Nokia Lumia 920 Photo Gallery surfaces on Flickr

There's a new Flickr page dedicated to the Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone's camera.  Created by professional photographer Alex Efimoff, the page highlights photos taken with the Lumia 920's Pureview Camera.  The photos range from low light shots to macro shots take with the 920.

The images appear to be a collection of test shots taken by Nokia as well as images captured by Efimoff with the Lumia 920. The Flickr page also has an invitation to add your own photos and video clips taken with the Lumia 920.

Now all we need is for the new Nokia Windows Phone to hit the market so we all can help build this photo gallery. You can check out all the photos in the Flickr collection here (opens in new tab). Let us know what you think below in the comments or over in this discussion going on in the WPCentral Forums (opens in new tab).

Source: Flickr (opens in new tab); Thanks, Blackwood504, for the tip!

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  • Oh this is nice, I go on Flickr almost everyday. Alot of professionals take amazing pictures there. And I will too soon with my Lumia 920 ;)
  • Seems lately WPCentral is playing catch up to WMPoweruser with news and articles of interest. This was posted yesterday on WMPusr....just saying.
  • Well at least the guys at WP central take the time to make sure that what they're talking about is true, and to make sure that their articles are written in a professional maner.... Just saying.
  • +1 I've noticed the WMPoweruser copy posts also. May just switch for faster news.
  • WMPoweruser uses misleading titles on there articles to get hits,,,and leave out information.
  • professional maner? really?
  • It's just a jab.! Is it really that much of a deal to you? Remember the times when wpcentral were flooded by WP-haters when there seem to be bad news for WP or its OEMs.? That WP is dying, etc.? I say you can just walk it off really and move on. WPCentral really takes a lot of unnecessary bashing far worse than that.
  • Sadly, I totaly agree with you on that one... Nonetheless, most of the articles are very well written!
  • agreed. Thats why i come here. For the news.
  • I'll stick with wpcentral. Nice looking app and website.
  • Thanks for raising my right eyebrow ever so slightly. Now, if you don't mind I'd like to get back to WPCentral and finish reading these insightful comments. You know, the ones that make me want to slam my hand in the car door?
  • Maybe they got it from its source: Engadget. Also, WPCentral is a lot more balanced and careful in there posts than WMPoweruser. They seem to check more about some facts, rumor meter, and in how they deliver it, etc. maybe that's why they take much time between posts. Also, it's more of the WP community thing, so I don't think there's something to pry in there. I see no problem w/ sharing between sites of the same genre just make sure there's some sort of a heads-up or permission between them.
  • I prefer WPCentral over any other newsprovider. And I loved the applestore-image:)
  • This site is full of cheap little articles, nothing major here. Just saying
  • Then what the heck are you doing here?
  • Im everywhere checking all sites. Its not like we fucking reside here is it?
  • Huh? I'm trying to decide what's more idiotic. You actually commenting on a site that you think is worthless or you trying to justify why you comment?
  • Need a brain to understand!
  • One of the worst attempts at a recovery I have seen in my life. -1, that kind of insult only works when you're arguing with preteens on YouTube.
  • Yes you do.
  • Thank you.
  • Is that a prototype l920 or he's got the final hardware? Btw photos look great.
  • The pictures seem to be a combination of both... the ones taken on the prototype are indicated. A lot of those are the shots taken by Engadget on the production unit.
  • As excited as I am about the Lumia 920, I'm not excited about making my night shots look like they were taken in the afternoon.  I was trying to lure my mom away from her iPhone by letting her look at some sample shots, and that was one of the first things she noted, and she wasn't thrilled about it.  Still, I think daytime and indoor shots will be much better than the competition.
  • I don't see the point you're making... the shots are clearly "dark/night" photos. Just because they're more visible doesn't change that. I mean if you're looking to have crappy photos you can't see, then sure... stick with another camera, but that seems really strange to me.
  • My point is that a lot of the photos look totally unnatural.  Yes you can tell it's night, but not like any night I've ever seen.  And on top of that, they're still very blurry.  I guess I just like taking photos that are actually worth taking.
  • You should see my night shots. They are as natural looking as you can get - SOLID BLACK. No need to concern myself with blurriness. I have yet to hear anyone say they look unnatural or say, "That totally black photo looks a bit hazy, Guv."
  • Very mature.  I'm not knocking the 920's overall photography capabilities, and I have no doubt that indoor shots will be best-in-class.  But night shots aren't there yet, for any smartphone.
  • But you'll be able to adjust the camera settings.
    But most of us will appreciate low light. How many of us take photos at parties, events etc
    In the UK that mostly means after working or weekends, the large percentage of which will be in dusk or darkness. I can't wait for a smartphone that can cope with those conditions.
    Looks like the 920 "might" be it.
    I can ditch my separate camera then :) 1 device man ;)
  • I appreciate good low-light performance.  For example, an evening photo with the 920 might be worth keeping, whereas with another phone it wouldn't.  At night though, neither is going to look any good.  I get what you're saying about parties at dark... it's kinda cool, but only in the sense that it's better than nothing.
  • You're a strange one lol.
  • At any rate, Finland looks pretty neat.
  • It's absolutely beautiful there.  If you go, you won't want to come back. 
  • Oh yay ... I have a reason to log into my old flicker acct
  • It's a really nice collection of photos, and I'm still blown away by just how good the Engadget photos turned out... it really makes me want my Lumia 920 right now.
  • Guys I must leave this link. I am huge Nokia fan and have seen many debates on screen quality of the 920 vs Iphone 5. People used the super sensitive display as separation between the two. Well guys Sony offers the same feature via update and have offered 342 ppi displays for almost a year now. Just follow the link
  • You should probably find somewhere else to go troll.
  • Dude shut up. I am pointing out that Nokia ain't the only one who make a better screen. I been on windows phone two years. I have owned many smartphones including 4 WP phones and 5 nokias. No troll here pal
  • Sorry, but you are either dim-witted or just trolling. Here is why: 1- Super sensitive screen refers to the 920's capacity to detect touch, even when you have gloves on, or even when you are using keys or forks for example, to interact with the phone's screen. Has nothing to do with the DPI of the screen. 2- The link you gave us, leads to a piece of news stating some XPERIA phones are getting the ICS update for Android, has nothing to do with the display of any phones. 3- You are yet to show us a reference for a Sony phone with DPI above 340, and this last one makes your comment absolutely worthless. Take your pick.
  • The iphone 5 screen may be nice but it really isn't. No matter how clear the glass is, it is still a narrow and small window and someone with a life sentence in jail would rather have a window that isn't narrow that is less clear ever single time. The width and aspect ratio ruins any argument for the iphone 5 screen.
    I had the Xperia S before and the 4.3 screen with 342 ppi pales in comparison to the One X 312 ppi and GS3 306ppi screens easily, so ppi is hardly the barometer that we should be using. If I were to guess, I think the 8x will end up having the best screen, not because of the 342 ppi, because it will be the One X screen(best screen) with a higher pixel density. Then the Lumia 920, then the Ativ S, and then GS3, and then the iphone 5. That is how I see it with the information I currently have.
    As for the Xperia Sola, yes it has some crazy technology since you don't even have to touch the screen to operate it but honestly, these things are more gimmicks than anything else.I say the Lumia 920 will have the second best display regradless if it had the sensitivity or not. Sure it would be handy in the winter but that is only a small part of the year. I certainly won't be smacking it with a fork during dinner or anything like that. haha. Besides, the Sola is not an HD screen I don't think.
  • I can't find a single expert review that backs up your claim. The bravia display always came out on top
  • You need to do better research then. The Bravia Engine is purely software which you can download on rooted phones.
    Every review I read mentioned poor viewing angles and some mentioned color banding. Heck, I should know, I owned it for a few months.
    Just go read the verge and phonearena Xperia S reviews.The screen really isnt that great despite the ppi.
  • Damn you! I had just forgotten about that god awful lag in all Android-phones and now you reminded me... I honestly do feel sorry for everybody who thinks Android is the optimal user experience.
  • Lol! I know right. I hadn't had an android since the G1. I bought it on launch day. Enjoyed it dearly and remember it was the first phone to scan barcodes and use the compass on streetview. Then all of a sudden everyone jumped on the wagon and I jumped off. I love rooting for the underdog. Symbian, Maemo, WP, etc
  • Guys, I must leave this link: HTTP:\\www.just_shoot_me_please.gun.
  • How exactly does one improve the physical sensitivity of a screen through a software update?  Something is amiss here...
  • That's exactly why he's trolling.
  • Very nice...put this device on all the carriers so we all have a shot at it ...hands down the best
  • I stopped taking night shots with my Titan since they all come out looking er, really, really, really DARK. But then, if you're trying for "realistic" looking night shots then I have succeeded. "What's this a picture of?" "Oh, there's another photo critic. It's a night shot, you idiot!. Can't you tell?". "Oh, I see now. It's so, so realistic!".
  • Not impressed. Still very blurry and grainy.
    A couple of shoots looked nice. Like the boat/dock pictures. Other than that, meh.
    Nokia made a bad choice in promoting the camera, making it out to be this amazing new thing, but to end up being mocked because of their false advertising. 
  • Seems you really a type that is hard to impress, but to me, for a smartphone as of now, this is really that impressive! Take a look at the link:
  • I think the drugs you are having fun with have gotten to you.  I found none that were "very blurry and grainy".  I'll give the benifit of the doubt and say maybe monitor settings, but I'm going with the drugs.
  • I think you guys are way too easily impressed. I'm far from a photography snob but these are still very much smartphone quality.
  • you mean better than any smartphone camera
  • Keep telling yourself that.
  • Ouch, ok. Here's the thing, Myriam Joire is a well-known and well-respected tech blogger, who btw is w/ Engadget w/c is more of a site for iOS and Android unbiasedly tested low-light performance of cam of Lumia 920 prototype against iPhone5, 808, OneX and GS3 came out impressed w/ lumia 920 while Onager1286 and someone having fun w/ drugs(not surprising) were not impressed, which one to me is more believable.? Oh it's so hard to choose. BTW lumia 920 is a smartphone first and foremost who just happen to have a superior cam tech ahead of the pack, we're talking about w/c is w/c now not devices 5yrs from now. Well then good luck w/ other product offerings or bring ur heavy dslr while chilling out or having a date if you ever can have one based on that aweful attitude. ciao!
  • I'm sure the 920's camera is great for what it is, it's THE reason I'm getting it.  But I'm not stupid enough to gush all over some blurry nighttime pictures just because they're brighter.  Have fun jerking off to them though.
  • Dude what you are saying makes zero sense. Are you aware of the fact that if a picture is too bright for you and too blurry that is not really a problem because you can increase the shutter speed in manual mode which will result in a darker and crisper image with no blur. See... problem solved. The pictures you were mentioned were taken in automatic mode and on prototype hardware, far from the best the lumia 920 can accomplish
  • No, it makes perfect sense.  I want an automatic mode that gives an accurate representation of what I was actually seeing when I took the shot.  The pics that every insecure person here is so adamantly defending... they look like someone just cranked the brightness setting up in Photoshop.  Sheesh, it's like I insulted these people's mothers or something.
  • I understand exactly what your saying,,,what if somebody is intentionally trying to take a darker photogragh,,to set a romantic mood or something,,,the 920 seems like it would make it hard to do that.
  • Ok now I think you are just being a noob. Are you seriously saying that the pictures aren't accurate enough for you because they aren't dark enough. I just told you that making pics darker is the easiest thing to do in camera setting, and nothing stops you from saving those setting so they will become your "automatic mode" . Gee your complaint is so stupid its like saying "I don't like my professional camera because the pictures in auto mode are not dark enough" even though you can adjust the settings easily to get the shot as dark as you want
  • How old are you, 10?  No, saving settings isn't the same thing as automatic mode, because I would then have to keep changing the settings depending on the situation.  Automatic means it dynamically adjusts to the situation.  From the pics shown so far, the 920 seems to favor using the image stabilization to keep the shutter open longer, rather than making the picture sharper.  While it may be "better" than what other smarthphones can do, what you end up with is a photo that is unnaturally bright and still blurry.  I hope they tone it down a bit to get a slightly (slightly!) darker and sharper image.
  • I feel you! That's what i'm saying to i've seen some iphone5 vs Nokia lumia 920  and in alot of them the iphone shots were less blurry. I kind of was really cheering for nokia. But it seems from every review i see it's good but not that good .. the colors are a bit oversaturated but i actually like that a bit. The video's taken in daytime at night is very good but the pictures always seem to make me go méh could have been sharper ..
  • LOL! I guess you like to jerk yourself all the time. You need to find another alternative before your head explode. :-P
  • Listen you miserable fuck, there are plenty of other shitty cell phone cameras that will acheive your goal of shitty night night time shots.  Take your unreasonable expectations and retarded observations elsewhere.
  • Thin skin, huh?  You should get that checked out.
  • Don't feel like quoting the guys arguing up there but, can't we all just get along? Lol have a good day. Thanks WPCentral editors for bringing us this great content. On topic: I'm sorry but these images don't really jingle my bells. Low light samples look fine I guess but no biggie really, at least not for me.