Nokia Lumia 920 High Brightness Mode

We were all impressed with how the Nokia Lumia 900 tackled those sunny days by using ClearBlack Technology. Technology that Nokia has worked to improve and will give the Lumia 920's screen better outdoor performance.

Part of ClearBlack's advantage in outdoor use is the reduction in screen reflections. Reflections that hinder performance on those bright sunny days. Building on the ClearBlack technology, Nokia has added two improvements into the mix that will improve the screen's performance.  Nokia has added a high brightness mode which increases the screen brightness by 20%. This mode kicks in only in extreme bright conditions to help make things viewable.

There is also a Sunlight Readability Enhancement Algorithm. This will improve the screen's ability to tune the display content on the run to make details much clearer and crisper in direct sunlight.

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As we all have come to learn, the brighter the screen the higher the power consumption. This shouldn't be an issue (or as much of an issue) with the Lumia 920. Senior Technology Manager for Nokia, Jussi Ropo, explains

“The high brightness mode is driving the LED with a higher current and producing 20 per cent more brightness, which means that the backlight is also consuming 20 per cent more power. On the other hand, due to low reflectance of the optical stack, our estimate is that typically only 5-10 per cent of the time will you be in extremely bright conditions where you will need this high brightness mode. So in total, it will not be that heavy on the battery.”

You will still have the option to set your screen brightness manually but with the 920 the automatic setting will adjust things accordingly. Add the high brightness mode, the new algorithm, and improved ClearBlack Technology and the 920 should be able to tackle everything from those bright sunny days to dimly lit rooms without skipping a beat.

Source: Conversations Nokia