Nokia celebrates the Easter holiday with edible technology

Nokia has been delving into different technologies, some weird and wonderful and others just plain awesome. This year, to celebrate the Easter holidays, Nokia is introducing #Chokia. If you haven't quite guessed from the name (and the above image), the company is producing 3D-printed logos made of chocolate.

Humorously, Nokia states the reason behind doing just the company's logo, as opposed to the Lumia 1520, is down to the recommended daily allowance, which would be surpassed by an edible Lumia 1520. And we know everyone who would receive one wouldn't be able to halt themselves from finishing the entire Windows Phone.

The cool part about this experiment is Nokia would be able to match the outstanding colors used on Lumia hardware to produce mint, orange and other flavored chocolate. There are also ideas to do a lemon meringue Lumia 1020 and hard-boiled Lime Tiles treats.

"Imagine a Nokia Lumia 1020 chocolate edition (surely in the works?) versus an Android smartphone with KitKat – which would go faster? The Lumia 1020 has no need for a break. Ergo, it wins every time."

So who's wanting some #Chokia?

Source: Nokia

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • I want one right now!
  • Not sure it should have been branded #Chokia. #JustSayin
  • In fairness, #Chokia sounds a lot better with the Finnish pronunciation.
  • #chocolatia sounds better to me, easier to decipher the message. I'll take a dozen please.
  • Exactly my thought.
  • Choke ya!
  • Lol
  • Eh what?
  • How do I order?
  • can i have one ? :')
  • Wut?
  • Nokia # ChoTia ??????
  • Lol
  • Great idea, but I kinda gagged on the name.
  • It should be "CHUTIYA" ;)
  • It'd be nice if you could actually buy one. And who cares about calories? Give me my solid chocolate 1020, damn it!
  • I guess this settles how Nokia should be pronounced in then, eh? One is quite favorable, the other not so much. Both related to eating something.
  • "Nok ia" sounds better than "No kia"