Nokia Lumia 800 display survives sunlight [Video]

My one pet hate about smartphones is not being able to use them in the sunshine. England, where we don't get blessed with much sunshine, I'd prefer to make the most of it while staying connected to the Internet. While the Samsung Omnia 7 (and Focus) SAMOLED screens are superb in terms of quality, for me my Omnia 7 is rendered useless when the sun shines down (the HTC Hero was even worse).

Being the first customer on Three UK to pre-order the Lumia 800 (opens in new tab) (yup, I was congratulated over the phone) I was hoping the Nokia handset would perform better as the screen was still viewable in the bright spotlights at Nokia World. In the video above we see the guys at My Nokia Blog taking the 800 for a spin on the London Eye - pun intended. Looking good!

Source: My Nokia Blog (opens in new tab)

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • I have the E7 which also as the CBD screen and yes very good in sunlight.
  • WOW, that's just a REALLY good looking device. WOW!
  • IF I'm on T-Mobile US, can I get this imported and use it with my 3G?My Dell Venue Pro screen cracked (crazy Halloween club night) and I would like to purchase the Nokia 800 unsubsidized. IDC if its $550 lol
  • @Vigor...I thought about importing as well, but I am going to wait - I really think that Nokia is going to release a U.S. version that will have a different number (i.e. Lumia 805), ffc, and storage options.Here is the spec sheet for the device. It lists the bands that it will work on:
  • yea the U.S. will get a better version in Q1 of 2012 and more than likely it will be for at&t.
  • That is a beatiful device and this just makes it more appealing. For whatever reason, the screen always looks bigger than it's 3.7" or 3.8" it reportedly is.
  • I am still amazed by the display on my N8! When I bought, I really didn't think it would matter, but I actually have had situations where I actually took my phone out to do something with the sum beamin' - just stunning that I could see everything on my screen perfectly, and I don't even have 20/20 vision!CBD is a great technology.
  • That's a hot looking device in black.