The unannounced Nokia device, codenamed "Moneypenny" is making the headlines again. Now the mysterious dual-SIM Windows Phone has been spotted in India for testing and evaluation. If you're not familiar with the codename, this is rumoured to be Nokia's first attempt at a dual-SIM Windows Phone.

Zuaba notes the product code RM-977 alongside an estimated price of $130 (after conversion), so we should be looking at yet another low-end Windows Phone to hop on to the success trail of the Lumia 520. While the final retail price may be higher than what's stated in the shipping document, we can't imagine the Finnish manufacturer increasing the price substantially.

Nokia RM977
Moneypenny shipments in India

What's interesting to note from the information above is how there are two variants of the device, both single and dual-SIM. The screen size is reported at 4.5-inches, just shy of the monster that is the Lumia 625. There are still details that require confirmation surrounding Windows Phone 8.1, as well as what will be the final specifications for the RM-977.

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However, what we can do is expect to see the Windows Phone be announced at the upcoming Mobile World Congress 2014 convention. Should we see the Nokia Lumia Windows Phone released with support for dual-SIM configurations, this would be a massive step forward for Microsoft's platform. There are numerous instances where multiple SIM cards are handy and Moneypenny will look to plug this gaping whole.

Are you in need for a dual-SIM device?

Source: Zuaba, via: LiveSide; thanks, CTe, for the tip!