Nokia Lumia 920 shining bright with the High Brightness Mode

We were all impressed with how the Nokia Lumia 900 tackled those sunny days by using ClearBlack Technology. Technology that Nokia has worked to improve and will give the Lumia 920's screen better outdoor performance.

Part of ClearBlack's advantage in outdoor use is the reduction in screen reflections. Reflections that hinder performance on those bright sunny days. Building on the ClearBlack technology, Nokia has added two improvements into the mix that will improve the screen's performance.  Nokia has added a high brightness mode which increases the screen brightness by 20%. This mode kicks in only in extreme bright conditions to help make things viewable.

There is also a Sunlight Readability Enhancement Algorithm. This will improve the screen's ability to tune the display content on the run to make details much clearer and crisper in direct sunlight.

As we all have come to learn, the brighter the screen the higher the power consumption. This shouldn't be an issue (or as much of an issue) with the Lumia 920. Senior Technology Manager for Nokia, Jussi Ropo, explains

“The high brightness mode is driving the LED with a higher current and producing 20 per cent more brightness, which means that the backlight is also consuming 20 per cent more power. On the other hand, due to low reflectance of the optical stack, our estimate is that typically only 5-10 per cent of the time will you be in extremely bright conditions where you will need this high brightness mode. So in total, it will not be that heavy on the battery.”

You will still have the option to set your screen brightness manually but with the 920 the automatic setting will adjust things accordingly. Add the high brightness mode, the new algorithm, and improved ClearBlack Technology and the 920 should be able to tackle everything from those bright sunny days to dimly lit rooms without skipping a beat.

Source: Conversations Nokia

George Ponder

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  • This is good. I still find the 900 to be a little lacking in bright sunlight. I think it is still a problem with all phones.
  • Most phones do lack on direct sunlight. But my 900 has worked the best for me out of iPhone 3gs, galaxy s 1, HD2, HD7, Samsung infuse, GSII skyrocket. If my future 920 is even better than I'll stay happy.
  • While the phone in sunlight was good, could of been better if the screen didnt smudge so easily. 
    Hopefully they fix the smudging issue.  If anybody is wonder, i wash my hands all the time, i didnt have smudging issue with other phones, but 900 was pretty bad when it comes to smudge on the screen. 
  • "could of"? What the fudge does that mean?
  • Something like "could have" but far less formal :)
  • The credit should be going to Synaptics for developing the screens that Nokia uses.
  • Nokia developed ClearBlack Display, but it's not just hardware in play here, most of the credit is due to Nokia's software controls it all.
    "First is the high brightness mode, which increases the luminance of the screen by 20 per cent in sunlight conditions. This improvement has been achieved with a better understanding of how LEDs work and being able to maximise their potential. Despite the low reflectance and high brightness display, overcoming the powerful display hazing effect of the sun is not an easy task and leaves room for further improvement. The next innovation therefore is the sunlight readability enhancement algorithm, which is able to tune the display content on the fly so that the details are much clearer and crisper even in direct sunlight." read more here:
  • Nokias technology might control the screen,but the screen itself is whats drawing consumers to the phone. Without Synaptics screen technology the 920 would be a completly different phone.
    Also I would like to take a minute to apologise for my reaction on the other article,,,and explain why I reacted that way.
    I don't call people Troll even if its obvious there are doing so. I find the remark very offensive,,,so being called a Troll is VERY offensive to me. And by calling me a Troll you were doing a type of Trolling yourself.
  • It's all good. Correct me if I'm wrong, but Synaptics developed the super sensitive touch screen digitizer, right? But that's only a single aspect of the screen's appeal. This article, for instance, is about the performance in very bright environments. That innovation is all Nokia's doing, with the polarizing ClearBlack and the fancy algorithms. There is also the screen's 60hz refresh rate, unparalleled in phone screens. And then there's there's the sexy curved gorilla glass2 protecting it all. It's the combination of all these factors that make the 920's display so spectacular. One can argue, as I feel you are, that other people make these components, so they should be given credit, but to be fair, they have. Nokia didn't hide the fact that Synaptic developed this awesome SSTS. To suggest that this somehow should take away from the accolades that Nokia is receiving is disingenuous. Apple takes credit for their "retina" display made by Samsung, right? This is how it all works. Nokia builds their devices, they design and plan and order and assemble and develop the code that makes it all work together. The 920 is a pretty impressive chunk of hardware, and Nokia deserves all the credit they receive.
  • Hear hear
  • To be completely honest I'm not sure how much is synaptics screen technology and Nokia's fancy algorythims,but I sent an email to Synaptics asking them that very question so I have an informed response.
  • Lumia 900 was actually the best screen for outdoor until the Lumia 920. You sure you turned the brightness to max?
  • Actually, accodring to GSMarena's tests, the Nokia 808 has the best screen for outdoor use..
  • Link?
  • oh , i just find lumia 900 appear purple screen sometimes, and bought and replaced a new screen with the cheaper price, but i really never find it show little lacking in bright sunlight. Is it the problem for screen? If  so, you can just buy and replace one screen in this store, really very good way to solve this problem.
  • read about this earlier today on another site. great tech. more hardware innovation from Nokia. :)
  • No Billy Goats here,,,move along Troll.
  • Did that hurt your feelings? U mad?
  • @Dakken...This is a Lumia 920 post - Munkeyphyst's comment was more than appropriate as it clearly commends Nokia's innovations in this device; thus it is not a troll post.
    However, your comment about 'Billy Goats' (or did you mean sheep) - if you were accusing Munkeyphyst of being one, then your post is clearly the troll post.
  • Thank you Residing. Unfortunately, Dakken is actually "attacking" me in retribution to a post from an article yesterday. Unlike dakken, however, I don't invest such inordinate emotional attachments to post on an internet website and his taunts are wasted.
  • Obviously you put some emotional investment in such a post or else you wouldn't have "attacked" me in yesterdays article for having my own personal opinion. And this taunt is wasted on somebody that can't realise the folley of there own taunting.
    However if somebody has the nerve to judge and label me you can be sure I will defend myself.
    And your use of the word "attacking" you is misleading when in actuallity it is a retaliation for your unwaranted comments directed at me.
  • You were trolling then as you are now. I called you on then, as you have been called on it now. Your response then was over the top. Today, you have actively sought me out and falsely accused me of trolling to further the debate. I am done responding to you. You don't appear to understand the definition of trolling. If you are unclear, look in the mirror and at your actions.
  • If having my own opinion on a certain subject that differs from the crowd labels me as troll then so be it. And you might want to look in that same mirror to further understand the meaning of troll.
  • Having a opinion is one thing. Having an attitude is another. But I guess your opinions are full of "FXCKS" and that is the only way you know how to express yourself so I won't blame you for being a natural troll. 
  • Sorry,,,no troll here,,,,,so move on. But thank you for trying. =)
  • In fairy tales, wolves are the ones that usually go after sheep. In the Three Billy Goats Gruff, they dealt with a troll.
  • Yes, starblade, that is the allusion being made.
  • When I first read a while back that Amazon was working with Nokia, my first thought was the clearblack tech in the new Kindle. Would have been cool. I haven't used any touchscreen that I could read in direct sunlight till my 900. And now it's just gonna get better.
  • Just sell us the pigging phone.
  • Is it November yet?
  • I hope it works better than my 900. Once it sets itself to high brightness, it's great, but it seems like it takes too long to adjust.
  • My lumia 800 is miles better than the hd7, but I look forward to more improvement on the 920 when I get it!
  • I just wish that they didn't do the exclusive thing so that everyone who likes this device can have a shot at it.
  • You are able to change carriers. Trust me, they all suck...even yours.
  • I just hope there is an extra low setting too.
    My lumia 800 on low brightness still acts as im looking right into a lamp sometimes.
  • awww that sun is so cute ^.^
  • +1
  • Meh.
  • Does apple even put this much thought or innovation into their screens? Nokia just seems to gave considered and re-engineered every aspect of their devices. Anyone who puts thus much thought and effort really needs to be applauded.
  • Indeed!
  • Apple gets their screens from sharp I think, take it up with them
  • But technically, the iPhone screen isn't HD. They so call it the "best" because it is a smaller size. But the 920 is the best in the world.
  • What does he mean by "....our estimate"? Haven't they tested that? 
  • Of course they've tested it. But not everyone is in extreme sunlight all the time, so there will be different variances. So they can only estimate that the average person will only be using this x% of the time.
  • For clarification purposes:
    the Sunlight Readability Enhancement Algorithm only kicks in when the phone is set to automatic brightness AND the phone itself changed to the high brightness mode.  I don't think you can just always have this on.
  • Cool feature, but hardly a selling point.
  • True, they should change the article and take out the part where they advised that it was a selling point. 
  • I think the selling point is that it will have one of the best screens for use in bright sunlight. This on top of the other super tech Nokia is building into the screen
  • Nokia isn't actually building anything into the screen they purchase there screens from a company called Synaptics which produces high quality screen for a lot of major company's including HTC which is using a similiar screen in there 8X that also has a coating on there screens for good daylight visibality.
  • sure, anyone can build it, but I am pretty sure they developed the technology and the design.  You logic makes no sense
  • Actually no,,,the screen is completly designed and built by Synaptics.
  • But if Nokia paid Synaptics to do it for them, then it is Nokia's (I don't know if this is the case). Just like if you invent something while employed and commissioned by Apple. Then Apple will say they invented it.
  • not if you are in a place with lots of sun... i mean, you do not have to buy it, but yes, it is a selling point
  • Exactly...looking very much forward to this feature here in Singapore...exactly what I need. Can hardly see anything on my HTC Mozart display when stepping out for lunch on sunny days...and we have a lot of sunny days ;-)
  • A selling point is something that would make or break my decision on buying it.
  • i mean, you really need to get over yourself..
  • Anything that's non-standard is a selling point. Otherwise, anyone can say, "Cool feature, but hardly a selling point," just because something isn't as important to them.
  • This is not a selling point? This "cool feature" solves a problem for a lot of users. If you are one of those people who use a phone outside, in the daytime, then this solves a problem. I am one of those people and I would love to be able to see and thus use my phone in the bright outdoors. It is definitely a selling point to me, and I dont think that I'm alone.
  • Simple solution to bright conditions... Switch to Light theme. Problem solved.
  • People like it to do it automatically.
  • Idk if anyone will see this but is anyone having marketplace issues?? Apps disappearing, all user names being "user" ?
  • Beem, a client, has disappeared... I think you are on to something...
  • Facebook and metro radio has also disappeared.
  • Yeah, I can confirm that Facebook has disappeared from the Marketplace. Weird...
  • Weird indeed
  • Also when u search for an app, the suggestions are all in lowercase.
  • My 900's brightness works real good except it take a bit too long to reach the right brightness. I find myself waiting for it to kick in.
  • Meh.
  • Does anybody know if Nokia is still sucking the air out between the screen and the glass... This was in my humble opinion another great reason for the daylight readability!
  • i see some one told about the credit of synaptic. no one love nokia here. if samy or apple do it dn dey all called it credit goes to sammy or apple. samy hire map os all the app soft etc dn wht credit goes to dem pls told me