Nokia and HTC steal top spots at international design competition for Windows Phone efforts

Windows Phone 8 launched over half a year ago and the message was clear from both HTC and Nokia. Devices were going to be loud, colorful, and playful. They were to be an expression of the operating system they housed inside. The HTC 8X and Nokia Lumia 920 led the charge of premium handsets we could choose from. Both OEMs have recently been recognized for their work by the industrial design community. They did it by taking top spots in the communication tools category at the International Design Excellence Awards.

The International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) honor top designs in a variety of categories. Some categories you could win include digital design, living room and bedroom, leisure and recreation, commercial and industrial products, and transportation to name a few. But we mostly care about the communication tools category, being a mobile site and all. So which Windows Phone devices placed?

  • Nokia Lumia range (Lumia 920, 820, and 620) – Gold
  • HTC 8S – Gold
  • HTC 8X – Silver

Samsung is noticeably absent from the list, which is to be expected with a competition that is judged on design and not performance. Which would also explain the little 8S beating out the 8X.

Congratulations to HTC and Nokia for their design work. It’s been a joy to use all those handsets above. Which has been your favorite from a design standpoint? Sound off below.

Flashback: Windows Phone won the "People's Choice" at IDEA back in 2011

Source: IDEA, Via: Nokia Conversations

Sam Sabri