Nokia Lumia 525 "Glee" passes certification in China with device renders

The Nokia Lumia 525 is an interesting little device, creeping in and out of the spotlight recently. While the handset, codenamed "Glee," wasn't covered at Nokia World 2013 in Abu Dhabi, the Chinese certification agency has passed the Lumia 525 through on its website. Images published on the website (no longer available) were quickly grabbed by LiveSide and are on display above.

Alongside the certification in China, we've also had the Canadian concert ticket provider Live Nation offering the Nokia device as a prize (though this has since been updated to show the Lumia 520). Looking at the images above, the Lumia 525 does indeed look like the already available (and massively popular) Lumia 520

Details are still yet to be confirmed, but rumours point to a WVGA display, dual-core CPU, 1GB RAM and a strong focus on music - it's not known what this may include. Twitter profile @evleaks has also hinted at the Lumia 525 coming in yellow, white and orange. We'll be sure to keep our eyes peeled for more information. Watch this space.

via: LiveSide

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Wow I can keep my 720 for camera and buy this one for music and games.
  • Buy 820 for navigation, 625 for watching movies, 1020 for video recording too
  • ^Hahahaahahaahaa.....BTW..I will buy 1520 for all rounder .
  • I would get 1320 for movies if I were you.
  • I would take the 2520 :)
  • I got a 520 as a backup. Great little phone.
  • 1GB of RAM will make for an amazing device (software compatibility wise) at a low price as the dual core processor should be able to handle the same games as the 920 without the RAM limitations.
  • Yeah, and it would be much more competitive in the china market.. I was just looking at the china, and us market share growth from Sept2012-Sept2013 and its pathetic in these two regions,, with it actually dropping over 2% in China.. Microkia seriously, I mean seriously, needs to do something to move devices in China, and its gonna take more than just releasing one, or two, devices a year over there.. They also do a horrible job focusing on the low end here in the US.. I still believe that in store purchases of lower end phones are tops here in the US.. I just wonder sometimes what kind of discussions go on between Microkia about a plan,, what is it now, plan D❔... Let's go, let's go, let's GO❗❗❗
  • How can Nokia make 525 focused on Music? Include pair of great headphones to the phone?
  • Fee Nokia Music+ for a while?
  • Including some powerful stereo speakers like the XM5800 or the N900
  • From the picture, it looks like it's missing flash for the camera. That's too bad cause I knew some people that would've bought the 520/521 if it had a flash.
  • Yep.. Flash is needed.. If not the front camera
  • With front camera it would be the 620
  • Please make 725 with improved camera or use PureView, 1GB RAM, fastest processor, dual-SIM, and more. But keep the price point under $400
  • Please include equalizer in this one at least! And Glance screen if possible.
  • 1 GB RAM  O___O
  • I'm curious about this.  I don't quite get it just for music?  Doesn't make much sense to me with their phones sellings less then 100 bucks off contract. 
  • ?? I don't quite get your comment. :) Obviously its not JUST for music.
  • Great that they are finally adding 1GB of ram to all their low end devices. More customers for the end games, more interest from developers.
  • Ah!  I totally forget that the lower models were 512.  Now it's starting to make sense. 
  • And now I think I sort of get your comment above. :)
  • No disrespect, but looks like a black HTC 8X
  • You look like a black HTC 8X.
  • HTC sucks, my Fiancé is about leave us for iPhone because her first windows phone the HTC HD7 gave nothing but constant problems and then I convinced her to stay with us she got the 8X but now it's been giving her problems....I'm desperately trying to get her to get a 925 like I just did but idk HTC really effed up her view of WP :'(
  • Could be slightly thinner than the 520?
  • All windows phone are the same. Period.
  • You have no idea what you're talking about. Period.
  • That's the weirdest comment I have seen ever. o.O
  • Hahahahahaha this dude made my day!
    All the same! Sure!
  • Lol. What's with this guy?
  • You just need a little dongle for flash. Those will be selling like hotcakes in Q1 of 2014 after the iblazr comes out by the end of December. I've been doing photography since 2002 now, and I have never found a flash to be a necessity. Good lighting, even artificial just works a lot better for my use. 1GB of RAM is going to be nice. But there still needs to be more internal space overall in the lowend devices. I've used all of it on my 520. :O
  • "I have never found a flash to be a necessity. Good lighting, even artificial just works a lot better for my use." Absolutely. I think 1GN of RAM is a better addition than the flash would've been for keeping cost down. A front facing camera would be nice too though.   But flash is great for use as a flashlight! :)
  • :(
  • looking at the picture it looks to e as if they changed the design abit...maybe more rounded edges ? it looks like a mini L720.
  • A front-facing camera is a drawback, even if it's an entry level phone. Selfies are important to a lot of people, especially young people. Something to think about.