Samoled screen this time round. If Nokia release a phone with anything remotely comparable in that department and good camera tech to boot, I'll be upgrading like a shot.
  • Couple that with Thumba photo editor......and if MS will let Nokia wrap in an updated Video Editor, like you had on the N95... **** YEAH !!!! Upgrade from my Surround in a heartbeat !!** really.....we're now blockin HE double hockey sticks ??
  • I went with the Trophy because it was the only thing available right now. I look at it like it will probably be a disposable, if Nokia hits us with some really fantastic hardware, like the camera in the N8, then I would (will?) probably drop the cash for retail. I can only see great things if Nokia keeps producing high end hardware. WinPhone+Nokia is going to be sweet. PS Shack... Yeah they got me yesterday on S3xy ... but
  • Impressive!This is what I've been waiting for... an excellent camera/video capabilities on a handset. Samsung has been my unit of choice, but this example has made me reconsider manufacturers.Fingers x'd on the reality of this quality on WPonkia7. Or should that be WPunkia???
  • man i haven't had a nokia phone since the beginning of cell phone popularity, but this is exciting.
  • I run a board for a gaming guild I'm in. I once set a filter to change "the" to "teh". It drove everyone insane as they kept editing to check spelling. Actually made some people fuming mad. It was great. :DBack on topic. I'll be getting a Nokia if their first round of Mango phones has a camera that good. That's some amazing stuff.
  • The N8 is a gorgeous phone that exudes quality. Symbian isn't as bad as all that. In fact, it's better than WP7 at present, what with the lack of multitasking. However, come Mango, WP7 will clearly offer the superior experience, with its superior interface and tight integration with MS' ever growing services.All I want for Christmas is an N8 with the screen on the E7 and the requisite bump in resolution and processing power, and I'm in. That said, will Mango allow the following things that Symbian (and the N8) already does?* Removable storage.* Front-facing camera.* HDMI out.* FM transmission.It would be a shame to have to give up on those awesome features.