Nokia in trouble and banking on WP7

Seems Nokia's problems are worsening with each passing day. Their devices are being out-sold and out-preferred, not to mention conditions arising that is preventing the handset manufacturer to provide 2011 forecasts. While they have joined Microsoft with Windows Phone 7, the journey ashore will be a rough one until Mango is here and upcoming Nokia devices are released (opens in new tab).

Symbian is a sinking ship, which Nokia has to milk as much as possible, the company said in a statement that their operating margin “could be around breakeven.” Stephen Elop, CEO of Nokia, said:

"We recognize the need to deliver great mobile products, and therefore we must accelerate the pace of our transition. Our teams are aligned, and we have increased confidence that we will ship our first Nokia product with Windows Phone in the fourth quarter 2011."

Until the time to jump ships arrives, Nokia are to work on adding capabilities to its Symbian portfolio and will up its retail marketing. Do you think Windows Phone enough to save Nokia, and will their WP7 devices sell?

Source: ZDNet (opens in new tab)

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • They need to bring the pain! Tons of storage, great screen, top notch camera, great design and build, multiple covers, good marketing, Ovi maps, quality headphones. If possible some other unique features and also make sure they get on top of those biased fanboys in carrier stores.
  • Theefman - you really hit the nail on the head. Execution is everything for them. I know they are working closely with Microsoft and I'm sure that includes their best "A" team players. I can only hope that their "A" list phone hits first sending a loud and clear message that they are back and ready to set the smart phone market on fire. Then immediately release phones to accomadate consumers worldwide that really need a feature phone price before jumping back up again.
  • Look at the Acer, absolutely nothing special and just another android oem not giving WP7 any chance. MS should really realise Nokia is the only OEM that is going to give it their all and get behind them 1000% or else the biased press and fanboys will go all out to kill WP7.
  • I love the Nokia concept phones! Hopefully those are the phones they are developing because I do not like their current batch of phones... too ugly! I would buy Nokia but I am an HTC faithful but would consider changing for the concept phones, only consider!
  • I would buy the N8, X7 and N9 in WP7 clothes with some Mango flair.
  • I'm an HTC faithful too, but if the Nokia phones turn out to be as good as we're hoping, I could be swayed. I personally hope that Nokia succeeds!
  • What Nokia needs is market differentiation. It would have been very hard to achieve that in the crowded Android universe.What MS needs is an OEM partner that is 100% in the boat with WP7. All the current OEM partners have flagship phones on another OS.I'm an optimist, so in my mind this partnership will be huge.
  • iOS 5 coming out soon. I used a Nexus S 4g and it felt really great. I think Bing is lacking a little right now in terms of search results frankly. Scrolling a list of apps to find the one you are looking for is a bit of a pain. Good that mango will provide a search box for that. I am hoping for great things from WP7. But android and iOS are innovating at an even faster rate. WP7 has to do more than just catching up.
  • like scrolling ENDLESS pages on the iphone is any better! lol
  • oh and Iphone hasent Inovated ANYTHING sints the first Iphone ,,, aside from the screen! and thikness of the phone , oh wait i almost forgot the Micros Exchange Servers where aded to apple. go apple!!! *thumb down**
  • I am holding out for a Nokia WP device myself. I think they will be the best phones on the market whenever they come out.
  • I will buy a nokia device. I have no brand preference, i have an HTC arrive, if LG or Samsung would've come out on sprint I'd have that phone now, but it happens to be HTC. I just hope they give cdma lots of love. Lots of love. I want a thin slate phone, no keyboard, I dint use my keyboard at all, i typed this on landscape mode with the virtual keyboard. Does anyone know if i can use a trophy on sprint?
  • well considerign SYBIAN is probly the WORST and most UNSTABLE OS on the market ( in america doh specially canada , WE HATE THAT **** ! ) , i hope they drop that **** and start makign real OS!!NOKIA!! do your self a FAVOR!! MAKE YOUR FIRST Wp7 in 3D!!! WE KNOW YOU HAVE THE TEHCNOLOGIE!! YOU CAN REBUILD IT!! LOL ( your empire that is )
  • Stephen Elop had no choice.This is current MeeGo 1.2 Developer Edition, released last weekend, reviewed: should name it Developer Preview. It's hard to imagine that this thing will launch this year.But still, I like the boot sequence. :-)
  • the media has no idea what they are talking about regarding WP7. For example, the articles refering Neilson's market share data, which has not thing to do with market share. comScore never give smartphone market share, but all articles say market share. Anyone do an research, what is WP7 market share (not usage share, subscriber share or install base share) in the US? You will probably come with a number above 4%. That's REMARKABLE at this stage. comScore has been the most reliable source of data, from what I see every month, WP7 is almost making up WinMo 6.x loss. We should see steady growth by the year end, even without Nokia.I can tell you folks, the worst case scenario is WP7 gets to #1 spot next year. I am looking at the domination for 2012.It puzzles me, even WP7 bloggers are misled by the media negative reports.
  • Yes Nokia can turn things around but they need to lauch some 4" and 4.3" superphones right out of the gate to get the buzz going then they can work on cheaper devices after that.
  • Nokia you have a basket full of great stuff Ovi maps, camera, there is a really nice list. now package this into a really nice 4.3 rig it will sell. I have an HTC HD7 the volume sucks on this device. it's a decent device but not a great device. with all the goodies that Nokia has if they package a nice device with a nice big screen res. I'm in without a thought of it. I still have a 1999 nokia device in the tool shed that still works. Yea make a nice device and it will sell.
  • nokia phones are just great, good cameras, good screens, everything we wanted on our phone, but just one flaw (major one) on devices right now ;) - the symbian please nokia, just release them as soon as possible, i'm waiting to change from that stupid symbian to the awesome wp7 :D
  • "Until the time to jump ships arrives, Nokia are to work on adding capabilities to its Symbian portfolio and will up its retail marketing."You must be reading a different set of press releases from Nokia. You can read the original Nokia release here: ""GigaOM did a good analysis. You can read that here: ""Simply put, Nokia isn't going to "jump ship" on Symbian. It's not going to further spook those sales. At this point it can't afford to.Nokia problems run much deeper than smartphone sales. Sales of it's cash cows, feature phones, are declining as well. It this Nokia market continues to falter, WP7 will not matter.Finally, it appears the some here are ignoring earlier comments out of Espoo: Nokia isn't focusing on high-end WP7 phones, but instead on low cost units. You don't get a cheap camera phone for instance, by putting expensive optics in it like Nokia has done in the past. It doesn't help that those responsible for those great phones of the past have been streaming out the door of late.I'll wait and see if that single WP7 phone that Nokia hopes to have out before year's end saves the company. That's gonna have to be a true Jesus phone.