Nokia details upcoming Creative Studio 6.0 mods to make your photos even better

Imaging is a pretty big deal on Windows Phone, especially on the Lumia line which features some of the best cameras around. Nokia’s Creative Studio suite has some really great photo editing options, filters and fun things like color-pop to make the most of your camera.

Now, the imaging team is detailing the changes in 6.0 of the app, which is due to launch with the Lumia 930 in the coming weeks. That app will also be released for all Lumia owners to leverage the new options.

Let’s see what’s new.

Over on the Conversations blog, we get a sneak peek at 6.0 of the app, including some a redesigned UI and some new functionality, including:

Creative Studio 6.0

  • Dual-capture support to handle those large format images from the Lumia 1020, 1520 and Icon/930, enabling reframing within the app
  • Redesigned UI that loads your photos, then gives you editing options via a new sidebar (previous version launched you directly into filters)
  • 10 high quality filters, including Vivid, Warm Caress, Warm Horizon, Retro Fade, Retro Cool, B&W Fade, B&W Strong, B&W Antique, Pure, Nightlife
  • Auto fix feature
  • Enhance module with adjust brightness, shadows, clarity, vibrancy and color tone
  • Non-destructive editing (always preserves original image)
  • Enhanced blur functionality with circular blur and freehand blur
  • Color pop removed, but coming back in Creative Studio 6.1
  • Red eye removal feature coming in Creative Studio 6.1

Creative Studio is one of those apps from Nokia, which started off as just ‘ok’ to becoming one of our go-to editing apps. The ability to directly reframe and the new UI design sounds like really good additions to make work flow easier on newer Lumia hardware. The revamp of the filters and adding of auto-fix are also welcomed.

Creative Studio 6.0

Needless to say, we can’t wait to get out hands on it. It’s not clear if the Lumia Cyan firmware update will be required to use this, though if we had to guess, the answer would be yes. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Don’t have Creative Studio yet on your Lumia? Grab version 5.5 here in the Nokia Collection.

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Source: Conversations

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