Nokia Lumia 900 survives torture test

If there was any doubt how well built the Nokia Lumia 900 is, the above video should ease anyone's concerns over build quality. The unibody design coupled with Corning's Gorilla Glass make the Lumia 900 a very solid Windows Phone. Solid enough to drive nails. 

The engineers who tested the durability of the Lumia 900 did the same test on the Lumia 710. The 710 held up just as nicely as the 900.

Now for the obligatory disclaimer. While the Lumia 900 clearly survives the torture test in the video, we don't recommend you using your Lumia 900 to build a deck, repair the back steps or deliberately abuse your Windows Phones.  Such activity would likely void your warranty.

Chime in below in the comments if you're Nokia Lumia 900 has survived near death experiences.

Source: Conversations Nokia

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  • Nice to know that it has a solid body as well.
  • That is awesome! The Lumia 900 is not for me, but I eagerly await their WP8 offerings! I hope they also do waterproofing like Fujitsu did, but maybe that's asking too much.
  • I'm waiting also :)
  • Me too
  • They already have the waterproofing in their research labs. IF you watch some NRC videos, they show how they are researching on using nanotechnology for waterproofing. 
    But that will take some time, I believe. Fujitsu uses different tech, I think. 
  • Lol
  • Mine survived a fall onto concrete .. Not a huge drop but enough to scare the crap out of me.. Not a scratch!!!
  • Wow that's awesome!!!!!!
  • I accidently kicked mine across the room, if that counts.
  • I don't feel so bad about dropping my phone face first onto the floor now.
  • I wonder how the Focus S would withstand? Glass-wise of course as it's body is not nearly as tough as the 900. They have the same corning gorilla glass right?
  • No Samsung put gorilla glass on their galaxy s phones
  • I just built a small tree house with the Lumia 900. :D Just kidding.
  • Damn that damn phone is really nice.. Clear black should be patented
  • Another reason to pick one of these bad boy up.
  • Did you guys notice the funny thing at the end of the video? The call was from Steve Elop. Very creative..
  • Haha no, nice catch.
  • Ok I was literally scrolling down to see if someone else noticed this. I laughed SO hard,
  • I almost fell down the couch laughing... Had a hard time to explain the humor to my 10 year old...
  • I think it's something to do with the fact that the glass is slightly curved that makes it strong as hell.
  • I thought the lumia 800 has the curbed glass? I have the 900 and the glass looks pretty flat
  • This true. The 900 has a flat screen. The 800's screen has a curve to it.
  • Ahhh, gotcha. That makes sense since the 900 is bigger.
  • Yup, respect the phone! Lol!
  • My Nokia Lumia 710 slipped from my clumsy hands last week and falls about 4 feet onto wood tile flooring and bounced 2 times. Was very relieved that only the back cover came off but no cracks or scratches on the phone nor the cover. Snap back the cover and back to perfect! :-) Not gonna try with concrete though!!
  • Man, I dropped mine 2 feet high, landed on the side on a thick carpet (i have a rubber case also) and the screen cracked, I keep watching those videos about abusing the lumia 900 and nothing happens to it, but mine no, it breaks from the simplest drop, must be my luck.
  • How about the Lumia 800?
  • I dropped my lumia 800 from a running treadmill during my run it fall onto the threadmill and it got thrown off from the spinning treadmill...Picked up and it was perfectly fine... =)  I was scared like .....zzz  
  • You were lucky, dropped mine a few inches and now have a 1.5cm scuff mark on the screen :-(
    You can only see it when the screen is off, it's probably the anti oil\fingerprint coating on the screen.
  • I'd cry if I'd drop my 900 lol. I baby the hell out of it. Almost wanted to bitch slap guy for putting that beautiful piece of tech through torture LMAO
  • I had a tough time watching that video. I just cringe!
    I've had my 900 since the Friday before launch day, I've been lucky to have been able to keep it in mint condition so far. I friend of mine with the same device just recently had the screen crack after dropping it on concrete. It is just on the corner, so he still uses it.
    Very sad.
  • i loved the final touch when stephen Elop called him :)
  • I thought my eyes were deceiving me to think Stephen Elop was the caller at the end of the video. That was cool.
  • I can't be the only think that he got a call from Stephen this video :)
  • It always amazes me who many people can't hold a phone and drop it or just don't take normal care of it. My old mom with pain in her hands can hold on to it. That is damn sad normal healthy people drop their shit all the time. Lol it just cracks me up. I think completely phones made of gummy would be the right choice for some. ;-)
  • Nokia makes them too :D
  • And the iPhone glass brakes complete if you drop it. Or if somthing falls on the the glass :) the Nokia lumia 900 is a masterpiece of production and inovative materials! That alone is worth the price of the phone because you gona use it for a long long time and it looks like new!
  • This ain't right.  How can a guy use his phone to hammer in a nail and not get a scratch?  I dropped my phone waist high and my screen literally shattered!!!!!!  I'm gunna take this video with a grain of salt because I believe all phones aren't equally made.  Check out my thread.
  • Actually gorilla glass survives front impact much better than torsion impacts. At work I can bang on a screen with a screwdriver and barely scratch it. The pick it up an twist it with 4 fingers and watch it shatter.
  • Inpressive but YMMV....
    If done directly to the face, maybe, but, at an angle all bets are off.
    I wish the video was in HD so I could see the detail if the nails he attempted to drive into it put big scraches on the screen or not.
  • I had a friend take a photo of me with my focus s and she dropped it from about 3 or 4 ft high and destroyed the screen. I got the titan with insurance and hated it so I got the lumia 900 instead. I love it! Hopefully no more drops. :-)
  • Why did you hate the Titan?
  • I just bought the Nokia Lumia 900 and it's cool to see the screen is so durable and hope that it will be great scratch resistor.
  • I swear that I had posted a comment this morning which seems to have mysteriously disappeared...