Nokia gets ruling against RIM in patent case

Nokia has prevailed in a patent dispute the company filed against Research in Motion Limited (RIM) in 2011. Nokia filed complaints in the U.S., United Kingdom and Canada claiming RIM was in violation of WLAN patents.

Long story short, the case went to arbitration and today the Arbitrator ruled in favor of Nokia. The ruling will require RIM to pay Nokia royalties for Blackberry handsets. And until a royalty agreement can be reach, RIM is not entitle to manufacture or sell WLAN devices.

As expected, Nokia was pleased with the ruling while RIM had no immediate comment. Nokia has filed cases with the Courts of jurisdiction to enforce the Arbitrator's ruling.

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  • And watch the NOK Stock go up..
  • Not so, as it's not like Rim selling that much phones
  • Nokia has more patents than any other company. After Apple lost to Nokia, did anyone really expect RIM to win?
  • Does Nokia make money off of every phone sold somehow? It seems like most cell phones have Nokia tech behind it.
  • Not most... All of them. Apple pays Nokia $10~(8€) per Iphone sold
  • Nokia holds patents without which it would not be possible to create any mobile phone, How about GSM technology being a Nokia invention and patent (several actually). So yes, Nokia makes money off of every mobile phone sold accross all brands.
  • Wondering if RIM will also be paying MS royalties after BB10 is released...
  • I agree... Those active frames seem a lot like ugly live tiles to me haha.
  • I'm sure if BB10 finally comes out looking too much like the WP dress, then MS will probably haul them to court. But what I'm more curious about is if this ruling against them and in favor of Nokia also covers BB10 devices.
  • "And until a royalty agreement can be reach, RIM is not entitle to manufacture or sell WLAN devices."
    - what?
  • What can be considered WLAN devices?
  • basicly if it has wifi they cant sell it
  • Does this mean all stock in shops has to be pulled.
  • Stock in shops could be considered sold to them already...
  • I'm assuming you're referring to the couple if spelling issues?
  • I don't know how these companies ignore existing patents. Don't they check before going into production?
  • Have you ever tried reading a patent?  Try it sometime.  Then imagine that tens or hundreds of thousands of them are potentially applicable to any given product.  Just identifying them is a huge task with plenty of margin for error.  Then, once potentially applicable patents are identified, you have difficult choices about how to work around them, license them, ignore them, try to get them invalidated, etc.  It's a huge mess and mistakes are bound to happen.  And even if no mistakes are made, different people will have different interpretations of patents which can give rise to this sort of conflict.
  • The owner of the patent is responsible for the protection of his inventions. In other words if you have a pattent and somebody implements your technology, it's your duty to find this out and collect royalties. A patent can easily be copied or implemented without consequences if the patent holder does not take adequate actions. And like tgr42 said, you can not expect any company to go trough the millions of patterns (worldwide! in countless languages!) to check every single part and see if it has not been patented somewhere by someone. And still even if it is patented, it is sometimes hard to trace the individual who patented the technologie. In this case it might seem a bit obvious, however it's not a task of the engineers to look for pattents.
  • That's gonna screw up the release of BB10 until an agreement is reached. On the one hand it's good for Windows Phone as it puts even more hurt on RIM and their forthcoming release. I'm guessing they don't have a lot of spare cash at the moment. On the other hand, I'm in favor of competition in the marketplace as it benefits the consumer.
  • Fair competition is good. Nokia has put more money into R&D than any other company in the business by a huge margin. Nokia has made the phones of today possible and they should be compensated when someone uses their innovations.
    In the past 5 years alone Nokia has spent 40 billion in R&D compared to RIM's 5 billion.
  • I'm also curious what effect this ruling has on BB10 devices. If BB10 infringes on the patents, then RIM needs to pay Nokia . This is what fair competition mean. It's not as if this patent is like the patent on "A Rectangle with Rounded Corners".
  • I wish all the cellphone manufacturers could stop all this litigation. All it truly does is stifle innovation. Just image what kinda phones we could have. I'm not faulting just Nokia. Apple, Samsung, RIM, Google, HTC and Microsoft. I might could see if someone made a identical os but under the hood like WiFi , email, touch, etc is straight up BS. Plus I'm tired of reading about it. Call me biased but all I wanna hear is good W8 news.
  • And how do you think phones would develop anymore? No one would like to do any research/development since the moment they release their phone, all those billions went into investing and researching would be lost, all the other phone makers could just copy them. Eventually every phone maker would turn into Apple and have no progress/impovement in new phones what so ever.
  • This is the second major patent case RIMM has lost in the last six months (less than a year anyway). This one however may just do them in. The cost is going to be huge just to pay for all of the devices previously sold. If it also causes BB10 to slip agin due to hardware redesign (if RIMM refues to license the tech) there done for.
    Given I'm heavily invested in Nokia this gives me much pleasure.
  • You're right. Now maybe Microsoft will buy them. I couldn't see Nokia getting royalties from Microsoft since Microsoft just gave Nokia a pile of cash. Who knows maybe RIM could become the new surface phone.
  • Microsoft hasn't "given" Nokia a pile of cash...
  • Microsoft should buy RIM and incorporate BBM messaging into Windows Phone.
  • Why? It already has a Facebook chat integrated, that's enough for me :P And on the topic, Nokia would get the payment from Microsoft as well, it's not like Microsoft gave Nokia money, but Nokia made WP successful.
  • Hahaha!
  • If Nokia makes all this money, how are they in financial trouble?
  • Blackberries are a jokke. I hope Lumia outsells those silly devices.