Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone experiencing battery life issues? [Poll]

There's a discussion going on over at the Windows Phone Central forums that has us a little concerned about the Lumia 920's battery performance. Some are seeing their batteries being sucked dry in a few hours while some aren't seeing any issues.

Our Dan Rubino refers to his 920's battery life as fantastic and I would have agreed up until today when my 920 barely made it six hours on a full charge.  Oddly the back of my Lumia 920 became warm during throughout the morning.  Made for a great hand warmer but I'd trade cold hands for better battery life any day.

Here are what other have shared in the forums.

Downhillrider reports,

"I unplugged my 920 at exactly noon roughly 5-5:30 it was at around 32%. No games or music. Very moderate use. I hate to be that guy, but my iPhone would go all day and I wouldn't have to charge it until 8 or 9 in the evening. I'm hoping charging it to 100% and letting it drain completely for a few days will improve the battery charge. I only have a couple of apps that I let run in the background."

Irrationaljay adds,

"So I received my Lumia 920 (cyan) today, gave it a full charge. Now it has been 1 hour since my last charge and I only have 5 hours estimated left. I've already dropped to 77% is this normal? All I've been doing is listening to music and texting, no phone calls. And a couple rounds of angry birds.......anyone else having the same battery drain?"

However, two days later, irrationaljay updates things and reports that his battery life has improved after a few re-charging cycles.

Apoc527 shares,

"I got mine on Friday at around 11 am. After Friday, Saturday, and Sunday with suspect battery life (though it showed improvement on Sunday actually), today seems MUCH better. I haven't really changed much, except I'm through that "honeymoon period" of unreasonable usage amounts. Unplugged at 8 am today, it's now 1:15 pm. Used it for videos, installed Skype, took some pictures, a lot of texting, several email checks and some replies, some Internet. What I consider to be fairly normal usage, really." 

Lastly, adebo offers this,

"I did a complete discharge of the battery yesterday. I waited for the phone to power off on its own and then I repowered it on and let it die on its own again. I did a complete recharge to 100% afterwards and my battery life has improved dramatically. I have had the phone off of the charger for over 11 hours with moderate use including downloading apps, games, browser, texting, and phone calls and I am at 53% at the moment."

Just scanning the nine pages of comments in the forums discussion, most who have had crummy battery life eventually see things turn around. The 920's battery may just need conditioning or breaking in before the Lumia 920's battery makes it past lunch.

So what has your battery life been like? Out of the box fantastic or has it been an uphill battle? Cast your vote in our poll** and add your two cents worth in the forums.

[**Editor's Note: We struggled to find an adequate way to word this poll e.g. by hours, emotion ("Are you happy?"), comparison ("Better than your old phone?" )vetc. and we finally agreed on hours. Granted, everybody uses their phone differently, so even that is far from an adequate way to judge things. Having said that, we agreed it was the best for this polling attempt.]

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