Nokia highlights unofficial Game of Thrones apps for Windows Phone

There are many fans who actively follow the Game of Thrones series and with the finale of season three already being broadcast, those who wish to stay within the fantasy realm can do so with their Windows Phone. Nokia has highlighted numerous unofficial apps on its blog that are already available on the Windows Phone Store. 

The apps selected by the company range from Game of Thrones DB to Game of Thrones Trivia, each sporting unique functionality. Here's the full list of what's available for you Game of Throne heads:

We'll not repeat what has been printed in this rather detailed article, so be sure to check out more details over on the Nokia Conversations Blog, but we have all the download links and QR codes for you all to check them all out. As well as the above list, there's also the Game of Thrones soundtrack, available on Nokia music. Perfect for streaming music from favourite scenes while on the go.

Source: Nokia

QR: Game of Thrones DB

QR Game of Thrones Trivia

QR:Game of Thrones Fan App

QR: Game of Thrones JustAFan

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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