Nokia Italy lists Lumia 925 for preorder with €599.90 final price

Nokia looks good on keeping their promise for a quick release on the Lumia 925—estimated to arrive in some European markets by the second week of June. Indeed Nokia Italy on their official shop site have now listed the super slim aluminum device for preorder.

Users can leave a €99.90 deposit down on the phone, available in black, grey or white, and then pay the remaining €500 when the product is ready to ship (there is no added shipping cost). Of course Nokia notes that the final price could change, though we highly doubt it will (and even if it did, it would most likely go down, not up).

With Italy taking the lead, hopefully other markets will follow soon. Anyone up for a good ol’ pre-order?

Source:; via Plaffo

Daniel Rubino

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  • Yes, 16GB espandible to 32 with micro SD ;)
  • Wrong. It doesn't have a micro SD card slot. It's NOT expandible.
  • Only 16GB no SD slot. Elop needs to be bitc@# slapped for that. Should've came in 32GB/64GB options at least. Add a SD slot and it would've been the ultimate Lumia.
  • +1.
  • the 32GB version is an exclusive for some carriers (such as Vodafone Italy) while the 16GB one is for the open market ;)
  • We all know that. That's why the majority is disappointed. If 32GB is exclusive then other carriers should've had a 64GB option. It's better to have to much memory than not enough.
  • I think at the moment 64GB of system memory aren't supported by wp8 at the moment, otherwise someone like Samsung would have surely offered that version of the Ativ S
  • OUCH!    That's a lot of US dollars for a phone maxed at 16 gig!    That is so much a NO...
    It is a pretty phone, but still no...
  • Yeah, it's overpriced by $170/€132. The 32GB 920 was closer to $600
  • Wasnt it announced to be Euro 469? Not sure taxes would take it up to 599, thats quite a bit more.
  • I am not certain what is the VAT in Italy, but likely something tad over 20%, which is the reason why you have to add a good 1/4th to the non-VAT price to get the actual retail price. The non-VAT price is obviously relevant to companies and entrepreneurs of varying kind as they can move their VATs for the final consumers to pay.
  • In Italy Iva is at 21%
  • I knew it would end up being like that. I said it in one of my comments on Endgadget when the announced the pricing of the l925 that i will end up costing 600 euros after they add normaltax and "europrean premium rate".
  • 920(480 euros) is a better deal than this.
    You will get more storage and wireless charging built in.
    Nokia should sell this at much lesser prices since this is not really and upgrade except for physical dimensions.
  • i switched from my n900 (32 GB) to 620 (only 8 GB) and i found out, that 32 was overkill, and 8 GB it's enough for me
  • I call bullsh@#...... JK. If you did you're 1 outta a million. I'm cramped with only 32GB. I'd say you're not a gamer.
  • i am happy with 8 GB with my 710... same with my wife..  heck 510 was a big seller and it had 4 GB.
  • This is gonna bite Microsoft in the butt too. Making cheap phones to get a foot in the door isn't good. I'd like to see a survey on customer satisfaction after 6 months. When you start running into memory problems because you only have a few games, apps and a couple tunes. That's frustrating. Apple seen this and killed the 8GB iPhone. Microsoft should wise up and do the same.
  • rmichael75, Your 710 is on either 7.5 or 7.8 if you've done it yourself. My 810 on WP8 has 8 gb as well, and 8 gb on WP 8 is often NOT ENOUGH. Maybe MS will fix the issue and Nokia is pushing out their Storage Check feature to some WP8 phones, however comparing storage use under WP7 and WP8 is like comparing apples and oranges.
  • im am. but a true gamer, not phone gamer. pc gamer. 1TB disk :)
  • Vodafone Germany started pre order.
    Its 32GB exclusive for vodafone.
  • Can any of the 925s be used on the AT&T networks?
  • Please answer this question^^^^^
  • Not on LTE
  • I'll take HSPA+
  • That's the same price as the superior L920. Only sissies who can't handle a slightly heavier phone will choose this over the L920...
  • Mmm....better display and better camera though, just saying!
  • Is the camera better? I thought it was just software tweaks that would also be pushed to the 920. Hands down the display is better.
  • Yes the camera is better, it has 6 lenses that gives u crisper images and better stabilization..
  • If you prefer over saturated colors then AMOLED is better. The screen in this case is more about personal taste. More lenses doesnt necessarily mean better quality. We have to compare the results first and leave marketing hype behind us.
  • Doesn't AMOLED give a better battery life? Over saturated/vibrant would be a acceptable trade off for better battery life to me. But maybe not for all.
  • Yes it do, u are so correct.. Agree!
  • Depends what u do. If you browse web alot with white backgrounds LCD is better for battery I think.
  • I understand what ur saying, but correct me if I'm wrong, but last I checked more is better when it comes too cameras..
  • About lenses I said necessarily. Lets wait for the results before getting nuts.
    What comes to AMOLED battery consumption I totally agree. I also said that it is about personal taste which is better.
    I got some nice rage answers from nice lads that actually didnt read my comments carefully. I am very excited about this new Lumia 925 - dont´t get me wrong. I just don´t swallow marketing hype too easily ;)
  • Nope. Lumia 920 is just 479 euros now.
  • Seems kinda expensive. The l920 is going for 399 in the uk
  • Really looking forward to this on T-Mobile. I like my 8x but LTE, AMOLED and wireless charging are awesome upgrades.
  • Anybody got any ideas how much it's gonn cost on T-Mo US?
  • Yes, that is the burning question for me as well.    While I'm planning on dumping T-Mobile early next week, I will stay with a T-Mobile compatible MVNO.