Nokia Lumia 800 not shipped SIM-free until 2012

According to an article on the blog of the UK smartphone retailer, the Nokia Lumia 800 (opens in new tab) will not be available SIM-free until 2012. All handsets shipped until then will be contract bound, which will begin rolling out on November 16th. While this may come across as a real pain in the butt, carriers are offering some interesting deals with Orange giving away Xbox 360s (should you be an existing customer) and Vodafone doing the same with £60 worth of vouchers (opens in new tab).

Source: Blog (opens in new tab)

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • I just wish we could get similar offers on this side of the Atlantic. Could you imagine t-mobile or AT&T giving something of actual value for signing on...
  • OK now this is just gonna drive me crazy. I really want this phone but i cant get it sim-free until 2012. I promised myself my first windows phone will be a Nokia, but Nokia is not making that easy for me. :(
  • For U.S. users that were thinking of importing this device, by the time this device is available sim free, it may just be prudent to wait to see what devices Nokia will release in the U.S. in early 2012 - there may actually be a U.S. variant of this same model with all of the accoutrements many desire for this device.
  • True.
  • I work at Carphone and we currently have a sim free price on our systems (but that might change by launch) so if your looking for sim free we might be able to help...
  • hey, ive just pre-ordered mine from carphone warehouse sim wasnt on last week or the week before, only as contract, but now its showing as available sim free :D
  • Well, according to Carphone website. It's now saying the sim-free Lumia 800 is out of stock.